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  1. No, the dealer asked the same question.... They did say that they hadn't seen any issues with water ingress on the Kadjar. They also said that they may have to keep the car for up to a week!! Not great news?
  2. Hi, I've seen the various posts regarding water leaks etc.... I have water ingress into the passenger side (UK) storage bin in the boot, next to the first panel of the removable floor? I had a cloth in there and noticed that it was wet. I couldn't remember whether i had wiped some water off the windows and put the cloth in there already wet? So, I let everything dry out and then a few days later it was wet again, it had been raining, but it did seem to be as a result of driving in the rain rather than sitting on the drive while it was raining, if you know what i mean? I checked the floor of the boot, where the spare wheel sits (optional extra) and there was a small pool of water. I've got it booked into the dealer on Thursday. Will let you know what they find. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same? Dynamique Nav, delivered beginning July 2017.
  3. Sat Nav Query?

    Hi All, Is it possible to somehow set the sat nav to show distance to services/rest areas when travelling on the motorway? Previous sat navs that i have had seemed to do this by default? I have looked in the various settings, but can't seem to see the option? Useful when trying to calculate how long i will need to keep my legs crossed for (not literally......)? Thanks
  4. Relieved new owner.

    Thanks all, Forum is a wealth of information. I felt like I knew the car inside out before it arrived...... It's early days yet, but so far I would agree with you JH, best car I've driven...... (I'm 47 by the way, so still a youngster...... 😉).
  5. Hi all, Had my new Dynamiqe Nav 1.5d auto (black) for just over a week now. It's a company car and was ordered about 4 months ago, with parking sensors (company insist on this) and the convenience pack as extras. I've been following this forum since I ordered the car and must admit was a little apprehensive about whether I had made the right choice? As, there does seem to be more negative opinions than positive? However, so far so good, no issues with anything. Was very concerned about the sat nav, as I use this a lot, but so far it's been very reliable. Mine does have the car play/android auto, but not used it yet, prefer to use 'in built' sat nav. Very happy with my choice, it's a real pleasure to drive.......