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  1. Speed sign recognition

    My one misses small signs. Eyesight issues.
  2. Walk away door locking

    I have it and I like it !!
  3. New text messages

    Ah, right. I do get the notification on screen. When pressed, it shows the text but I have not pressed it. I was expecting a voice telling me there was a new message and ask me if I wanted to hear it. I will press one later. Thanks.
  4. New text messages

    Everything checked and all appears to be as it should be. New SMS produces a notification but no sound and it doesn’t read to me. What am I doing wrong?
  5. New text messages

    That's what I had done before. Time to check my settings I think. Thanks.
  6. New text messages

    They show on my phone OK, is there something else I need to do?
  7. New text messages

    During the handover chat, my dealer said that the car will verbally announce and read new text messages. When we tried to test this, it did not work and I think he may have been mistaken as I can find no reference to this functionality anywhere. Can the car do this and if so, will someone guide me through the process of setting up.
  8. Carplay - help...

    Having re-read my original post, I'm confused too. Apols. I kinda think I am sorted though. Looks like when plugged in via USB, the car expects you to make calls via Carplay, rather than via BT in rLink. If that is true, so be it, no big deal. Charges fine both ways. Still early days, only had it 11 hours.
  9. Carplay - help...

    It charges fine and I can access the radio and nav, but not the phone.
  10. Carplay - help...

    Took delivery today, all good so far. Can someone tell me whether I can plug my iPhone in to charge and not activate Carplay so that the phone works with BT. I get that you cannot have Apple Maps and rLink maps active together and the same goes for the two phone systems, so just want to plug into charge only. Any thoughts?