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  1. System Information

    So... I've rang my local Renault Dealership and mentioned I'd been on to Connected Services and that they'd advised I ring and get booked in for a software update... they said "no problem" and have booked me in for a 2hr appointment on 10th October (plus free health check and wash/vacuum). That seemed quite easy really but I guess I'll have to wait and see as to what they actually do on the 10th. I'll be checking my software versions before I leave the dealership! Oh, for what it's worth they've referred to this as a 'recall' on the phone when they booked me in, so maybe the word is finally getting round all the dealerships?
  2. System Information

    Right folks... I've had a nice conversation this morning with someone from Connected Services - he asked to ring me to explain the situation. As I have firmware version, I should be able to contact any Renault Dealership and ask to be booked in for an upgrade to 2.2.18.x. This should then open up my Kadjar to receiving new map/app updates. Currently the firmware cannot accept these updates, due to an apparent technical issue. The guy at Connected Services has asked me to keep him updated and if the dealership refuses to do the update, he's asked for me to send him the name/contact number of the service department people and he will contact them direct and ask what's going on (which is nice :)). In addition, for those of you on the 2.2.17.x firmware, apparently you have to hold on a bit and eventually all cars will be eligible for an upgrade but this is being done in batches of cars. If you contact Connected Services they will take your chassis number and other details and request that you're added to an upcoming batch of cars. Hope this information is helpful and I'll update once I contact the dealership later today and let you know how I get on.
  3. System Information

    "in the coming weeks" is a bit too vague for my liking! I'm running and I'm starting to make contact with my local dealership to see if I can get an update. I'm really keen to resolve the issues I have ASAP. Interesting to see the info above in an email from Connected Services though, first time I've seen someone get anything near to a proper explanation out of them.
  4. No bluetooth connection to my cellphones

    My understanding is that you are able to apply updates that are pushed through the R-Link Toolbox however, this update is actually to the firmware of the R-Link headunit and this needs to be done by a dealership.
  5. No bluetooth connection to my cellphones

    I also have the same issue, running iOS 11.0.1 on my iPhone 7 Plus. Currently, the only resolution I've seen is to get an update for the R-Link software to v2.2.18.590. Although finding a dealer who will install this for free might prove tricky... there's another couple of threads already on this forum that are discussing this at present.
  6. Firmware Update????

    Does that mean the software for CarPlay is only being put in Kadjars built/registered from May 2017? Despite my November 2016 Kadjar having the same RLink2 hardware in it? Seems very unfair to withhold the software. I might even pay a small fee for it to get CarPlay...
  7. Firmware Update????

    Hi all - I'm also curious about the RLink upgrade that's available. I'm currently running software version (boot 4711) but I know that version (boot 4992) is available based on the photos shown earlier in this thread. Do I have to upgrade this myself, using the typical USB pen upgrade mechanism that I used to install some apps? My Kadjar was registered in November 2016 but doesn't yet have CarPlay - will I get it via an upgrade anytime soon? Again from earlier in this thread, I see that the new RLink2 offering on Kadjar, on Renault's site, suggest that CarPlay is included! I'd love to be able to use it!