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  1. Pre registered car

    GAP insurance can be bought on line considerably cheaper than a dealer will sell it for.
  2. Believing or not, the problem has resurfaced.
  3. I think it's got to be an R-Link problem rather that Apple. I drive a Fiesta as well and my iPhone, on IOS 11, links perfectly with the Ford system.
  4. Newbie to this forum

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you will find it as useful as I have.
  5. Lol. Exactly the same thing happened with us. Wish I hadn't given it to him now. Actually the salesman was a decent guy and, when BSM wouldn't give us a courtesy car he lent us his.
  6. I think you have to consider yourself lucky mate.
  7. Got the car back and everything is fine. They had the car 16 day and it quite obviously stood outside all that time. They didn't even bother to clean it. I have a Ford and whenever it goes in for service it comes back sparkling. It's a pity Bristol Street Motors don't take a leaf out of Ford's book. The one saving grace was that I left a very expensive platinum pen on the back seat and it was still there.
  8. Collecting the car this morning. Hope it works.
  9. Just been informed by a somewhat embarrassed technician that the car is ready for collection. The guy said that there had been 20 software faults on the car and he was surprised that we were able to drive it out of the showroom. Pity they didn't do a pre-delivery check then.
  10. The dealer is Bristol Street Motors, Haydn Road, Nottingham.
  11. Went into the dealers yesterday to see what is happening, In a word, nothing. They have had the car well over a week now and they say they will be looking at it on Friday next. My wife returns from holiday on Saturday so I asked about a courtesy car as they wanted two days notice last time. They were singularly unhelpful and would not promise anything. Unbelievable level of service.
  12. If you look at a post a few above yours, it states quite clearly that the maps are Tom Tom. The Kadjar has a USB slot and it is used to update the software for RLink 2. I wondered if the map could be downloaded on a USB stick not a card.
  13. I wonder if it would be possible to download the latest map from Tom Tom onto a memory card and use that to update to map on the Kadjar.
  14. Panoramic roof is gorgeous

    I have it closed when it's sunny otherwise it turns the car into a glasshouse.
  15. Well I am not impressed with Renault service. They cannot even look at the car until the 8th September; two weeks away. We cannot get a courtesy car for two days so my wife took the car back this morning together with our two grandchildren and asked them what they proposed to do with them. This caused no little panic and when I suggested that we might not take the car back anyway things started to happen. The guy who sold us the car said that we could have his car for a couple of days and his car suited us. My wife goes on holiday on Saturday so we wont need the car for two weeks but she comes back on the 9th September, the day after the propose looking at our car. I shall want a courtesy car waiting for her if ours isn't ready. There is no way I would ever buy another Renault.