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  1. Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    Just took my car for firmware up date no surprises error message kept coming so no update. I am aware of wind noise when motorway driving and brought this to the attention of the dealership. They checked it with road test and checked the seals and everything okay. Found out only went on local roads so not a proper test.
  2. R link firmware

    My 2016 kadjar goes in for an update in a couple of weeks, how long does the update take as the dealership was not sure.
  3. Unknown Icon ?

    Hi the symbol relates to the rear seat belts
  4. Condensation inside car

    I am having the same problem, but am I missing something why are you not putting pressure on the dealership.

    Older as in just over 6 months old not happy as I know from owning other renaults it's not a new feature
  6. Spare wheel

    I have had my Kadjar since March and liaised with my dealership Renault Croydon about a space saver, after long discussions with a very helpful gentleman in parts I purchased a QQ 16 " spare with wrench and a jack.
  7. Planning a road trip in my new kadjar

    Hi glad to hear your trip went well, going to France end of August , did you use headlight deflectors or was you able adjust the led headlights for you trip
  8. LED Lights

    Evening so I have to ask did you find the switch to convert the led headlights for driving in Europe
  9. Went in for the airbag recall today also advised r link update which relates to Bluetooth and the phone problems people are having. Thought I would press the dealer about the speed camera alerts in kph still no joy, to be fair he did contact Renault but still no fix. I did get my free boot liner.
  10. Who has ordered one?

    afternoon, just had a call from my dealership about a software update, the salesman did confirm as mentioned in the earlier thread that they were not releasing any further Kadjars until the issue had been resolved. At the time I did not take in the possible implications until I read the thread. I will be ringing/emailing the dealership back as I want to know the full implications of the recall and safety of my vehicle.
  11. Thank you, I have posed the question to the salesman who seems pretty helpful. I will let you know if I hear anything, apart from that all seems good. I know you should not assume but upon going through my paperwork it looks as if Renault are addressing the alarm issue as mine is showing an installation certificate for 21 January 2016.
  12. Evening picked up the s nav today very nice, the guy the dealership was very good and went through everything and set up our phones an preferences on th rlink. I know this has been posted previously but did someone get the answer to excessive mph showing when approaching a speed camera.
  13. Happy New Kadjar Day

    Due to pick mine up on Saturday same dealership sig nav 1.5 titanium
  14. Who has ordered one?

    Finally confirmed that my snav can be picked up on my the 5th ordered back in October, looking forward to it but apprehensive after following this forum. I have to say it sounds if Renault have let them self down on a few aspects of this car. I had a sports tourer on the 1.5 diesel and it had all the little things missing on the Kadjar. I will be writing a review and let you guys know if I have any issues.