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  1. Low MPG vs Advertised on 1.2 TCE

    Don't think there's anything wrong, the Honest John site gives more realistic mpg figures: My opinion is that having a Turbo in a petrol engine makes the car more likely to be thirsty; you've got to pay for acceleration! With our 1.2 petrol Kadjar we get ~25 mpg for just town driving [where the engine hardly warms-up to full temperature] and with a 50:50 mix of motorway/A-roads that goes up to ~37 mpg
  2. I reversed once and the camera didn't come on, turns out the screen was "dead" like you describe. I held the on/off button for about 5 [10?] seconds and it came back on! It's done that twice now in ~ 8 months since new
  3. For batteries in Series, you add the volts - so your idea would give an 18V battery - not recommended! If you put them in parallel the 12V one would shove current backwards through the 6V one, with DANGEROUS consequences. You could use a diode to block the reverse current, but it would have to be able to handle big currents [100A+], and would drop the 6V down by at least a volt itself. If the original battery isn't up-to-the-job, then the answer is to use a higher-capacity one.....
  4. I've previously uploaded the Oct 2017 brochure to this site, it shows a 4 year warranty. The Feb 2018 brochure shows 3 years. Unfortunately I don't see these helping much. My ex-boss had a dispute with Honda 'cos they gave him an old brochure and the CRV turned out different to what he expected. He followed all procedure to sort it out, even going to the ombudsman, who ruled: "Since the garage did not DELIBERATELY mislead you, you have no claim" He kept the car under a tarpaulin until the dispute was sorted - it took 12 months and the car had only done the distance from the garage [~30 miles] after that year. So, he got the wrong car AND he never had use of it for a year - Principle can be a painful business....
  5. R-link 2

    There's been this Thread about it: Best of luck....
  6. My new toy

    I don't know about new colours, but if you go on the Renault website & search for second hand Kadjars, you can find out how many of each colour are available. Example: within 200 miles of me they have for sale: 61 red, 55 blue, 47 black, 43 grey, 38 white and 11 brown [Dune]. This sort of reflects how many of each colour were sold in the first place?
  7. Brochure for January 2017

    Here's July & Oct 2017 for all you collectors out there! Renault kadjar Jul 2017 brochure.pdf kadjar-brochure Oct 2017.pdf
  8. Brochure for January 2017

    OK, I've dated it this time, here's April 2017 too Renault kadjar-brochure Jan 2017.pdf Renault kadjar-brochure Apr 2017.pdf
  9. Brochure for January 2017

    I have brochures printed Jan, Apr & July 2017, none of them mention Apple Car Play/Android Auto, however the one printed Oct 2017 does.
  10. Brochure for January 2017

    I've got one that was printed 01 Jan 2017, though I didn't download it till 11 Mar 2017. It's a pdf, I'll try to attach it.... Renault kadjar-brochure.pdf
  11. 1st service

    If you buy the 2-year Renault Service Plan for the Kadjar (before it needs the 1st service) it costs £229 [] It's the 3rd & 4th year that costs rise?
  12. Qashqai Convert

    74 mpg? The latest Kadjar brochure I downloaded claims the 1.5 auto does 74.3 mpg in both the Urban and Extra-Urban tests! No way! That must be a misprint {like the 1.6 petrol engine has the same torque [205 Nm] as the 1.2 petrol. As if!} The Honest john site gives fuel consumption figures that I'm starting to believe [] If we potter around town with a cold engine we tend to get something like the lower figure and if we travel on quiet A-roads and don't rush can achieve the higher figure. Have a look at the figures for the two cars and see what you think... Can't help with the other questions, even the speed-sensitive-Bose, we've got the Bose but never noticed if the volume auto-adjusted!
  13. Carte gris

    This page on the 'net is supposed to help: Good luck!
  14. First Kadjar - rural France

    That's equivalent to the UK Signature S Nav? Here's an e-guide in English: On that page you can "Download the handbook". There's lots about R-Link on this forum, with luck yours will be the latest version with Android Auto/Apple Carplay? As for "Profiles", we've only had ours 6 months and it drives nicely, but we've never needed Profiles!
  15. R-Link Build

    Our 67 plate 1.2 [manual] petrol has the same Software Build and Boot codes. In previous cars I've found that if I start-up quickly & drive off, the electronics systems can take time to catch up, with random warning lights flashing [seat-belts the most frequent, sometimes cruise-control not working] So, the standard procedure now when getting in the Kadjar is first to switch-on-the-ignition by pressing the starter button with no pedals pressed, then fasten seat-belt then start-up. Have not noticed an RLink delay. Once in our 6 months ownership we've had one black-screen [noticed it when reversing, I thought the camera had broken], that was "cured" by pressing-and-holding the on-off button. I'm glad we didn't purchase the AEBS option, that slams on your brakes if you haven't noticed a stationary car in front - what if that system gets gremlins? I don't fancy an emergency-stop happening at random!