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  1. Increased fuel consumption after 1st service

    The 18k oil is very low Ash oil designed for long life, the same engine in the Dacia (1.5dci) has 12k service and is cheaper as it uses a more regular oil
  2. Yup I do actually lol, pick up key fob and phone and press close mirrors button and drop wiper stalk. Re design, I'd rather it was like that then clean up a pedestrian worse if I hit them and also slightly improve the air flow over the Kaj brick front end.
  3. Good warning but rigmarole? All you do is drop the wiper stalk to the bottom position and it goes to the correct place on windscreen to lift the wiper, I thought it ingenious and simple [emoji23]
  4. Could not open or start car

    Yup happens to me a lot, key and phone in same pocket is a no-no
  5. Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    Well put Sir
  6. Help all my speed cameras have vanished

    Have you tried a full factory reset?
  7. is the Nav on R-Link so bad

    I must have got a Monday morning unit not a Friday afternoon one as touch wood mine behaves
  8. Fuel range query

    Yeah it's a balancing act as I spend a lot of time in the Scottish highlands where the fuel is extortion To say the least so I fill up where cheap and bargain on the extra weight does not out weigh the saved 15p per litre and also the worry of getting very low in the middle of no where. Sounds like your about 700 or so by the 3/4 reading.
  9. Automatic headlights yes/no?

    lol guilty as charged of doing the same [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Fuel range query

    Lol mine was running on fumes and I always brim the tank regardless what the experts say as I go through 2-3 tanks per week when I'm busy
  11. Fuel range query

    I get around 680-700 miles per tank and it constantly adjusts range depending on economy levels achieved
  12. Automatic headlights yes/no?

    Big problem is nowerdays is when the car is running the speedo cluster is lite up so idiots don't think to put the lights on in dark/bad weather, I'm sure they presume the lights are on because the dash is lit, in the old days they never illuminated unless lights were turned on. Why they just stick fog lights on is beyond me, boils my goat On a plus note, early morning start today and auto lights and main beam are still working a treat, these lights are just fantastic on country lanes
  13. Door pillar peeling

    Nope, not on my Kaj or Captur, must be a warrantee job...
  14. Electronic parking brake

    Sounds dangerous
  15. Kadjar AirCon Failure

    Spat my drink out saying it was on to much, are these cars only meant to be driven in Siberia in the winter? That does not hold any weight, they supply auto climate control so therefore it should be capable of running 24/7 or its not fit for purpose and a car repair is in order regardless of age as long as under warrantee. unless there is damage to it, bit still, used to much...... [emoji23][emoji23]