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  1. I reversed once and the camera didn't come on, turns out the screen was "dead" like you describe. I held the on/off button for about 5 [10?] seconds and it came back on! It's done that twice now in ~ 8 months since new
  2. My new toy

    I don't know about new colours, but if you go on the Renault website & search for second hand Kadjars, you can find out how many of each colour are available. Example: within 200 miles of me they have for sale: 61 red, 55 blue, 47 black, 43 grey, 38 white and 11 brown [Dune]. This sort of reflects how many of each colour were sold in the first place?
  3. 1st service

    If you buy the 2-year Renault Service Plan for the Kadjar (before it needs the 1st service) it costs £229 [https://www.renault.co.uk/owners/service-and-maintenance/maintenance/service-plans.html] It's the 3rd & 4th year that costs rise?
  4. Diesel or Petrol

    That's useful, knowing that the DPF isn't likely to need any attention if you do ~10,000 miles a year. As for if it's covered under warranty, I couldn't find anything that Renault say on the matter, but happen to have a brochure for a 2018 Nissan Pulsar, that uses the same 1.5 diesel engine as the Kadjar. This is what it says about the DPF: WHAT IF I ONLY DRIVE SHORT JOURNEYS? If the vehicle is only driven for short journeys, or at low speed, then it may not be possible for regeneration to occur. In this situation, warning lights will be illuminated on your dashboard. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for further information. After seeing these warning lights you need to drive, as soon as possible, above 40mph until the light goes out. This can take up to 30 minutes depending on the amount of soot collected in the filter. WHAT IF I IGNORE THEM? If you continue to drive at low speeds the exhaust gas temperatures cannot rise, so regeneration cannot occur. In this instance, a combination of warning lights will be illuminated on your dashboard. In this case, and in order to protect the engine and DPF Filter, the vehicle will require ‘SERVICE REGENERATION’ which can only be carried out by a workshop equipped with Nissan diagnostic equipment. You will need to go to your nearest Nissan dealer in case the oil and filter needs to be replaced. As ‘SERVICE REGENERATION’ is not a manufacturing fault, so the cost will NOT be covered under warranty. [I couldn't copy the symbols which went with the text unfortunately] I guess Renault's position will be something similar?
  5. Diesel or Petrol

    We do mainly short journeys and have a low mileage too [<5,000 a year] We used to have a 2L diesel Zafira Tourer and the particulate filter warning came on 2 or 3 times a year - quite inconvenient to "...keep driving..." when we had a deadline to pick up kids from school! So we went for the 1.2 Petrol. The car is fast enough, the engine warms up quickly and is quiet. Consumption isn't great [25mpg around town (lots of cold-starts) and 35 mpg A-roads] I wonder if there's any low-mileage diesel owners who can tell you if the particulate filter is a problem in the Kadjar?
  6. 1.2 Dynamic Nav

    I find the Honest John site gives quite realistic figures for mpg: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg For us, lots of cold-running short journeys around town we've been as low as 24 mpg, the best we've achieved is 35 mpg on a 60 mile A-road journey, with some big hills. I think you'd have to live somewhere quite flat to get 40 mpg?
  7. I might try the manual release, just to see the Boyko-Boost, sorry Auto-Throttle at work!
  8. Thanks Guys, I suppose years of learning with low-power motors [1.1L Escort, 1.3L Marina... ] comes to nought and I need to go back to school. Going to cover my inadequacies and buy an auto next time, or perhaps the 1.6 petrol. Or maybe the wife will trade me in for a newer model...
  9. Thanks for that, good to know the clutch-position is typical. I must have tried slow-release, it seems I had to learn all over again; don't want to rev-it-silly to set off. I had a 2L 130 HP diesel Zafira with auto handbrake that you just drove away, probably this 1.2L petrol hasn't enough grunt at low revs for that. I'll try releasing the handbrake first, and if it makes life easier I'll persevere. Seems a bit silly to have an auto-feature that works best manually though LoL! One of the downsides of having a tiny petrol engine perhaps; but I'm happy with the way it warms-up quickly and steers well cos of the light-weight in the nose.
  10. If this is a "Feature", then they didn't put it on our 1.2 manual Kadjar! In a previous post I mentioned taking 3 dabs of the clutch to get it moving on a gentle hill; I've now [after 5 months] got it down to two: one to release the auto-handbrake, the second to get the car going. The Bite-Point on the clutch on ours is set really high, maybe it needs adjusting?
  11. Signature S nav or Dynamique S Nav

