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  1. How do i update maps?

    Is it possible when maps are downloaded to usb drive from rlinkstore to change the archive for new updated ones. im starting to dabble in this but am i wasting my time. Has anyone tried this?
  2. RLink Map Update

    Yeah update went well. Maps updated to 2015.06. Can't wait till this time next year for this years maps....
  3. RLink Map Update

    Downloading now to usb will get back if successful or not.....
  4. mysterious safety recall notice?

    Car went into Renault garage Tuesday morning 7 June 2016 and I collected that evening. I called into the garage to talk to the workshop manager but he left, so the guy I was talking to said he would get him to ring me the next day (still waiting for the call) just to ask about what was done exactly and if everything went well. Car stiil driving good and everything seems as it was.
  5. mysterious safety recall notice?

    Recieved a letter from Renault today 27 May. There saying that a severe enough side impact to the car might not deploy the side airbags so they need to take it in next week for a fix. I have my car since January 2016.
  6. R Link 2 Toolbox

    I downloaded r-link 2 toolbox to my imac and worked first time and through a hub port. Still can't get it to connect to my laptop using windows 10 64bit. Software installed perfect but just doesn't see the usb stick.
  7. R Link 2 Toolbox

    Installed R-Link 2 toolbox on windows 10 64bit. it wont detect the usb stick. I have done what it said, register with r-link 2 in the car then connect to usb port on pc but no go. Anyone else with this problem. Everything was working the other way through the browser.
  8. R-link

    As for the R-link not connecting, I had same problem and done a reset by holding the on/off button for around 15 seconds and the rlink should reset itself. You should then be connected with rlink store and apps. As for log in on your pc I have no idea maybe it will work after your reset. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Shuffle and Repeat

    I have 160gb hard drive plugged into rlink with songs in there Pacific folders and plays perfect. I have noticed that every rim I play from the hard drive I have to switch off repeat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. R-Link2 firmware version

    Dynamique nav version... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. R-Link 2 backup

    Is it possible to backup the R-Link 2 system?
  12. R-Link 2 backup

    Has anyone got this to detect the usb stick. I have to log on to the R-Link store for it to work through IE11.
  13. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    I live in Kilkenny ,Ireland which seems to be a poor signal area. I can get one station 2FM which broadcasts on DR as well but signal drops in and out. I'm not blaming the r-link for this. Hopefully I'll can get to Dublin soon where there is good signal to test it.
  14. R-Link 2 backup

    Thanks Manns. I'll check this out later. Does anyone know how big the tomtom installation for maps are and where there stored, seeing that the r-link has only 1GB storage. I'm sure tomtom maps full Europe would be bigger than this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I too use the iPhone 6 and recieving calls the name is shown on the display. Have you gone through the settings menu, like phone,contacts to see if anything might be switched off. Sorry can't be more helpful.
  16. If it is to do with the measurement of NOx levels. I heard that this is not measured here in Ireland. Anyone know this?
  17. Have a 160gb harddrive ready to test today will post if it works.
  18. Activating SMS using IPhone 5

    It worked for me iPhone 6. An icon appeared beside green phone icon.
  19. Activating SMS using IPhone 5

    I'll try this tomorrow with the iphone 6.....