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  1. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    As someone who came from a 2.0 BMW diesel to the 1.2 Petrol Signature I was very doubtful as to how I would get on. However, I really enjoy the engine - it has plenty of power when you need it, and I had forgotten how quiet and smooth a Petrol motor is to drive. You do have to use the gears more to get the best out of it, and Ted is quite right when he says that diesel is a lazier drive, but I’m quite enjoying the difference. Only thing is the fuel consumption is horrendous - 37 or 38 at best on a long run, and 29 around town.
  2. Walk away door locking

    And I like it too!
  3. Hi. You must have CarPlay enabled on your iPhone, and you must connect your phone to the car via one of the USB ports. CarPlay should then appear at the bottom of your screen - touch that and you’re in👍
  4. New Member

    Well, the day finally arrived and I picked up the car this morning. First impressions - delighted with the way it drives and best of all no problems with pairing my iPhone at all! Makes calls, plays Spotify over Bluetooth and disconnects and reconnects every time (so far).🤗. Will give a bigger and better report over the coming days, but meantime if anyone has any questions fire away!
  5. New Member

    Car has arrived at dealers and I’m picking it up on Saturday morning. Really looking forward to getting to know the car. First problem I can foresee is when the sales guy tries to pair my phone to rlink - I have an iPhone running iOS 11🙁!
  6. New Member

    Another update today. Car has been built and left the factory😀. Now waiting to be put on a ship to Southampton. It's getting closer!🤗
  7. Spotted two poo colour kadjars

    Don't say that, I'm still waiting for mine😁
  8. New Member

    Had an update from the dealer today. Apparently system is showing car due to leave the factory on 1st September. Any idea how long it takes from factory to dealer?
  9. New Member

    Hi Marc, how are you finding the petrol engine? That was my only worry after coming from 10 years of diesel cars. How's the power and mpg?
  10. New Member

    Thanks guys, look forward to learning lots of useful stuff from the forum while waiting for my car to arrive. Could have had one next week if I chose black (had a black car before, never again!) or blue, but just think it looks its best in red😀
  11. New Member

    Hi. Rather than start a new topic thought I would join in this one, as I too have just ordered a Kadjar Signature nav 130 petrol, also expected delivery date 27th September! Mine is a red one though😁. They must be getting built and leaving the factory at the same time🤗