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  1. 9 minutes ago, Elo55 said:

    Hi today car running normally then screen went blank still alumanated though.

    Radio still playing away nicely just no info or sat nav all other functions working

    ok. Tried turning off back on still the same switched off and on again engine

    no different. Anyone had the same or have a fix for it ? Thanks.


    I reversed once and the camera didn't come on, turns out the screen was "dead" like you describe. I held the on/off button for about 5 [10?] seconds and it came back on! It's done that twice now in ~ 8 months since new

  2. 29 minutes ago, turboted10 said:

    Just out of interest how many in all other colours have passed through your hands, and further, any notice of other colours in the pipeline?

    I don't know about new colours, but if you go on the Renault website & search for second hand Kadjars, you can find out how many of each colour are available. Example: within 200 miles of me they have for sale: 61 red, 55 blue, 47 black, 43 grey, 38 white and 11 brown [Dune]. This sort of reflects how many of each colour were sold in the first place?

  3. On ‎21‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 9:29 AM, JHFoto said:

    This is all very well but I will carry on using diesel powered cars until the law say's I cannot..................

    And there could be lots of nearly-new VW diesel cars coming onto the market soon?


    I can't see VW just scrapping them after having paid £5.2 billion pounds buying them back from USA customers?

  4. 37 minutes ago, RTFishall said:

    The 1st service for my 1.5 diesel Kadjar cost around £120 for the same.  However, I'm bracing myself for the 2nd service due in July when the car will have done around 17k.  I think the 2nd service is a lot more expensive :(, although I hope I'm wrong!  Perhaps others can advise.

    If you buy the 2-year Renault Service Plan for the Kadjar (before it needs the 1st service) it costs £229 [https://www.renault.co.uk/owners/service-and-maintenance/maintenance/service-plans.html]

    It's the 3rd & 4th year that costs rise?

  5. 48 minutes ago, RTFishall said:

    I hope I'm not tempting fate but...  15K now on my 18 month old 1.5 diesel Kajar and I didn't even know about any filter problems.  Surely, if the car is serviced and under warranty why worry?

    The only thing I have noticed about a diesel engine after 45 years of petrol engines is that it takes longer for the heater to warm up the car on a winter morning!  :(

    I used to hate diesel cars in the days when they sounded like a "bag of nails" on tick over. But I'm now a fully converted diesel fan. For why? see my previous posting.  All the best for what ever version you buy. :)

    That's useful, knowing that the DPF isn't likely to need any attention if you do ~10,000 miles a year. As for if it's covered under warranty, I couldn't find anything that Renault say on the matter, but happen to have a brochure for a 2018 Nissan Pulsar, that uses the same 1.5 diesel engine as the Kadjar. This is what it says about the DPF:

    WHAT IF I ONLY DRIVE SHORT JOURNEYS? If the vehicle is only driven for short journeys, or at low speed, then it may not be possible for regeneration to occur. In this situation, warning lights will be illuminated on your dashboard. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for further information. After seeing these warning lights you need to drive, as soon as possible, above 40mph until the light goes out. This can take up to 30 minutes depending on the amount of soot collected in the filter.

    WHAT IF I IGNORE THEM? If you continue to drive at low speeds the exhaust gas temperatures cannot rise, so regeneration cannot occur. In this instance, a combination of warning lights will be illuminated on your dashboard. In this case, and in order to protect the engine and DPF Filter, the vehicle will require ‘SERVICE REGENERATION’ which can only be carried out by a workshop equipped with Nissan diagnostic equipment. You will need to go to your nearest Nissan dealer in case the oil and filter needs to be replaced. As ‘SERVICE REGENERATION’ is not a manufacturing fault, so the cost will NOT be covered under warranty.

    [I couldn't copy the symbols which went with the text unfortunately] I guess Renault's position will be something similar?


  6. 1 hour ago, Jim g said:

    I am about to purchase a kadjar but I’m unsure which engine to go for? I do a lot of short journeys so is the Petrol a better bet.

    We do mainly short journeys and have a low mileage too [<5,000 a year] We used to have a 2L diesel Zafira Tourer and the particulate filter warning came on 2 or 3 times a year - quite inconvenient to "...keep driving..." when we had a deadline to pick up kids from school! So we went for the 1.2 Petrol. The car is fast enough, the engine warms up quickly and is quiet. Consumption isn't great [25mpg around town (lots of cold-starts) and 35 mpg A-roads] I wonder if there's any low-mileage diesel owners who can tell you if the particulate filter is a problem in the Kadjar?


