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  1. R-link 2

    Dear Kadjar Users, You can find the latest firmware here: You can type your VIN number to check and it is good you can download new firmware: Regards, fkovacs213
  2. Today, my service has successfully installed firmware in the my R-LINK 2 system. Has someone the experience of downloading from R-LINK STORE when it's possible ? How many days to download the latest (2016.12.) Europe Maps ? Thanks for reply.
  3. R link firmware

    RENAULT is a very popular car brand in Europe, which aims to become the world leader ( They want to stay in the future too !!!!). Updating the System R-LINK 2 must be extended to all equipped vehicles, regardless of model, which are still under warranty. Will Renault cancel the support for warranty cars? It is interesting idea. It seems Renault does not listen to its customers. They will lose a lot of customers if they take support withdrawal. It is not acceptable.