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  1. R-link Audio on startup

    With regard to remembering your Audi input, I'm not sure it's clever enough to remember. The massage about data sharing disappears as you drive off, no need to keep acknowledging it.
  2. Mirror Switch

    Mine doesn't light up
  3. Kadjar Annoyances

    The star/stop button may be obscured but, having owned the car for over a year now, I instinctively know where it is! The accelarotor, brake and clutch are obscured but my feet instinctively find them......
  4. I'm not sure if I was incorrectly told, but I notice you have a child seat on the front passenger seat, I was advised that the front seat wasn't suitable for most child seats.
  5. Cup holder Fail

    Buy new travel mugs...... we did!

    The alarm probably has nothing to do with the auto locking but is intergrated into the same system. Older kadjars could only be locked/unlocked by pressing the door buttons or key fob and the folding mirrors were activated by pressing a button inside the door. The newer kadjars are able to auto lock, auto fold as you walk away (arming the alarm at the same time), it's this feature that can't be retro fitted to the Oder kadjars.

    I asked the same question at my local dealers and was told the alarm can't be upgraded.
  8. Wing mirror flashing light

    I think you've already guessed the reason, when it's raining and there is water spray, the sensors send out erroneous warnings, it does the same on mine.
  9. Brake Pads Worn

    Seems odd, I've just had a service at 18000 miles, mainly motorway driving, brake pads/discs marked as green (good). Usually the front pads go first, as they do all the work. Is there a chance the brakes are not releasing properly or the pad material is soft? I usually have to replace the pads and discs as they wear together, a reflection on how thought the pads are!
  10. fuel economy question

    I have found the fuel economy better in the summer than in the winter. Also, having just completed 18k in the Kadjar, the fuel economy has improved slightly over this time, with some of the best figures being achieved in the last few thousand miles. Regularly showing 58mpg on the computer (I reset every fill up), with mainly motorway driving at 70mph on cruise.
  11. Bose sound system quality?

    The Bose system does allow you to adjust the bass and treble but what annoys me, is the lack of auto volume, found on the Arkamys System. I'm forever adjusting the volume up and down depending on my speed. Why was this feature downgraded on the top model???
  12. Oil Temp?

    During the cold weather, it might take longer to get up to temperature. If, at the same time, you have the heating on, blowing hot air into the car, it might take longer. Just a thought but, if you turn up the heat and fan speed, it might cool the engine down thus lowering the temp from 50%

    The side windows don't clear on mine either. I've had a look at the glass, as it goes down, and can see that the gap is too large to seal. I think it's due to the curved shape of the glass that, as it goes down, it bends away from the door seal. I don't think this is a fault, but more of a design issue. Doors have vent holes in the bottom, so I'm not sure if water will do any damage and I'm sure, any electrics, should be well protected.
  14. AC Max Button

    I think the MAX button is the windscreen clear button. It doesn't appear to clear the screen effectively. Like you say, it turns the AC off, which is opposite to other cars I've driven.
  15. Heating issues

    With regard to the engine temperature. It all depends where the sensor, that feeds the instrument display, is fitted. If it's in the core of the engine, then it's going to give you an accurate temperature. If, on the other hand, it's in the radiator/cooling system, then it may well give a different reading to what you are expecting. The core of the engine is heated first and, with modern engines, it takes a little longer to heat up. Once up to temperature, the cooling system is utilised, via the thermostat, to regulate the temperature to keep it within an optimum range. Mine takes 10-20 miles to reach optimum temperature, depending on driving style, but I consider this normal.