  7. 50 minutes ago, Steve1968 said:

    Drive testing a new 1.2 Dynamic Nav tomorrow. I was put off initially it only being 1.2 but I'll find out tomorrow. It does have 130bhp so it should be quite nippy. I don't do a lot of mileage or motorway driving so that's why I'm going for this model. Would love some feedback from 1.2 owners on how it performs mpg etc. Thanks

    I find the Honest John site gives quite realistic figures for mpg: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg

    For us, lots of cold-running short journeys around town we've been as low as 24 mpg, the best we've achieved is 35 mpg on a 60 mile A-road journey, with some big hills. I think you'd have to live somewhere quite flat to get 40 mpg?

  8. 18 minutes ago, Boyko said:

    Who's that? Mine is one of the very first / oldest in BG - November 2015.

    I have no issues with auto handbrake releasing - its smooth. But I'm still not using it. I prefer to operate it manually with the button, at least for releasing - applying is by itself when I turn off the engine. So I just suggested that @Johnbridge may release it manually too. Its a preference thing :)

    I might try the manual release, just to see the Boyko-Boost, sorry Auto-Throttle at work!

  9. 49 minutes ago, ulfire said:

    Exactly the same with my 1.5Dci manual . No need for any "special " techniques just drive as I was taught many moons ago :D

    Thanks Guys, I suppose years of learning with low-power motors [1.1L Escort, 1.3L Marina... ] comes to nought and I need to go back to school. Going to cover my inadequacies and buy an auto next time, or perhaps the 1.6 petrol. Or maybe the wife will trade me in for a newer model...

  10. 1 hour ago, Boyko said:

    Have you tried releasing the clutch slowly? Does your car stall then, instead of automatically adjusting RPMs accordingly until it takes off? Its what happens on mine - I can basically take off by just releasing the clutch a bit slower than usual. Its mostly useful on level or down hill roads, as up hill it feels like the car is not applying enough power to actually start moving and will eventually die (never pushed it that far though).

    Clutch bite point on mine is also very high - almost at the point of fully releasing it, so for what I can tell thats normal. I believe its so by design. As on mine the point where the car starts to automatically power itself is from the very lower point of the clutch - just when I start releasing. So I'd say the car (or ecu) knows that you're releasing early on. 

    Why don't you release the hand brake manually (with the button) instead of using the auto-handbrake feature? This might be the reason you haven't noticed the auto-throttling :) as you're always on hand brake when taking off. Maybe try that? And it will also save you the extra dab.

    Thanks for that, good to know the clutch-position is typical. I must have tried slow-release, it seems I had to learn all over again; don't want to rev-it-silly to set off. I had a 2L 130 HP diesel Zafira with auto handbrake that you just drove away, probably this 1.2L petrol hasn't enough grunt at low revs for that. I'll try releasing the handbrake first, and if it makes life easier I'll persevere. Seems a bit silly to have an auto-feature that works best manually though LoL! One of the downsides of having a tiny petrol engine perhaps; but I'm happy with the way it warms-up quickly and steers well cos of the light-weight in the nose.

  11. 2 hours ago, Boyko said:

    I think there's something more that is added for this feature to work - I have a Peugeot 207 diesel, 2012, which has ecu controlled fueling but it doesn't work there. It will start stalling if I'm releasing the clutch - even if released very gently - without applying the appropriate revs.

    I've only had the chance to try a Captur diesel and it also had this feature. Haven't seen it anywhere else.

    I agree about clutch slipping - that was my main concern - obviously don't want to wear out the clutch too soon by using it this way on regular basis.

    If this is a "Feature", then they didn't put it on our 1.2 manual Kadjar! In a previous post I mentioned taking 3 dabs of the clutch to get it moving on a gentle hill; I've now [after 5 months] got it down to two: one to release the auto-handbrake, the second to get the car going. The Bite-Point on the clutch on ours is set really high, maybe it needs adjusting?

