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  1. This whole thing is out of hand

    I think I will just leave this Forum.Clearly there is a power struggle going on which is in nobody's interest.Let me know what I need to do to leave please.
  2. Good luck with the new car and good on you to reject the substandard one.I bought a pre registered December 66 model in July 2017 in the full knowledge that it wasn't brand spanking new. But with 10 miles on the clock and still with a decent warranty balance and 8k off the list price it really was a no brainer. 5.5k miles and going fine.
  3. Good luck with the new car and good on you to reject the substandard one.
  4. Check out my previous posts.
  5. I bought my Kadjar from Clarks in Aberdeen.I decided to have it serviced locally in Elgin...bad move! I got great sales service from them and further assistance with my service pack problems. Pleased to hear they are being helpful.Perhaps I will go back there for my next service. Thanks for posting.
  6. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    I am 8 months into Kadjar ownership. I bought it because it reviewed well and apart from a minor dashboard rattle and Arnold Clark giving me grief over my service plan and pranging the car after servicing it I have no complaints although I do find Renault UK lacking in customer focus. What amazes me on this forum is the number of petty grievances that owners come up with mainly in relation to R link. I don't ask too much of mine and provided it provides the basic functions I am happy with it and think it is basically a good well built car. Would I buy another? I am not sure. Probably but not definitely. I might be tempted if they bring out a hybrid or electric vehicle. It is early days and the jury is still out. Just my tuppenceworth.
  7. 4wd badge on mine.
  8. I have a Dec 66 4wd 1.6dci.I have stopped using Eco during the winter and run it on 4wd auto at the moment. Even on this mode there is a flat spot before the turbo kicks in but you will get used to that after a while. I only use Eco on a long run on open roads and occasionally switch it off for a few moments if I need a boost in power for overtaking. Mpg up to 56 on a long run on Eco. Mpg on 4wd currently about 47 on mainly short runs.
  9. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Too true. Too many people buy a 4wd and think it will get them out of trouble and get them anywhere. I have seen too many new 4wd drivers being extracted from stupid situations by farmers in tractors. You need to apply the same respect as you would for a normal 2wd vehicle. That way you should be able to stay out of trouble.
  10. Renault Kadjar boot space

    The Kadgar has generous boot space but I rather think it could be tight for two big dogs. I don't have my dogs anymore but you might be better to go for something bigger unless you are content to share passenger space with your dog's.
  11. boot4992 to boot 5327

    The moral of all these stories would seem to be 'Don't update your Rlink' I haven't and don't worry about it and have no problems!
  12. Kadjar 4WD owners

    I have the 4wd model. It is only noisy during brisk acceleration which for me is not often and only if requiring rapid acceleration for overtaking. Otherwise the refinement of the bigger diesel engine is good and pretty quiet. I only use the 4wd when there is a risk of slippage in wet or icy or snowy conditions or if I am off road. Otherwise I drive in 2wd. If I drive very carefully in 2wd in eco mode in ideal conditions I can squeeze 58mpg. In full time 4wd auto that comes down to about 47mpg. In normal mode in 2wd I am getting 50mpg. Not much difference really. That is my experience over first 4000 miles. I don't drive fast very often.
  13. Standard tyres in snow??

    Smart thinking Turboted 10. Alternative is to get yourself a set of winter tyres or even better a set of all terrain tyres. I used my standard continentals on snow the other day and had no problem so long as I was careful but then again my Kadgar is a 4x4. However that didn't prevent my car being damaged in a place where it should have been safe! Such is life! I must say however that it hacks me off when drivers South of the border complain about a bit of snow. It is winter after all and we should expect and be ready for adverse weather. We get it often in the North and just get on with it.
  14. Great end to the year.

    Well I feel for you my friend. My own Kadgar is sitting in a body shop somewhere waiting for a significant paint job having been trashed in what should have been a safe place...a Renault dealership service area! I don't know the nationality of the perpetrator who was a Renault agent employee and I don't really care. I would just like my car back the way it was before this unfortunate incident. .
  15. 1.5 or 1.6

    I can't speak for the 1.5 as I have never driven one. I have the 1.6dci 4x4. It has stacks of power for overtaking and acceleration is excellent. A bit of gear changing is required at lower speeds and on hills but overall it is a great option. The 4x4 makes it very surefooted in the wet and in snow but still requires the usual care. I have had up to 58mpg using ECO and driving like a nun but generally upper 40s on short runs and low to mid 50s on a run. Hope this helps you decide.