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  1. Just had the car serviced and I mentioned that the brakes were screeching a bit under light pressure Car has done 17k miles, so knew (was hopeful at least) that the pads wouldn't be worn out yet. Renault has advised that it is a build up of brake dust on the rears, they could clean them if I wanted for ~£100 what is involved in cleaning them, something I could do myself (I am pretty handy with a spanner etc and have most tools, but know this has an electric parking brake which complicates things) thanks Gary
  2. Fuse for rear 12v socket

    Ah, that is interesting... I might have to re check it then
  3. Apologies if this appears twice but the forum seems to be doing weird things with my user profile... The rear 12v accessory socket, the always live one on the back of the centre console, has stopped working Can anyone tell me where the relevant fuse is please? thanks Gary
  4. Walk away door locking

    I have a 2017 on loan and find it pretty annoying, I think I would turn it off if it was my own car. It is pretty sensitive on distance, putting my son in the back, and then walking round the front is enough to lock the car In use I find there are more situations where I want to walk away from the car and leave it temporarily unlocked. Maybe there are settings that can be tweaked if I could be bothered looking, but at the minute I don't like it
  5. I thought it was only Fiats where you expected funny electrics.................
  6. so at least I am not the only not the only one
  7. Thanks, it will be due a service soon so if it has not got worse by then I will get them to check it out
  8. That is true, never known a car like it for condensation I will try and keep a note of what other things are running when it is happening and see if there is additional load on the battery thanks for your help
  9. Interesting, not thought about that It only ever happens the once per journey (and not every journey), pings up for a split second (barely enough to notice) and then goes
  10. Tried searching but couldn't spot anything infrequently, shortly after starting to drive (<5 minutes) the car will "beep", the lights on the dash will flash (normally only the red "STOP" light but sometimes more) for a split second and the message screen will say "Start/Stop Activated" (Even though it was already active as I haven't deactivated it by that point) Anyone experienced similar? It doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on car when it happens and it only happens the once (and not every journey so hard to take it to the dealer) thanks Gary
  11. Sat nav detour time / saving

    ah right, that sucks but hey ho thanks both for getting back to me
  12. Please can anyone explain to me what the additional time / detour savings is telling me on the Sat Nav? In the settings it is set to only suggestion detours which save more than 10 minutes I am totally confused though as to what the Sat Nav is telling me as an example on the normal screen, it will say the additional time is say +4 minutes I will then get a notification that the car has found a better route, and the time is say -2 minutes firstly, is this 2 minutes less than the 4 minutes, so a saving of 2 minutes, or 2 minutes less than the normal time, so a net 6 minute saving? I am confused, especially as some time the suggested Detour time is a + figure secondly, why is it showing such small suggestions when the detour is set to only more than 10 minutes apologies for the ramble Gary