  12. 2 hours ago, Defrostphone said:

    Thanks, I do like the idea of  LED lights, Reversing Camera and 360 degree sensors and heated seats, the other extras not so much. How useful are the reversing camera and 360 degree sensors. i.e. any problems with them?

    Our next car will HAVE to have a reversing camera, they are that good! Especially when reversing out of a supermarket car-parking-space, to avoid pedestrians, and on a street with lots of kids playing to see there isn't a toddler behind you. I've read reviews that said they are low-resolution? Easily good enough to see likely hazards in my opinion. We did a test-drive of a 2016 model and I nearly rammed a fence parking it! Now I assume the sensors don't kick-in unless you are driving slowly [i.e 1st gear or reverse] The side-sensors even warn of a ~2 inch high pavement; that and good mirrors mean we haven't crunched the alloys in 5 months... I think both models have the automatic-dip of the main beam? That is awesome! Driving for an hour on an A-road & dual carriageways recently, didn't have to touch the Dip switch at all and it seemed to time the Dipping perfectly...

  13. 45 minutes ago, Defrostphone said:

    I have a choice I can buy a signature s nav Reg June 17 with R-Link 2 v3 for £1000 more than a Dynamique S Nav Reg June 17 with R-Link 2 v3. Is the  signature s nav worth the extra, both are 1.6Dci 4WD in Black with 10k on the clock?



    We bought a Sig Nav [not the S] new in September, when it was £1,200 more than the Dynamique S Nav. We thought it was worth it for the LED lights [Great], sunroof [Good, especially with kids in] and scuff-plates [Handy]. It also came with the Bose sound system, auto-dip rear mirror and illuminated sun-visor-mirror [LoL!] which we weren't particularly interested in. For an Extra £500 we opted for the "Parking pack premium", because it gave us a reversing camera [Great]. That also gave us 360 degree sensors [which work better than I thought, even detecting pavements], hands-free-parking [never used] and Blind-spot-warning [a bit pointless?] So, we paid £1,700 extra over the Dynamique S Nav. The Sig S Nav has heated leather front seats above ours. At the time the Sig S Nav was £2,600 more than the Dynamique S Nav. If it was me, I'd pay the extra £1,000 - IF you want enough of the "Extras"....

  14. 53 minutes ago, Peter Derby said:

    I have an almost new petrol Kadjar and a steep drive from my garage (1 in 4 ). When I drive or reverse out the car gets slower so it is necessary to apply more pressure on the accelerator which makes the car suddenly race up the drive at a frightening speed. It is impossible to drive the car slowly up the slope. A few days ago when I was reversing in it was obviously going too near the nearside wall that I stopped and  I tried to go back up the drive  but it was slow to pick up speed and in fact went backwards and broke off the near side wing mirror which is going to cost me £550. Any advice please.

    Peter Hall


    Are you talking about the manual gearbox? There’s a thread on here about cars with the auto box running back on a hill before accelerating forward. We have the 1.2 petrol with the manual box and in 4 months ownership haven’t perfected the technique for pulling-away-on-a-hill. We’ve had cars with electric handbrakes before and they caused no problem. On a hill as slight as 1-in-15 I find that with the Kadjar the first raise-of-the-clutch disengages the handbrake, but it seems to take power from the engine to do that, so I have to press the clutch a bit to get the revs to rise so I can set off. Sometimes the engine falters while I’m doing that, so another dab of the clutch is needed – just like a beginner! I’ve driven some underpowered cars [e.g 1.3L Marina!] but have never had to work so hard to set-off on a hill! It’s too late now, but next time you are shopping for a car I suggest you make sure that the test-drive includes a hill-start similar to your drive…

  15. 5 hours ago, Bexcina said:



    Is there anyway to find out when my next service is due, either from within  Rlink or the dashboard? 


    It seems to creep up on me and all of the sudden the dash board will come up with a message which does not seem to give me much time to book it in ...


    Any help appreciated!

    There's an Android App called "My Renault" that, once you tell it about your car, shows you what it calls "Vehicle Maintenance". Mine shows that the next is an "(a)" service on September 2018. It also shows the "Servicing Schedule", which equals the jobs that need doing at each service.

