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  1. What were the symptoms? To be aware, just in case
  2. You think it may be related to the recent accident? Mine is at 15k miles now, no issues with suspension whatsoever.
  3. My car and changes I made

    Please post more pictures and link for the aftermarket medianav
  4. Could you please post some pictures of the OEM wind deflectors?
  5. Great end to the year.

    You didn't get his sarcasm? Here's a fact: every EE country has the same "tradition" of requiring valid driving licence and insurance when driving on public roads. Sadly, there always are drivers - local and foreign - who think the law does not apply to them.
  6. Great end to the year.

    So it was caused by an irresponsible gentleman who could've easily been western European, north African, Asian or even local instead (and then you probably wouldn't mention it in your post). Anyway, I'm sorry about your car - hope it gets fixed quickly.
  7. Heated seat project

    Could you please provide details as: 1. how to fit the pads in the seats 2. how to power them 3. and how to mount the switches. Thanks!