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  1. RLink

    Thanks. Yes I have live traffic working as it shows roadworks etc. It's an Irish reg April 16. Did exactly as you said and saw the 3 files. So what your saying is start again re format the sub to fat 32 but make no imprint of my R Link at all and just try it straight from the PC?
  2. RLink

    I did all the steps you have said but the only thing that it did when i put in the USB after taking an imprint of my R LINK (Landscape) in to the R Link Toolbox was to offer me a map update and Coyote. In the software section it does say the newest version for mine ( is 2.219.300. But even if i could up load the software the possibility is the map update may still not work.
  3. RLink

    So to sum up overall Id say in my experience I have a fair idea of how the Kadjar works faults and all. And thanks to this Forum I have learned a lot more.
  4. RLink

    Good afternoon Gentlemen, Have been watching this thread with interest and am now in a position to comment. First of all thanks to all whom gave me good advice with getting on with my task of trying to download maps etc. A little bit o history for those offering more advice "It's TOO much whining for minor troubles, and it's getting too annoying already". Thankfully I am computer literate. I'm also a qualified Mechanical Fitter. I drive about 70,000 Km a year for my work in my Kadjar which is a 16 reg and 16 Dci 130 Bhp engine and has 125,000 Km on it at the moment. The first problem it had with "R Link" was that it didn't connect properly to Samsung phones. The fix came about 6 months later and which I found out from this forum NOT The Main Dealer. The next problem with the system it just went blank one day lost all the pre sets on the Radio and connectivity to the phone and I had to back in and re set everything. Since then up in the right hand corner of the screen it now says "Damaged Integrity" in red (The Main Dealer cannot explain this). Also we have 4 of these in our fleet where on a couple of occasions the have not recognized the key so they failed to start (Again no explanation as yet as to why this has happened) I might add you cannot start it any other way if it fails to recognize the key!! .Also there is a "Hesitation" when accelerating (Feels like lack of fuel" Renault have admitted there is a software issue but yet no fix for same. So to sum up we have a service agreement with our Renault Dealer and when i asked for "My R Link" to be updated i was handed a "Post It" note with the Website and told to do it myself as it would cost time and money if they were to do it. Can't understand why as its a company vehicle and they were very quick to change the Brake Calipers without consulting anybody. I have managed to get all the downloads but for some reason or other it will not upload the new Firmware (Whether Zipped or Un zipped) so as to allow the maps to update. It did recognize that I was trying to update the maps but not the Firmware just saying No Audio files. Thanks.
  5. RLink

    Ok thanks. Will try and let you know. It's getting to be a pain 😣
  6. RLink

    I downloaded the software and un zipped which gave me 3 files copiedthem across to the pen drive inserted in the car but it doesn't recognise any thing on it? Any ideas?
  7. RLink

    Thanks. Do i need to download the map through the RLink toolbox app again as I kept a copy of it on my PC?
  8. RLink

    Hi again, Went to upload it and after a few minutes it told me that update package was invalid!! Is that because I need to update the software first? i did put my VIN number in to Renault site for the software upgrade and it told me that there was one available. Maybe i need to update it first and can i do it on the same pen drive?? Thanks again.
  9. RLink

    Thanks Guys, Managed to get an up date on the Maps on to a USB. It didn't download a new software version. Im still on the 2.2.17 version. I had initial trouble before when i first got the vehicle that my Samsung S6 wasn't connecting properly until they updated the original software to the present. So will the new maps run on this version and now what do i do with the USB after insert it to the vehicle if anything at all? Thanks again.
  10. RLink

    Cheers Thanks
  11. RLink

    Thanks for the information. Stupid question do i down load Windows app tool kit on to my PC?
  12. RLink

    Hi There, just wondering if i do a software update. what do in need to do next to get a "Map" update. there are some new roads in Ireland which dont show up on it? the software Version i have at the moment is i have put in my VIN number and it tells me there is a software update available for my vehicle. Thanks.
  13. RLink

    Thanks. i will try that. Its booked in for next Monday anyways. also posted a query in July where there is a software issue with the engine. Basically its like a hesitation when accelerating. Best way to describe it like a fuel starvation. Renault admitted they have come across this but have no fix at the moment.
  14. RLink

    Hi there, I have a 16 reg 1.6 Dynamique. the last day when i started i got a message on my RLink in small writing in the corner saying "Damaged Integrity". Since then i have no bluetooth connectivity or any of the preset radio stations. anybody else come across this problem.
  15. Hi everyone, i have 1.6 130 bhp Kadjar (Irish Model) . its a 161 March model with 80,000 Km . I recently noticed a "Hesitation" when accelerating through 3rd and 4th gear. Brought it to the local dealer whom drove it and agreed with me. He put it on some sort of Internal Forum that Renault have and yes i have been informed there is a "Glitch" in the software but no fix yet and no time frame for one. anybody else come across this. Best way to describe it would be a bit of fuel starvation.