    It has irritating qualities too though - Mine won't connect unless I'm on the home Wi-Fi, because it needs a secure connection? [Won't work if connected via BT Wifi-with-FON for example] You can set figures for "Mileage" and "Average annual mileage", but when I attempted to put a lower figure in than it had guessed (?) it said I couldn't use a lower figure than the car's last "service" - it's never had a service! If it's really a "Connected" car, shouldn't the App be telling ME the mileage that it's got wirelessly from the car? Waste of time that bit...

  16. 20 hours ago, cpl jones said:

    Anyone found any  diesel that performs better than others eg better mpg?

    The official figures allow a theoretical comparison, but this website shows what people actually get in terms of mpg: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg

    Lol! I thought you meant which diesel ENGINE [1.5 or 1.6] performed best! Now realise you meant which diesel fuel BRAND! Moderators please delete my answer, I don't know how to?


  17. 17 minutes ago, turboted10 said:

    No mention of nox emissions though which is kind of where this thread had headed?

    There's a real shortage of information on that, even the London website doesn't cover all modern cars.  [https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/environment/pollution-and-air-quality/cleaning-londons-vehicles/newer-vehicle-checker] 

    I was impressed that the Peugeot 3008 brochure includes pollution figures for carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particular matter. Unfortunately they are only theoretical and as the London site shows, the real nitrogen oxide figures are higher - as bad as two Euro-6 double decker buses! For the Peugeot 3008, the theoretical particulate levels for the little 1.2 petrol engine are about 10 times worse than the particulates from the diesels. I wonder when the powers-that-be notice that and insist particulate filters are fitted to petrol engines too? The Peugeot 1.6 petrol produces about a fifth the amount of particulates compared to the 1.2, I had assumed it was a problem with having a Turbo, but both engines have them... Anyone know when the new Government Tests will be introduced and how we will access the figures?


  18. 18 minutes ago, ulfire said:

    A move in the right direction . If they could get that up to 30 bhp it may  become slightly better than Hybrid Assist and capable of pure EV driving bringing down emissions more and increasing economy 

    I don't think that's possible with the 150 Wh battery they are currently using? If my sums are right, it is capable of driving the 13 hp [10 kW] electric motors for a mere 54 seconds? Upping that to take 30 hp from it would reduce the boost to 23 seconds? Basically the system stores the energy normally lost as heat during braking, it's not meant as a stand-alone propulsion system?

  19. 2 hours ago, turboted10 said:

    However what about Renaults choice to produce the latest Scenic hybrid with the 1.5dci engine??.either they know something, have fixed emissions, or are privy to proposed future legislation

    This article shows the boost that the Hybrid system give the new Scenic:


    That's 13 hp more power, 70 NM [52 lb ft] more torque, and 8.3 more mpg. If those figures were added to a 1.2 petrol Kadjar, it's stats would become: 143 hp, 275 NM and a lot better mpg! I wonder why Renault chose the 1.5 diesel too?

  20. 25 minutes ago, Kipper2008 said:

    Apologies for the newbie question, but I'm struggling to get the cruise control to work.

    I've pressed the switch by the gear stick to activate it and the message 'cruise control' appears in green on the display.

    Say for example, I'm traveling at 60. I'll flick the little switch up on the left. As I understand it, that's what you need to do. So I lift off the gas, but then the speed starts to drop. So obviously cruise control isn't working. 

    Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong?


    Hello, when you flick the switch upwards on the steering wheel at 60mph, the display should change to show the speed you've set? Here's the online Kadjar guide: http://gb.e-guide.renault.com/eng/Kadjar At the top of the page is a "Download the handbook" link, it's a 304 page pdf. Sections 2.57/2.58 describe the Cruise Control operation in detail....



  21. 35 minutes ago, ian 147 said:

    had my brand new  kadjar 1.2 petrol 10 days now  mpg is so bad 22 miles per gallon  first renault ive ever  had and will be the last i can cope with lack of power but the cost is so expensive bought it as the guys at renault telling me it would return a mpg of 42 to 50 mpg  wish i had stayed with ford 

    It's not just Renault, the Honest John website will tell you the "Real MPG" that people send in for their cars: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ High-riding cars like the Kadjar, and ones with Turbos [in my opinion] will tend to have lower mpg figures. Our Kadjar 1.2 manual has done ~800 miles from new, at an average of 29 mpg; mainly round-town, often the engine not even getting to full temperature. A "lack of power" and just 22 mpg suggests something isn't quite right with your motor?



