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  1. LED headlights

    Last night I drove 600 km in heavy snow and white asphalt. The Kadjar performed flowlessly. Extremely satisfied. All cars were going 60-70-80 km/h . No problem with the Kadjar crossing 10 cm trails with 100 km/h. Tires - Nokian WR D4 17". 2WD
  2. My musical extra when cold and wet... I believe it's from the mackferson bearing pad. A guy from our local forum just confirmed that in some way. He said, he went to his dealer and they've said it's from the bearing. Sprayed some grease on it and it went all quiet from then on. They were about to change the bearings and the pad if it was not helping.
  3. LED headlights

    When talking about snow it is always 10% car and 90% tires and skills.
  4. LED headlights

    Probably your previous cars were with tighter tires. The 19" are both wider and it's quite a big size for wheel, so the contact spot to the ground is much bigger. Combine this with the Conties and you're a sledge on the road.
  5. No. They've done that, because it's a mandatory regulation for all european cars. There ARE cars (lots of them) with this problem, but I don't think, Kadjar ia one of them.
  6. How come they can't see the indicators? There are lights even on the side mirrors. Anyway, on the new models, the led turns off when the indicators are on. I really like the cornering lights. They're really helpful when entering and exiting our parking place and when cornering in tight turns. But it helps only when there's no street lightning (very dark). Otherwise it's meaningless, cause they're too weak.
  7. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    Yep, just tried with a colleague of mine, who's Kadjar is also with V2. It seems to me, there are map versions for the big and for the small displays (8.4"/7"). Though it sounds like a total nonsense to me. The guys who succeeded so far, are with the big displays I think (on Megane).
  8. R link updating

    If it's manufactured before May 2017 it's with hardware version 2 and it can work only with software version 2, which does not support Android Auto and CarPlay. Sorry to disappoint you.
  9. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    Guys from our local forum say it's also available in the russian store and they are already downloading from the irish store. I'm also registeted to the irish, but there are no updates available. Nor are they in the Toolbox app. I suppose it depends on which firmware version is the unit. Mine is 3. theirs is 2.
  10. A guy from our local forum said he has a problem with DRL. He said they dim, when blinker is on. We supposed it's a new feature in the 2018 Kadjar models.
  11. daytime lights fault

    That is interesting My car is bought from Bulgaria (my country) and the cars in Austria (where I'm now) are made this way (only front DRLs), which is very annoying for me. Guess it's lucky you in the island
  12. daytime lights fault

    Read it somewhere. Can't find it now.
  13. daytime lights fault

    Only the front DRLs work at daytime. BUT! From this year on it's obligatory for the manufacturers to make the rear also light at daytime. I've been in lots of unpleasant situations in which the drivers forget to manually switch them on in rain, snow fog, dark corners and so on. So, it's a really good decision for me. Somebody with a car from this year could say if it is implemented already..
  14. New car??

    Don't want to put any more salt in the wound, but it even needs oil change as it's one year old and the oil ages, even if not driven...
  15. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    After May, the RLink is with harware and software version 3 and supports Android Auto/Car Play which is another very important improvement
  16. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    The cars after May 2017 are with fixed R-Links and added extras (folding mirrors, walkaway locking, and so on) comparing to the first models. If you have to choose Now, would you buy one?
  17. Oil & Filter Change

    Yes, you was. Somebody either saved some oil, or was unprepared with the knowledge...
  18. Service

    I forces the dealer to shorten the service in half.

    Any tyre is quieter than the Conties . They rather wear faster, than have a worse grip to the road and slide like plastic.
  20. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Well, some of these things are fixed a few months after the first release..
  21. Continental ContiPremiumContact5 if I remember correctly. The noisiest and fuel inefficient tyre I've ever used. My winter(!) tires are way too silent and the fuel consumption is much better.
  22. Well... luckily, mine is a 2WD :D... and I live in the Alps. And here everything is white since last year
  23. The problem is not the car. It's the tires and you know it . Mine is performing much better than the Scenic I had before. It sticks to the snow.
  24. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    In my opinion, the car system is better. I have Android Auto and my phone is always connected to the car, but I prefer to use the built in navigation. I'm only using Android Auto for Spotify. So don't be too annoyed for not having it