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  1. Parking camera view?

    I would think the 1.6 petrol has 240Nm, same as the Qashqai 1.6; the Top Gear review quotes 240Nm too. Real-life NOx figures for the 1.2 and 1.6 petrols don't seem good [] Other manufacturers seem to be able to make "Clean" petrols, so Renault are playing catch-up?
  2. Parking camera view?

    True! At the moment! Wonder why they are spending money developing a new engine?
  3. Parking camera view?

    I've just downloaded the Qashqai brochure, page 11 explains their "...whole new perspective.." with: " The Nissan Intelligent Around-View Monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual bird’s-eye view of your QASHQAI with selectable split-scene close-ups of the front, rear and kerbside to give you an even better look" Is that not the system you want? It has a front & rear cameras as well as under the door mirrors.... As an aside - I like it when manufacturers allow you to download brochures without having to give them your name/address/email/phone number. Well done on that [at least] to Nissan & Renault!
  4. Parking camera view?

    Bigger engine? The new 1.3 petrol engine [up to 158 bhp & 270 Nm] that's going into the Scenic soon should be available some time in the Kadjar/Qashqai as well? It was developed jointly by Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi & Daimler. I was swayed towards the Kadjar [compared to Qashqai] by the 4 year warranty & roadside assistance, though another post on here suggests that's stopping? Having had a car with a reversing camera, don't think we'd get one without it next time...
  5. Parking camera view?

    We have a Signature Nav with the "Parking Pack Premium" option. The camera is rear-view only, but the 360 degree sensors are pretty good, if you are approaching a pavement on the side while parking, it gives you warning - saves crunching the alloys! That's only really needed at night when you can't see the pavement out of the mirrors - lights-out-of-the-sills would be nice for night-time though...

    Are you talking about the manual gearbox? There’s a thread on here about cars with the auto box running back on a hill before accelerating forward. We have the 1.2 petrol with the manual box and in 4 months ownership haven’t perfected the technique for pulling-away-on-a-hill. We’ve had cars with electric handbrakes before and they caused no problem. On a hill as slight as 1-in-15 I find that with the Kadjar the first raise-of-the-clutch disengages the handbrake, but it seems to take power from the engine to do that, so I have to press the clutch a bit to get the revs to rise so I can set off. Sometimes the engine falters while I’m doing that, so another dab of the clutch is needed – just like a beginner! I’ve driven some underpowered cars [e.g 1.3L Marina!] but have never had to work so hard to set-off on a hill! It’s too late now, but next time you are shopping for a car I suggest you make sure that the test-drive includes a hill-start similar to your drive…
  7. 1st service of Renault kadjar 1.5dci

    I have the "My Renault" App for my Android phone; it shows exactly what gets done for each of the services - no oil-change after 1 year - I was a bit surprised by that, but maybe modern engines can cope with it...
  8. There's an Android App called "My Renault" that, once you tell it about your car, shows you what it calls "Vehicle Maintenance". Mine shows that the next is an "(a)" service on September 2018. It also shows the "Servicing Schedule", which equals the jobs that need doing at each service. It has irritating qualities too though - Mine won't connect unless I'm on the home Wi-Fi, because it needs a secure connection? [Won't work if connected via BT Wifi-with-FON for example] You can set figures for "Mileage" and "Average annual mileage", but when I attempted to put a lower figure in than it had guessed (?) it said I couldn't use a lower figure than the car's last "service" - it's never had a service! If it's really a "Connected" car, shouldn't the App be telling ME the mileage that it's got wirelessly from the car? Waste of time that bit...
  9. R Link 2 Help

    Hello, I remembering registering with RLink, and them sending me a welcome email with a link to the Toolbox. I followed that link and the pen-drive was totally ignored by the Toolbox too! So, I then went direct to RLink at: Logged-in and the first page had a big box to click "Download the new R-LINK 2 Toolbox software...." which I clicked - and obtained a Toolbox that actually worked! In other words - there are at least 2 x Toolboxes! One obtained from the welcome email [= duff one] and the one from the RLink website [= good one] At least that was the situation late September 2017....
  10. Here's the sticker on my Sep 2017 1.2 petrol. Wonder why the fronts on that are 1 psi different from Lindser's?
  11. best diesel for Kadjar

    The official figures allow a theoretical comparison, but this website shows what people actually get in terms of mpg: Lol! I thought you meant which diesel ENGINE [1.5 or 1.6] performed best! Now realise you meant which diesel fuel BRAND! Moderators please delete my answer, I don't know how to?
  12. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    There's a real shortage of information on that, even the London website doesn't cover all modern cars. [] I was impressed that the Peugeot 3008 brochure includes pollution figures for carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particular matter. Unfortunately they are only theoretical and as the London site shows, the real nitrogen oxide figures are higher - as bad as two Euro-6 double decker buses! For the Peugeot 3008, the theoretical particulate levels for the little 1.2 petrol engine are about 10 times worse than the particulates from the diesels. I wonder when the powers-that-be notice that and insist particulate filters are fitted to petrol engines too? The Peugeot 1.6 petrol produces about a fifth the amount of particulates compared to the 1.2, I had assumed it was a problem with having a Turbo, but both engines have them... Anyone know when the new Government Tests will be introduced and how we will access the figures?
  13. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    I don't think that's possible with the 150 Wh battery they are currently using? If my sums are right, it is capable of driving the 13 hp [10 kW] electric motors for a mere 54 seconds? Upping that to take 30 hp from it would reduce the boost to 23 seconds? Basically the system stores the energy normally lost as heat during braking, it's not meant as a stand-alone propulsion system?
  14. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    This article shows the boost that the Hybrid system give the new Scenic: That's 13 hp more power, 70 NM [52 lb ft] more torque, and 8.3 more mpg. If those figures were added to a 1.2 petrol Kadjar, it's stats would become: 143 hp, 275 NM and a lot better mpg! I wonder why Renault chose the 1.5 diesel too?
  15. How to start cruise control?

    Hello, when you flick the switch upwards on the steering wheel at 60mph, the display should change to show the speed you've set? Here's the online Kadjar guide: At the top of the page is a "Download the handbook" link, it's a 304 page pdf. Sections 2.57/2.58 describe the Cruise Control operation in detail....