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  1. R-link 2

    You are being too pedantic. It wont cause any damage to a DPF-equipped diesel car if you leave it running for 20-30 minutes. I've done this a number of times with my diesels. The filter will automatically clear itself when needed and all that is required is for you to drive the car at a bit higher speeds (70-80km/h) for a little while (5 minutes is usually enough) every now and then. As long as you do this the car will be good.
  2. R-link 2

    I had mine configured after the .200 update but then the settings got reset by themselves after a while. I haven't bothered to configure it again since.
  3. R-link 2

    I wonder the same - is there a changelog or similar?
  4. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    No map update for me neither, yet - version 2, registered in the Netherlands store.
  5. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    My maps subscription expires on May 4th, so if there's a new map too, it better be released on the 1st
  6. Welcome Back

    Just to add - the forum was inaccessible due to the domain name being suspended as it was not renewed in time. Domain expiration date was 26th of January, meaning the owner missed to renew by over a month, which eventually led to the 3 days downtime. They must have received a number of alerts and warnings from the registrar before the domain finally got suspended. Anyway, I too am glad its back, and sincerely hope all's fine with the domain's owner!
  7. Welcome Back

    The forum was inaccessible for days - I wouldn't call this "quick" by any means. This only shows that whoever manages the forum doesn't really use it - or they would have noticed way earlier.
  8. @ryanfitz1981 started a topic on the "other" forum about this. They went for service and were told an update is due 1st May 18. The car has older model rlink unit (no android auto). I wonder what the update is about. If anyone gets further details please post here, thanks!
  9. Brief update: its been like 10 days now and there's no sign of the issue. My clutch is functioning perfectly fine.
  10. Hi, yes, I've had this same issue and it was very frustrating, especially at highway speeds. I went to the dealer like 5 times for this. Long story short - they replaced all window seals, that helped a bit but didn't fix it, so they replaced the door seals too. That almost fixed it - it was barely noticeable at speeds above 130km/h. Then I bought these wind reflectors and they solved the issue completely. Currently no wind noise even at very high speeds. There are lots of threads here for wind noise. For what I read the causes vary per vehicle - some folks even have their windscreen replaced. As the wind reflectors are very cheap, if you don't mind the looks - you can give them a try. Or press the dealer to look further into it. TBH I am surprised that your dealer could not identify the issue - its a very common issue. They have internal database with issues (and solutions) and I believe this one should be at the very top of that list. They're well aware of it!
  11. Same here, not a big deal though, makes me drive more carefully in the rain
  12. Renault Kudjar boot space

    Btw, the pic is from this thread
  13. Renault Kudjar boot space

    I believe the boot space is sufficient for two dogs. Maybe it depends on how large the dogs are. But a quick google search revealed the following image, which seems to answer the question
  14. tuning box

    I wonder - if it does work as advertised, why wouldn't Renault fit the cars with one and sell them as more powerful and more fuel efficient? There must be a catch.. and its most likely significant increase in engine wear and tear. Thoughts?
  15. How do i update maps?

    Maybe it was added in the latest update - I haven't searched for it before as its 3000km away from me