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  1. My New Kadjar

  2. Rlink - software available

    hi, anybody bought and use fuel prices software? Is it worth? edit: I've bought that software /fuel prices/. And I must admint it isn't worth to buy. This software works only in my country. In other coutries I havve been it didn't work. Renault told me, that they don't give guarantee the software will be work. So I spent a money for software which doesn't work and Renault says it's OK.
  3. Rlink - software available

    Sensual atmosfere let you make visual and sound atmosphere, whatever it mean:) i do not know what is Stay up to date - that foldes is still empty:)
  4. Hi, I am very curious, what software is available in each country. In Poland there are: Keep in touch Usługi TomTom HD Traffic i Łąc... E-mail R-Link Tweet Euronews English Maps Map Update Service : Europe My car E-Guide Kadjar My finance fuel prices On road Usługi TomTom HD Traffic i Łąc... Route optymization Usługi TomTom HD Traffic i Łąc... Help Michelin Pack Call for help Renault Assistance Every day fuel prices calculator Clock E-mail Weather Entertainment Michelin Pack What's the word game while traveling aquarium Euronews English Quiz R-Link Tweet Sudoku sensual atmosphere Space Dog SuperMemo I stay up to date what software is available in other countries?
  5. R Link 2 Toolbox

    Hi, yesterday i dowloaded Toolbox from RP site. I have instaled it, and ......... surprise: it works amazing how many time it take RP to develop tsuch software regards
  6. R Link 2 Toolbox

    hi, today I've received email from Renault Poland according trouble with Rlink Toolbox. They wrote that problem is only with the Polish version???, and the correct version will be publised on 12th week 2016. so we will see:)
  7. R Link 2 Toolbox

    sorry for polish, cause the question. i wrote that Renault Poland told me that the Renault France still working on toolbox. so they told i have waiting:(
  8. R Link 2 Toolbox

    nie, dostałem info z RP, że trzeba czekać bo problem jest zgłoszony do RF i pracują nad tym:(
  9. R Link 2 Toolbox

    in my account there is only update for kadjar guide. but i couldnt upgrade it cause i couldnt run toolbox:)
  10. R Link 2 Toolbox

    it is very funny:) when i told RP about my problem, they sad that I am only customer with such a problem:))). they told me that they have 14 days to solve this proble so I am waiting
  11. R Link 2 Toolbox

    ofc, as soon as i get the answer i'm going to share it on forum
  12. R Link 2 Toolbox

    after start program there is only "Error invoking method" and only OK button. After clicking OK button there is next error "Faile to launch JVM". I've instaled latest Java version, but it doesnt stil working:( I have no idea what to do, so I wrote to Renault and now Im waitnig for response.
  13. R Link 2 Toolbox

    hi, i have also problem with toolbox. it doesnt work. when i try to start it there is error. Maybe it is only problem in poland site of Renault. may anybody send me by email install version of this software? if yes, thx:)