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  1. New keyholder preview

    Hi, Keyholder is now available, check it out in member classified section here : http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/topic/949-renault-kadjar-plastic-key-holder For avoid double posting please use that page for further comments etc... @Macca, can you lock this topic ? Thank you !
  2. New keyholder preview

    That's the way i did until now and the price range mentioned for the final product. I will probably go with it and stop searching for plastic mold companies.
  3. New keyholder preview

    Many thanks for your feedbacks, product price and delivery still need to be finalized but the only solution found until now is between 12€ and 15€ for the product+ delivery (delivery cost depends on the country). I am not really happy with this price range and i am looking for other solutions, not sure i will manage to find them
  4. Ladies and Gents, i had an idea for key holder and i am running around with this since a couple of months (due to testing purpose) and still really happy with the result : I am trying to get the final product ready to be ordered in different colors : And customizable: This post is just a preview, as soon as the key holder is ready for order i will post an announcement in the "Member Classified" section. I really hope you like it, because i do love it, that's why i am trying to get it available for ordering Cheers !!!
  5. Dent 2

    Got a nice bump near the fuel opening thanks to a nice old lady careless smashing her car door on it while opening .... Worst thing.... she did not trust me and had to open the door again to see if was bumping in the same position .....
  6. Location of the ODB 2 connector

    In my ""german version is exactly in that position, tried already with ODB2 connector and works fine with torque.
  7. Paint issue

    Today i went to install summer tires and asked the dealer about this issue. After consulting with Renault, they confirmed that will be replaced the complete back panel under warranty and they will provide replacement car as well. Probably was a defective production batch. Keep an eye on yours Cheers
  8. Roof bars anyone ?

    Here we are Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  9. Paint issue

    Yes, will show them when possible and get it replaced .... hopefully ...
  10. Paint issue

    Got this recently, not sure when or how, just noticed yesterday, maybe happened during carwash ? Seems the paint/cover on this plastic part is going away .. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  11. Roof bars anyone ?

    At the end .... against my initial idea to go cheap .... Thule Wingbar + Thule motion sport 600. Will post pics as soon as i will install them. Cheers
  12. Roof bars anyone ?

    Yeah and really appreciated your suggestion thanks, only problem is to find a dealer here and i prefer to have a real look at the product before ordering it. I will go to a local Thule dealer to check them out, meantime I found another brand/model for the box "Junior Altro 500", design seems really nice for fitting the Kadjar.
  13. Roof bars anyone ?

    thanks for the suggestion i am checking on them as well. I will probably decide for Thule brand as seems to be common here in germany.
  14. R Link 2 Update

    Got my car back yesterday, new software version is: 4711 Only thing i noticed until now is the compass sign ... never seen it before O.o
  15. R Link 2 Update

    Today i exchanged my Kadjar for a Clio station wagon .... This is what the dealer gave me after they failed to upgrade the R-Link2 ... I don't have details about the error, only a generic: The radio does not work anymore ...