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  1. Alarm system question

    Hi if you press the lock button until it bleeps three times that disables the internal sensors . That’s what I do when traveling on a ferry. Hope that helps.
  2. Picking her up tomorrow!

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new car.happy motoring
  3. Hi all

    Hi. Only the new reg fold automatic when locking the car the rest of us has to press button on the driver door
  4. Hi I would check you are getting a new car and not one from stock if it’s new you will be able to have Apple CarPlay light in glove box walk away locking etc. All things we missed out on when buying early on
  5. Hello

    Hi I hope you enjoy your new car. I find mine really good to drive and decent mpg. Just a few issues with the r-link. Plenty of info on this site if needed.
  6. mynyddrob

    Hi hope you enjoy your new car. Really nice car to drive let down by the r- link but I can put up with that. Plenty of info on this site if you need it.
  7. New member (Martin Hall)

    Hi Martin welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your new car
  8. New owner

    Hi jetflyer had my 1,5 edc for about 15 months no rattles from panoramic Sun roof. And the automatic gearbox is very good but sometimes a little slow to change up from 1st.hope you enjoy your new car?
  9. new member (Tomvet61)

    Welcome to the forum tomvet61 I’m sure you will enjoy your kadjar and there is plenty of information on the forum if you need it
  10. Which dashcam to buy?

    I have the nextbase 312gw fitted in mine very good picture quality and easy to use. I installed mine myself just ran the wires in the roof lining and plugged in to 12volt outlet works very well
  11. Feel Cheated

    Hi mattW I also would feel cheated if it didn’t have any of the new spec did they tell you it was the old stock and discount it or was you led to believe it had CarPlay etc
  12. new member

    Hello and welcome to the forum it’s taken you a long time to get in touch.are you still enjoying your car does r-link cause you many problems.I really like mine and can live with r-link but admit it could be better
  13. Introducing Myself.

    Hi and welcome I'm sure you will enjoy your new car and as a techie might be able to help with all the problems people seem to be having with the r- link
  14. new member (John D)

    Welcome to the forum john. I to have 1.5 auto and agree it's a very good car to drive and the m.p.g is extremely good for a car of this size.
  15. Introduction

    Hello and welcome I'm sure you will really enjoy your new car. Its a really good drive most people just seem to have problems with R-rink updating the maps etc. Hope you are one of lucky ones but if not there plenty of information on here to help you