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  1. Side Load apps onto R-Link

    If you have Android Auto, you can watch movies and Youtube (at your responsibility), browse the net and so on. My favorite is CarStream
  2. Automatic headlights

    Just turn the light's lever from Auto to Always On (next possition) and than use beams as usual.
  3. Automatic headlights

    My guess would be dirty window. For me this is the feature I expected to be least useful of all I purchased extra, but it totally surprised me. Acts extremely accurate and fast.
  4. How do you use start stop feature?

    Just one question - why Iliad in Latin, when it's greek ?! 🤤
  5. Fuel economy

    1.6 dci - today we made 600 km in extreme traffic and traffic jams in the austrian and italian Alps (Villach-Kitzbuhel-Insbruck-Bruneck-Villach). No ECO mode, 4 people in car (275-300 kg approximately). Final readings - 56.5 mpg (5.0 l/100km). Best reading so far for such conditions (including 30-40 km urban). About 60-70 km with a start-stop traffic and speed of maximum 10 km/h.
  6. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    In my country, the insurance company may refuse to compensate you if you're involved in a crash with summer tires in the winter. If there is snow, you better leave your car and use public transport, then risk your life and lives of others.
  7. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    Putting winter tires is not only for the snow. The rubber is softer and handles much better in cold weather (bellow 7 C). Summer tires become "plastic" in low temp. The snow situation is the same in my hometown in Bulgaria - two times a year for a day, but we all use winter tires (me - from October to May. You never know when will you have to cross some mountain pass for example)
  8. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    It was shocking for me at the beginning, having in mind, I come from a balloon shaped Scenic. After some days - feeling very comfortable.
  9. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    So... what you're saying should sound like "Summer tires are terrible in snow", but I suppose it's ICE you're talking about. If so, ther are no type of tires that would help you in this situation! I live in Austria and I've driven in snow at least once a week from September to now. With my Nokian tires the car handles perfect in the snowy mountain and tight fast corners, although it's only 2WD (the speed limit here is a little bit higher though). But I'm sorry for your experience. Hope all sorts good and painless.
  10. Well, I'm only talking bout main dealers, cause most of the Kadjars currently are under warranty. The main dealers are the one that do not want to take the job, in spite they're being paid by Renault... Here in Carinthia (Austria), they charge 93 euro per hour for the mechanical work without VAT. 119 with VAT.
  11. I thoutgh the book hours apply for everything, no matter under warranty or not.
  12. I don't get it, why the dealers are denying repairs so easily. They're paid by Renault for each and every repair?!? What's the point of their behaviour?
  13. Kadjar 4WD owners

    You forget two facts. 1 - My fuel consumption is measured with two adults in the car and two cildren. Total of 275 kg. 2 - Im comparing two equal engines, one coupled with a 2wd gearbox, and the other with 4wd. What it has to do wirh the other brands? I'm saying the 4WD vs. the 2WD is noisier, more expensive and with more fuel consumption. So, what I'm saying is, in my opinion all these benefits are not worth for 98% of the drivers. That's it
  14. Kadjar 4WD owners

    There is significant difference in the noise if both cars are driven 2WD, and I say that cause I jump from one to the other in 2 seconds. My previous Scenic was with 1.5 dci. When in slow speed and revs is unbeatable in fuel consumption (bellow 118 km/h, - 4.8 l/100km), while the 1.6 Kadjar is not that dependable on speed. If compared in 130 km/h, the 1.6 makes 5.3 l/100km, while the 1.5 makes 6.3. (Always with the wife and 2 kids. If empty, should be less).