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  1. Iphone automatic pairing

    My iPhone 7 pairs without issue everytime. I suspect that many things R-Link related this is a blip
  2. Iphone automatic pairing

    Unpair your phone from the car (on both the phone and R-Link) and then pair. Not guaranteed to work, only a suggestion Lewis
  3. Silly question I know but were you going fast enough for the lane departure warning to be on? (45 mph if I recall correctly) Lewis
  4. DAB - How to delete a preset

    Because out of the multitude of DAB stations I only like 5 perhaps 6 and by mistake (I was looking to re-arrange my presets) I added duplicate versions of the the stations I like and I would like to remove them. Lewis
  5. DAB - How to delete a preset

    An update for anyone interested - I phoned Renault and at present there is no method to delete presets, only overwrite with a new station. I asked they they added that ability to the next software update. Lewis
  6. I'm a techie kind of guy, I find most computer and tech related things a breeze to use without referring to the manual, but for the life of me I can't work out how to delete a saved preset on my R-Link DAB radio. Its not in the manual and I have not found it elsewhere on the net. Has anyone figured it out yet? Lewis
  7. Bluetooth dropping out using IOS 11.0.3

    On one occasion I did have problems connecting to my iPhone 7 (i recall it was on 11.0.1 rather than 11.0.3) and what I did to resolve the issue was restart the RLink by holding down the on/off button for the Rlink on the dash. Please note that the RLink then does take a while to start again, but when it did everything worked as expected. Lewis
  8. iPhone update problems

    Same here
  9. iPhone update problems

    If its any help I am on iOS 11.0.3 on an iPhone 7 and it is working fine here. Regards Lewis
  10. Carplay & Android Auto

    I simply plugged my iPhone into the USB port in the car and it pretty much worked straight away. I think it asked for permission on the phone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk