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  1. What did thay say will do?
  2. Check the price for the pressure sensors again. I bought a second set in september from our local dealer. All of them together (4) costed 35 euro or something like that.
  3. I'm sorry to go off topic, but this is too much blindness - at least 50% of the goods you're buying will remain the same, but it would cost More and you would Not have the right to make the rules because you'll be out of the managing board. How stupid is that? Instead of being part of the rules making and mastering, you'll have to obey and consider all your partners. Smart heh?
  4. R-link 2

    Guess what... It's forbidden to have your motor runnig if the car is not moving in Austria. Thay say the penalty is something like thousands of euro As far as I know the penalty in UK for such thing is 80£.
  5. Well, your car is made in Spain
  6. Try with your finger on the screen For me it works, and there are also buttons (software on the screen), but i presume you're with the pre May 2017 release of the software and that's why you don't have the buttons.
  7. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    I've read somewhere long ago, the problem is in the USB. My guess is, the 2.0 can't support the data transfer required to run things smoothly (Just a guess).
  8. Guess you're right. I found some droplets on the lever for releasing the rear seats. Above that it's only this thing. There is a cable separate from the main bundle, which I suppose is for the rear camera, which was retrofitted couple of months ago. It looked like the inner ring of the sealing was not clipped in well, but I'm not sure. Anyway it stays pretty loose, and I'm thinking of putting some extra sealant. Will see if it happens again and then will do it if it repeats.
  9. Today I found again small amount of water in the right small compartment of the boot. Few months ago, I left there the manual and it was all soaked wet. Today again. Nothing else is wet except the right corner of the shelf and inside this pocket. All sealings are dry. I checked the car under, behind the rear wheel, under the spare tyre and so on. Everything is dry except this spot. Anybody with this problem or any suggestions what it could be?
  10. On the middle center black lane just above map window... isn't it showing the current street name or direction...
  11. And what would you buy? Name a brand, where things work differently... Why would you need to see street names? Just enter the place you want to go and follow the instructions. In a matter of fact, we've got some Kadjar taxis, though there are quite a few taxis in general in our austrian town of 60 000 people . I promise to take a picture and post it here, the next time I see one.
  12. Updating R-link

    Only different theme. Everything else in the interface (except only few hardly noticable things) has not changed from the first Kadjars.
  13. Ok, and how much memory would you need to record an entire day or night? Mine is with 32GB if I remember correctly, and after few hours, It starts to record over the first files. If you need such video surveillance, It's better to start thinking of an external devise, mounted to a house or fence. It's not a job for a dash cam, having in mind it only records to front and eventually to the rear if you have fitted the second cam in the set.
  14. I don't get it. Why do you need constant power to the dashcam? Mine has battery which also lasts about 20 mins, but why would you need more? It only activates if the sensor detects movement and records a couple of minutes.