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  1. DR radio - Silent Heart

    I also have this problem from time to time. I've found a workaround that's work for me. I change the source from DR to FM and back again to DR and then it often function again. But I've also been driving in arear where there's poor connection but normally I don't have any problems. In Denmark (I live in Jutland) and here we have area with bad/poor connection but it works for me the most of the time. I find another issue that is annoying me. When ever I start the engine and the DR radio starts and I would like to change station on the radio wheel it always starts from the saved station no 1. No matter which station I'm in. Then change source to FM and back to DR and it's working again. But this problem have exists since I purchased the car last year.
  2. Just ensure that you have just one track on the phone. I had the same issue too and after transferring one music file to the iPhone and put in the USB and played it, everything worked like a charm from then. I only use Spotify and this is working again.
  3. R-link 2 error with iPhone

    Here's an update from the Danish guy :-) Got this idea (think I saw it somewhere on this forum). Put just one mp3 file on the iPhone and connect via USB. And viola.......Sound came out of the car speaker :-o Out with the USB cable and connect via Bluetooth and viola.....sound came out of the speaker. Then it was time for some Spotify and Apple Music and now everything is working as I wanted. Nice weekend from here :-) /Dolph
  4. R-link 2 error with iPhone

    So just did a reset and that didn’t help. Tried with usb and no way to change to that source eighter then did a pair with my iPad and same error. Not able to play other then radio. calling the dealer on Monday. /Dolph
  5. R-link 2 error with iPhone

    Hi Havn't tried to reset the Rlink. I've tried to unpair and pair again many times with the same result. Will give it a shot with resetting the Rlink /Torben
  6. So just updated to the newest version on R-Link 2 and now Bluetooth streaming music is not working any more. Using iPhone 7 and have made all kind of resets. Bluetooth streaming to other devices from the phone is working great. So anyone having this problem? Have made new paring but Bluetooth option is grey and not chooseable from the menu. From the phone I can the option to stream to R-Link but this has no effect. Any idea of how to fix it? Best regards Torben