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  1. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Too true. Too many people buy a 4wd and think it will get them out of trouble and get them anywhere. I have seen too many new 4wd drivers being extracted from stupid situations by farmers in tractors. You need to apply the same respect as you would for a normal 2wd vehicle. That way you should be able to stay out of trouble.
  2. Renault Kadjar boot space

    The Kadgar has generous boot space but I rather think it could be tight for two big dogs. I don't have my dogs anymore but you might be better to go for something bigger unless you are content to share passenger space with your dog's.
  3. Kadjar 4WD owners

    I have the 4wd model. It is only noisy during brisk acceleration which for me is not often and only if requiring rapid acceleration for overtaking. Otherwise the refinement of the bigger diesel engine is good and pretty quiet. I only use the 4wd when there is a risk of slippage in wet or icy or snowy conditions or if I am off road. Otherwise I drive in 2wd. If I drive very carefully in 2wd in eco mode in ideal conditions I can squeeze 58mpg. In full time 4wd auto that comes down to about 47mpg. In normal mode in 2wd I am getting 50mpg. Not much difference really. That is my experience over first 4000 miles. I don't drive fast very often.
  4. Great end to the year.

    Well I feel for you my friend. My own Kadgar is sitting in a body shop somewhere waiting for a significant paint job having been trashed in what should have been a safe place...a Renault dealership service area! I don't know the nationality of the perpetrator who was a Renault agent employee and I don't really care. I would just like my car back the way it was before this unfortunate incident. .
  5. 1.5 or 1.6

    I can't speak for the 1.5 as I have never driven one. I have the 1.6dci 4x4. It has stacks of power for overtaking and acceleration is excellent. A bit of gear changing is required at lower speeds and on hills but overall it is a great option. The 4x4 makes it very surefooted in the wet and in snow but still requires the usual care. I have had up to 58mpg using ECO and driving like a nun but generally upper 40s on short runs and low to mid 50s on a run. Hope this helps you decide.
  6. Not sure who Neville is? Another forum member perhaps. There has never been a problem with the car itself. Incidentally legal protection insurance is to protect the driver of a car if they are involved in an accident which is not their fault. As I was not involved in this mishap which took place on private premises and the servicing agent has admitted all liabiliťy in writing and is meeting the cost of all repairs and has undertaken to do so in writing an insurance claim does not seem likely or necessary at this juncture. Despite the problems I have had with Renault UK who have also offered financial recompense the service agents here are doing their best to put things right. Not without a bit of remonstration on my part I might add.
  7. The first issue was with Renault and the second with the servicing agent. I do have legal protection insurance but have chosen not to activate it at present although it remains an option. Renault UK have raised a case for me and I have left both them and the servicing agent with full details of my expectations with regard to the bodywork repair. The bodywork is being carried out by an independent Renault approved repairer. I have been given a Ford Focus hire car for the duration of the repair after rejecting the Dacia courtesy car. Watch this space.
  8. Well. It only gets worse! Arnold Clark Renault in Elgin finally managed to resolve the service plan issue and arranged for me to take my Kadgar for servicing yesterday. They completed the service but whilst one of their drivers was taking the vehicle out of the service bay they severely damaged it by colliding with a mobile bin. Unbelievable!! I don't know how fast the bin was travelling but the car came off a lot worse than the bin! So I now have to wait about 3 weeks to get my car back from the body repair shop! A great end to the year which has not done a lot to endear me to Renault. Arnold Clark are getting a replacement car to me today after I rejected the crappy Dacia they have me yesterday to keep me mobile and Renault are making a cash contribution for inconvenience so there is some restitution for the hassle I have experienced over the last week or so but it will be at least 2/3 weeks until I get my Kadgar back just because it had to be serviced at 3700 miles!
  9. I got the car at a discount of £7000 on the list price which more than makes up for the shorter warranty. The car has all the features that I would want or need so that is not a problem. Paid about £400 for 3 years servicing as an add on and that is subject to a breach of contract claim presently but there is hope of an early resolve.
  10. New 1.6 DCI 4X4 Owner

    I have had my 1.6dci 4x4 for 6 months now. Very happy with comfort performance and economy. Only problem is the current difficulty with my service plan and an annoying dashboard rattle. The 4x4 provided added security during the recent bad spell of weather and the car also performs well off road. Good luck with your new Kadjar.
  11. Thanks ulfire. Good to know that I am not alone with this problem which really needs to be sorted out. Renault Customer Care seem keen to offer some kind of compensation. I suggested another 2 years of free servicing might soften the blow! You will hear how that goes down!
  12. I purchased the vehicle in Aberdeen at Renault Specialist Cars and chose to have it serviced at Arnold Clark in Elgin. Both are Renault franchised dealership but so far as I can see are not members of the Renault Retail Group. I did a postcode search on this group and couldn't find a match for either. The information about the backlog came to me from Renault Customer Services. Renault UK are at the moment unable to provide a solution. It does seem to me that Renault don't know what day of the week it is but perhaps I am being too cynical. Apologies for posting the original thread three times but the first two times the forum website indicated a posting problem? Perhaps admin can comment?
  13. I purchased my new Kadjar in July 2017. It was first registered in December 2016 so it had been lying in the showroom for 6 months after registration. I purchased a 3 year service plan to complement the 4 year warranty. I decided to have my car serviced locally at a different franchised dealership from the one where the purchase was made and went and registered with them. I received notification from the servicing dealership requesting that I book my first service to coincide with the registration anniversary. I turned up as arranged at the stipulated time but the dealership refused to service the vehicle because the service plan was not registered on their 'system'. I was very angry, in fact it would be fair to say that steam was coming out of my ears, particularly as I had produced written proof of the purchase of the service plan. After much hassle and phone calls I have now established that Renault employed another company to register these service plans on these 'systems' but this outsource company is running with a backlog of at least 5 months. Beware any Kadgar owner who purchased a pre reg car at the same time as purchasing a service plan. You may have difficulty getting your car serviced within the 12 months from first registration that is required to meet the terms of your warranty. I will post a follow up to this post once I have full details of what has gone wrong but this is just to warn any owners out there who might find themselves in the same position.