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  1. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    At least in my country, all the dealerships are a franchise companies, branded with Renault on the outside. Of course, they are all regularly checked by the franchiser, but that's all. Different Renault dealerships, different expectations. I think they are 3 or 4 companies here with multiple garages round the country, sharing one database... and that's all they have in common. Basically any garage could become a Renault dealership, as long as it complies with all the requirements. Afterwards you're shop receives all you need to look like a genuine renault dealership and so on. So... when you say Renault garage, it's not quite what you'd expect.
  2. Kadjar Facelift 2019

  3. My guess is there is some piece of junk left stuck to the rims or the hub, which misalignes the wheel. The other options is really unbelievable, but possible - they made something wrong - hit the car or something like that...
  4. I can't help. Mine was fitted at the dealer's garage couple of months after I bought it. (Took them that much, cause first time was the wrong set (and wrong price - instead of 500 euro it appeared to be 1200), then forgot some plates and the third time wrong wireing. At least they made me a big discount for the delay)
  5. I also have this fitted. If you pull it fast enough it swing fast enough to lock in position. If not - kick it to lock. Is it possible to have some secure locking for the mounting which must be removed prior normal working from the mounting onwards?
  6. Grinding suspension

    Go to the dealer. It's either the MacPherson bearing (most likely) or the tampons on the shock absorbers leveling bar. Sorry, don't know the exact english names. If it's the bearing, it's an easy and cheap repair.
  7. When was yours built?
  8. Check the price for the pressure sensors again. I bought a second set in september from our local dealer. All of them together (4) costed 35 euro or something like that.
  9. Try with your finger on the screen For me it works, and there are also buttons (software on the screen), but i presume you're with the pre May 2017 release of the software and that's why you don't have the buttons.
  10. Updating R-link

    Only different theme. Everything else in the interface (except only few hardly noticable things) has not changed from the first Kadjars.
  11. Ok, and how much memory would you need to record an entire day or night? Mine is with 32GB if I remember correctly, and after few hours, It starts to record over the first files. If you need such video surveillance, It's better to start thinking of an external devise, mounted to a house or fence. It's not a job for a dash cam, having in mind it only records to front and eventually to the rear if you have fitted the second cam in the set.
  12. I don't get it. Why do you need constant power to the dashcam? Mine has battery which also lasts about 20 mins, but why would you need more? It only activates if the sensor detects movement and records a couple of minutes.
  13. LED headlights

    Last night I drove 600 km in heavy snow and white asphalt. The Kadjar performed flowlessly. Extremely satisfied. All cars were going 60-70-80 km/h . No problem with the Kadjar crossing 10 cm trails with 100 km/h. Tires - Nokian WR D4 17". 2WD
  14. My musical extra when cold and wet... I believe it's from the mackferson bearing pad. A guy from our local forum just confirmed that in some way. He said, he went to his dealer and they've said it's from the bearing. Sprayed some grease on it and it went all quiet from then on. They were about to change the bearings and the pad if it was not helping.
  15. LED headlights

    When talking about snow it is always 10% car and 90% tires and skills.
  16. LED headlights

    Probably your previous cars were with tighter tires. The 19" are both wider and it's quite a big size for wheel, so the contact spot to the ground is much bigger. Combine this with the Conties and you're a sledge on the road.
  17. daytime lights fault

    That is interesting My car is bought from Bulgaria (my country) and the cars in Austria (where I'm now) are made this way (only front DRLs), which is very annoying for me. Guess it's lucky you in the island
  18. daytime lights fault

    Read it somewhere. Can't find it now.
  19. daytime lights fault

    Only the front DRLs work at daytime. BUT! From this year on it's obligatory for the manufacturers to make the rear also light at daytime. I've been in lots of unpleasant situations in which the drivers forget to manually switch them on in rain, snow fog, dark corners and so on. So, it's a really good decision for me. Somebody with a car from this year could say if it is implemented already..
  20. New car??

    Don't want to put any more salt in the wound, but it even needs oil change as it's one year old and the oil ages, even if not driven...

    Any tyre is quieter than the Conties . They rather wear faster, than have a worse grip to the road and slide like plastic.
  22. Media senses

    There's no ambient lightning in Kadjar. It's regarding other models, like Talisman for example.
  23. Automatic headlights

    Obviously, you totaly deny the high-tech improvements and inventions. Why than buy such car? Just continue use models from the 80's?!? As I drive a lot and looong, all these extras are things I'm totaly addicted to already. Something without wich it would be twice harder to stand the thousands miles journeys I'm having...