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  1. Maybe the oldies can't work the tech? 😂😂😂 JOKE before I'm shot down
  2. The poor R Link gets so much stick however, I find it meets my needs perfectly. Can't see what all the fuss is about with it's problems that I have not noticed
  3. I love my Kadjar

    I must be part of the alright jack brigade as I f****** love my 2 month old Kadjar. Not one single issue for me. Whoop whoop 😉
  4. R link firmware

    Ahhh I see. So you can do rlink updates in the car? I used a flash drive to plug in my pc then back into the car so don't I need to bother with that process as read that's how it was done online
  5. R link firmware

    Why does it have a SIM card in it and what is the connection used for?
  6. R link firmware

    This but don't know what it means to be fair
  7. R link firmware

    Mine is
  8. R link firmware

    I have updated to the latest firmware and my galaxy s8 plus connects fine. Did you go into the r link to pair the devices together. That's what I did
  9. Just searched for this. Drivers side seatbelt does not retract properly as gets caught between the seat and the car and I've shut the door on it to a massive clang noise. Driving me insane
  10. New Member

    I'm really bad at mpg as I don't really keep an eye on it as not bothered what it does haha. The engine is great. You have to change up the gears more I find but in 3rd and 4th it has lots of power and poke in it which is quite surprising for a 1.2. It's more powerful than my old 1.6 by far and some harsh reviews of this engine are not called for, they must have it in for this car full stop. I thinks it's great, it's very quiet and sometimes you don't even know the engine is on
  11. New Member

    Hi. I have the exact same model and colour. Had it since June 7th ane love it. Great choice
  12. Windscreen rubber seal problem

    Just took this from the Alan Titchmarsh garden show just now on ITV. Spot the repair needed 😂
  13. Welcome. I have had mine just over a month but not experienced any issues like some new owners seem to be posting about so may have just got lucky. My steering wheel controls light up at night from what I remember. Hope you get your issues sorted but it's a great car, I recently took mine to Devon and it did many types of roads and was great. I really rate the petrol tho mine is manual
  14. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    I was coming back to my car after a dog walk and someone was parked next to me (only 2 cars with about 50 spare spaces in the car park) their back door was open. As I got closer I saw 2 people in the back seat and a naked bum going up and down. Didn't realise I was parked at a local dogging area 😂😂 that was pre kadjar but thought I'd share haha
  15. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    Maybe they park next to it as it's that attractive and to have a nosy when getting out their car. I know I have done the same to have a nosy at a nice car