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  1. Bring back the days, when my grandpa was riding his horse. It was so simple. Leave it on a meadow and it refills in a matter of hours... No spanners needed, no spare parts - nothing. And it had so many extras - Cruise control, lane departure warning, auto-driving mode, all terrain drive and so much more. Duh...
  2. Members Debate the Move

    End of June is too much. All the problems discussed meanwhile would remain only here... One week is more than enough, me thinks...
  3. Members Debate the Move

    Great job guys! You've put a lot of effort in it. If you need some help, let us know
  4. Members Debate the Move

    The new site looks good. Familiar interface and user friendly. And it would work great with Tapatalk, unlike this one.
  5. Members Debate the Move

    Judging by the voting and all the posts here, I'm surprised how many people are following the forum. So far I thought we're basically 10-12 people, which are participating and reading regularly. We'll it's obviously not true. There's been much more attention than expected...
  6. Split leather on drivers seat

    I knew it's not leather even before I purchased the car. But it's a known problem of this artificial leather cracking. All of my friends have already replaced some part of the "leather" interior at least once.
  7. Split leather on drivers seat

    The same happened to my shifting lever. No cut, just two straight cracks. Replaced under warranty.
  8. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    Ok, guys... We have a new map update. Map of Europe 2017.06 - 4779MB
  9. Towing

    The original renault tow bar is retractable. It completely hides under the bumper, and you cant even suspect there is one, looking at the car from behind.. You use a cord to unlock it from within the trunk.
  10. Today I found again small amount of water in the right small compartment of the boot. Few months ago, I left there the manual and it was all soaked wet. Today again. Nothing else is wet except the right corner of the shelf and inside this pocket. All sealings are dry. I checked the car under, behind the rear wheel, under the spare tyre and so on. Everything is dry except this spot. Anybody with this problem or any suggestions what it could be?
  11. Roof bars

    I have the original bars. The holes are not used for anything. Just for a mark for placing.
  12. Roof bars

    The roof rails are not parallel, and that's why the front and the rear bar are different in length about an inch. If you place them far from the holes, they would not fit in length, and if you try to fasten them, you could damage the roof.
  13. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    At least in my country, all the dealerships are a franchise companies, branded with Renault on the outside. Of course, they are all regularly checked by the franchiser, but that's all. Different Renault dealerships, different expectations. I think they are 3 or 4 companies here with multiple garages round the country, sharing one database... and that's all they have in common. Basically any garage could become a Renault dealership, as long as it complies with all the requirements. Afterwards you're shop receives all you need to look like a genuine renault dealership and so on. So... when you say Renault garage, it's not quite what you'd expect.
  14. RLink

    There's a new update for the RLink. It regards RLink Store and Coyote. It says it's Mandatory update, though I don't understand why... I'm with the newer unit, but the guys from our local forum say there is the same update for the pre May'17 units. (I'm registered in the Irish store).
  15. Android 8 work with Rlink2

    Yes, it works. A friend of mine is with the old version, I'm with the new one. We both have phones with Android 8 (same cars, same Note 8s ) and they work flawlessly with the RLink.
  16. Kadjar Facelift 2019

  17. Tonychip

    You can call them either Early Kadjars or Late Qashakais That's where the problem is.
  18. Word of warning about stalling

    250 ms?? What would you do with so much saved time? And what about all the bullshit smoking out of your car for a minute, two or more? Is it worthed? You ain't serious, right?
  19. Tonychip

    Walk away and unlock it with the card. It will remain unlocked.
  20. After its first winter in Austria (and the neighboring countries), my car is all covered in tiny white chips on the red paint from flying rubble. There are some even on the rear door. I also have two microscopic pits on the front window - one close to the wipers and one in the black zone close to the sensors. My insurance company says I can repair them in a 4 year term, but the dealer insists to repair them as soon as possible, cause "the car is under warranty". It's obvious, the dealer wants to take the money from the insurer, but I totally don't like the idea of replacing the window with all the troubles it could cause (sensors calibration, sealings, possible mistakes and on). Besides only the vignette sticker from 3 different countries cost nearly 300 euro and some of them are nearly impossible to be transferred. Do you have such problems with the paint. It's obviously quite thin and with extremely low quality. By the way - the paint shop says, it's a pin in the ass to paint it. Consist from 8 layers - 2 for the base, others for the paint, one for the pearl coating and two for the lacquer... Never noticed a single chip in the previous Scenic...
  21. Awful paint quality

    Just went to see my college's white pearl Kadjar - absolutely same pits in the window, but as his paint is white - cant see no chips on the paint.
  22. Word of warning about stalling

    Same here. Engine restarted automatically. By the way, the start-stop function is awesome in traffic jams. Can't understand why it is hated so much... Probably, Ted instinctively tried to restrat from the button and it stopped the engine. Than the car got confused and didn't want to start again unless it's halted. Might be some safety issue.
  23. There are Kadjars without RLink and only with radio - the old style My 10 years old son was totally stunned when he saw one of these in the dealership He's never been into a car without sat-nav before (basically always been with me or with the grandparents).
  24. RLink

    Well, my guess is, Renault are simply not understanding nothing from RLink. Just buy the unit and mount it, and that's why they're totally not understanding it. And if they have a quarrel with the manufacturer, we're all doomed
  25. RLink

    The lack of support is an issue, of course, but I believe there's an explanation. I've read somewhere, they had some troubles with the company responsible for the RLink. If it's all about money, contracts, patents or things like that, maybe it's not only Renault's fault. Who knows? Nevertheless, I like the RLink. Although I have Android Auto, a top class phone and so on, I still prefer the RLink instead of Google maps, and I'm quite familiar with the sat-navs from their dawn, long long ago.