    Our next car will HAVE to have a reversing camera, they are that good! Especially when reversing out of a supermarket car-parking-space, to avoid pedestrians, and on a street with lots of kids playing to see there isn't a toddler behind you. I've read reviews that said they are low-resolution? Easily good enough to see likely hazards in my opinion. We did a test-drive of a 2016 model and I nearly rammed a fence parking it! Now I assume the sensors don't kick-in unless you are driving slowly [i.e 1st gear or reverse] The side-sensors even warn of a ~2 inch high pavement; that and good mirrors mean we haven't crunched the alloys in 5 months... I think both models have the automatic-dip of the main beam? That is awesome! Driving for an hour on an A-road & dual carriageways recently, didn't have to touch the Dip switch at all and it seemed to time the Dipping perfectly...
  12. Signature S nav or Dynamique S Nav

    We bought a Sig Nav [not the S] new in September, when it was £1,200 more than the Dynamique S Nav. We thought it was worth it for the LED lights [Great], sunroof [Good, especially with kids in] and scuff-plates [Handy]. It also came with the Bose sound system, auto-dip rear mirror and illuminated sun-visor-mirror [LoL!] which we weren't particularly interested in. For an Extra £500 we opted for the "Parking pack premium", because it gave us a reversing camera [Great]. That also gave us 360 degree sensors [which work better than I thought, even detecting pavements], hands-free-parking [never used] and Blind-spot-warning [a bit pointless?] So, we paid £1,700 extra over the Dynamique S Nav. The Sig S Nav has heated leather front seats above ours. At the time the Sig S Nav was £2,600 more than the Dynamique S Nav. If it was me, I'd pay the extra £1,000 - IF you want enough of the "Extras"....

    Are you talking about the manual gearbox? There’s a thread on here about cars with the auto box running back on a hill before accelerating forward. We have the 1.2 petrol with the manual box and in 4 months ownership haven’t perfected the technique for pulling-away-on-a-hill. We’ve had cars with electric handbrakes before and they caused no problem. On a hill as slight as 1-in-15 I find that with the Kadjar the first raise-of-the-clutch disengages the handbrake, but it seems to take power from the engine to do that, so I have to press the clutch a bit to get the revs to rise so I can set off. Sometimes the engine falters while I’m doing that, so another dab of the clutch is needed – just like a beginner! I’ve driven some underpowered cars [e.g 1.3L Marina!] but have never had to work so hard to set-off on a hill! It’s too late now, but next time you are shopping for a car I suggest you make sure that the test-drive includes a hill-start similar to your drive…
  14. There's an Android App called "My Renault" that, once you tell it about your car, shows you what it calls "Vehicle Maintenance". Mine shows that the next is an "(a)" service on September 2018. It also shows the "Servicing Schedule", which equals the jobs that need doing at each service. It has irritating qualities too though - Mine won't connect unless I'm on the home Wi-Fi, because it needs a secure connection? [Won't work if connected via BT Wifi-with-FON for example] You can set figures for "Mileage" and "Average annual mileage", but when I attempted to put a lower figure in than it had guessed (?) it said I couldn't use a lower figure than the car's last "service" - it's never had a service! If it's really a "Connected" car, shouldn't the App be telling ME the mileage that it's got wirelessly from the car? Waste of time that bit...
  15. Here's the sticker on my Sep 2017 1.2 petrol. Wonder why the fronts on that are 1 psi different from Lindser's?