  22. 3 hours ago, 1898 said:

    My sensors are slow. Sometimes they don't react before I stop, and then suddenly they might show as close as red. The rear cam however is a blessing, unless the bright sun shines directly into it.

    With leather (vinyl really) seats, the heat is not very fast, but it gets there after a while, and you don't want unheated vinyl seats, I can tell you that much!

    I downloaded a brochure on 13 Jul 2017 [UK], and it says that the Signature S Nav upholstery is "Black leather with synthetic leather central rear headrest" That's the model that comes with heated front seats and electrically adjustable driver's seat too.

  23. 48 minutes ago, juliegraham1973 said:

    So this is the first winter iv had with my kadjar, and this is the second morning its taken me over 10 mins to demist inside of the car!  I had blowers on full air con on heat up full yet nothing seemed to shift it quickly. I had a BMW before I had this and this prob would rectify in under a minute with same actions to clear but i opted to get a window squeedgy to cleat the mist inside! Surely this isnt normal? My dash controls where all condensation also. Any tips folks!?

    Very surprised by this, pressing-in the left-hand-button on the control unit clears our windscreen in under 10 seconds! Haven't had to switch on air-con, nor extra-fan nor extra heat. Have noticed that the default "Auto" position for the heating/cooling system directs air at the screen and the feet; I'd assumed that the latter was drying the carpets out well during normal driving [reducing the amount of water vapour in the car overnight] Ours is the petrol engine car, it warms up rapidly, so meaning the carpets are dried quicker than they would be in the diesel version? Sorry I can't help; maybe there's a problem with the air-con? Does it definitely chill the air?

  24. 3 hours ago, vadimo said:


    My first post here so brief introduction:

    I drive BMW 320D M Sport and my wife Ford Fiesta - something... something... its blue and i would say that french cars would not be on in my top 3 choice of manufactures BUT we are planning to upgrade Fiesta to new crossover SUV and have budget to work with, i looked at Nissan QASHQAI and then stumbled on to Kadjar, i see its cheaper, looks better outside, longer body, according to reviews interior is good premium feel and longer warranty.

    I am a bit confused if there 2017 new range or its still dragging on from 2015/6>? According to Car Wow Kadjar was featured in Geneva motor show this year, surely this will be new model?

    Diesel not longer an option due to recent developments so smallest petrol engine with best possible MPG so we are looking at: Petrol TCe 130 Auto version in Signature S Nav or Signature Nav trims. Buying PCP, monthly budget of up to £300. I understand its not rocket but then wife won't care as long as it drives normal.

    Any advice appreciated and how is Renault in terms of service and support? With our ownership, BMW have some ok dealers, then good ones and then there are excellent ones. Ford just ok, its a bit like walking into Costco, you will get what you pay for.

    Key questions:

    - How is the petrol auto version? Smooth enough?

    - If anyone has panoramic roof, does that eat into headroom space a lot?

    - Is the car quiet on motorway? a lot of tyre noise?

    - How is the road ride quality with 19" alloys (dont want them but thats what you get on Signature)

    - Would you have bought an alternative SUV if you could go back and why?

    Thank you

    We’ve had our 1.2 (manual) Kadjar for 2 months and think it’s great, it may be “not rocket” but a small petrol engine with turbo increases its revs rapidly, you get maximum torque at just 2,000 revs, and it feels fast [compared to a non-turbo engine] If the “Best possible mpg” is high on your list of priorities, then I’m not sure I would chose a 1.2 petrol Kadjar. Honest John’s website gives an insight into real mpg figures for cars: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg

    The Renault Captur, which is slightly bigger than a Fiesta, but smaller than a Kadjar will save you money to buy, and on fuel costs. For something nearly Kadjar sized, the Honda HRV will possibly be dearer than the Kadjar [depends on spec of course] but will save you an awful lot on fuel – but is still fast enough to join a motorway via the slip-road safely. {I reckon a 0-62 mph of 11 seconds or less is needed for that} Until we bought the Kadjar, the mpg we got from every petrol-engine-car was about the same as the official “Urban” figure. With the Kadjar it’s ~ 10 mpg less – a big shock! We also got ~ 10 mpg less from our last car, a turbo-diesel, so now reckon it’s the Turbo that spoils the rule. Fortunately we don’t do a lot of miles!