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  1. Fuel range gone haywire

    Range will only level out once you have been driving for a few miles so it can work out the general consumption of fuel based on driving style, terrain etc. It's quite normal for it to show some off figures or blank even while it tries to work it out. I find this happens more often when you reset the trip computer - which I do alot to record mileage for work.
  2. Members Kadjar Showcase

    White and Black both looking good, although I do like the Black a little more - especially with the black trim alloys. And of course the Black Kadjar is the only model to get colour coded mirrors lol.
  3. Introduce and help needed

    I would suggest purchasing a quality brand name pen drive, format to Fat32 - insert into the car and start up the RLINK to get the info onto the drive - and then take it back to your computer and let that do the updates. It sounds like the pen drive you are trying to use has very slow read and write speeds which is causing the errors.
  4. Whisling sound

    My 1.6dci makes some sort of strange noise after the engine has stopped and I get out - it's quite noticeable but I just presumed it was something required to shut down the engine systems. I wasn't particularly worried because previously I only had petrol cars which didn't make any such racket when turned off - so presumed it was a "diesel thing"
  5. New Member

    Good news, you will find it grows on you - be sure to throw up a few pictures if you can.
  6. Satnav map routing failure

    So far for me the mapping system in the Kadjar has been acceptable, it mostly works well and I tend to avoid most of the reroute nags because they are mostly old news. On yet another trip to Carlisle the motorway was shut just before I should have left it because of an accident - the motorway signs warned me well in advance and to be fair I got the Rlink-2 to find an alternative route a few junctions prior and it navigated me to my destination via some lovely country lanes - dashcam footage on YouTube below
  7. One month's driving

    Most of what I read said the 1.5dci should be the sweet spot for best mpg, I ended up going for the 1.6dci for the extra performance but to be honest it's still very frugal on diesel as well. Best on Motorway runs I have done is 65mpg - general trundling around with my daily commute just 5 miles each way with plenty of lights and give way junctions is just under 55mpg - still good going I think. I use the ECO mode most of the time, I know this has mixed feelings but it does seem to help a little stretch out the mpg and has the bonus when you turn it off the Kadjar turns into a BEAST!
  8. Car Start-up - Auto connect to Bluetooth?

    I'm afraid Yorderman I have this same issue and since getting the Kadjar in May this year I can not find a solution. It's even more annoying that my previous Renault Scenic (2011 plate) was able to perfectly play music from my iPhone via Bluetooth every time I got into the car and started it - flawless get in, start the car and the music via bluetooth would just start where I left off. I have found a compromise of sorts, using a 32gb USB drive for updates I filled a good 20gb of it with mp3 music of my "general listening tracks" - now when I start the car it will play through these randomly which is preferable to it defaulting to radio which could be anything - and then once on the move I can manually select in my own time at lights etc the bluetooth connection from my iPhone to play music from that.
  9. Evening

    Welcome, the R-Link takes a while to get used to but once you know where everything you need it is a breeze to navigate. Lots to meddle with and tweak - like the dash layout and colour. And a few hidden secrets - one someone else pointed out on this forum is the button on the right hand steering wheel cluster that looks like a stack of papers - press that and you cycle through additional dash displays I like the one with the Horse Power bar
  10. Thank you, I have mentioned this before and got significantly berated for not noticing such an issue while test driving (never did a test drive) and knocking drinks in the cup holder while driving being a "non existent issue" so I figured it was just because I am a bit short. Anyway, I found a more elegant solution to the problem as even keeping them in the door holder makes them a struggle to get out while on the move.
  11. Panoramic roof is gorgeous

    I always have mine open for the extra light in the cabin, as the driver it doesn't really give a great deal of pleasure but does make it handy noticing when a bird has done a woopsy on your roof - or the last wash was done without step ladders!
  12. Could not open or start car

    How did the mechanic start the car? Did he change the key fob battery? If the car can not read the electronic key it will not open or start - my first feeling would be the key was low on battery. Also interference from devices using a similar frequency can block the key - for example my work roller shutters have a key fob you press to close them - while i'm pressing the button to close them the car will not unlock, if it was unlocked and I start closing them the car locks even though I am right next to it.
  13. Look what trailer my Kadji tow...

    Do we get a picture after the Sat Nav takes you down a narrow country lane you end up having to back out of :-/
  14. New Car needs a dash cam

    I'm not sure this helps but the Stop/Start system does have some quirks. If you stop, put the hand brake on and the engine stops as part of the Stop/Start system it WILL turn off completely after around 5 minutes of inactivity - I have not measured it exactly but it has done it a few times while sat in Motorway queues. When that happens trying to do the normal of putting it into gear and lifting clutch does nothing - because the car has turned off as in pressing the button to turn it off (I presume this is a power saving feature). To restart you have to go through cold start procedure of foot on clutch and press start button to restart the engine. On one occasion the above cold start routine didn't start the car - so I had to open the drivers door to "wake" the system and then go through clutch and press the button to start it. My personal feeling is when you combine computers with physical mechanics gremlins will happen - this may be totally unrelated to the original posters issues - just my own experience.

    Welcome, the chrome grill is tempting but I quite like how Renault balanced the chrome on the front with the DRL's. I haven't seen the door handle chrome, a few do chrome for the wing mirrors but it worries me that it might cause wind noise on motorways. Good luck with the side sills!