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  1. I see this a lot on My Renault Kadjar from jan 2017' even though I've updated to latest map and firmware
  2. R -Link 2 - Map update

    Hmm...doesn't work here - another bad Renault customer experience
  3. R -Link 2 - Map update

    this is what I see
  4. R -Link 2 - Map update

    hi the select app box - is where ? Update - found it - but still no "install on my USB Device" option
  5. Updated the R-link - and then a Navigation Map update (map of Europe 2017.06) was present (Whoaa - finally an update after 1.5 years!!) - so pressed update/install - but the R-Link Toolbox just shows the "Downloads waiting" (for +6 hours) and the yellow button, at the bottom of the screen: "INSTALL ON MY USB DEVICE" are disabled and not 'clickable' so can't click on it - I'm stuck and can't update the navigation map Anyone knows what to do?
  6. So currently....and waiting for .
  7. @ianhove - which Firmware version do you have installed now? - and do you know which version they will update to?
  8. I've asked Renault DK about "What & Why" Apple Carplay can't be fitted in cars before week 15, 2017 The Customer guy asked (maybe uk?) about it, (the question I had: specs etc. ) This are the answer he got when he asked if it was a hardware limitation:"Yes, it is a hardware related issue to do with the usb port that is installed on the vehicle. The technology has to come pre-installed and cannot be fitted retro-actively. For any more information than that, the customer will need to refer to a Dealership." Does anyone knows (for sure) if it can be fitted retro-actively in a kadjar, Bose (which parts that exactly needs to be replaced) - with a R-Link 2 system from jan, 2017?
  9. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    In DK AEBS are in the tekno pack (only one) Front & rear parking sensors & rear view camera and hands free parking, Lane Departure Warning and the (AEBS) Emergency Brake Assist
  10. Anybody knows how this should work ? - at what speed ? How can I test it - some "soft" obstacles and drive towards them or ?
  11. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Bought the Bose model with the Technopack: parkering assistent, Front & rear parking sensors & rear view camera and hands free parking, Lane Departure Warning and the (AEBS) Emergency Brake Assist
  12. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Got firmware version (boot release 4992 ) and several issues are the same as OP and even more e.g. Havn't seen the Active braking assistant in action at all - not even driving close to the car in front of me) - so not seen this 'in action' at all like this youtube video below - so maybe this is bug no. 21/22? Is there a new firmware version available (the dealer in DK doesn't acknowledge there's any issues) - got this
  13. Hi Got mine in february (DK) - have the 1.5 with/automatic transmission - Bose model and have the exact same issues with the Kadjar. @1898 - are the issues fixed? - did you reported it to Renault UK ?