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  1. Mine has 4WD badge. I always assumed Eco2 was for the 1.5 dCi engine.
  2. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Works out as 39.8 mpg, not bad for a petrol with the majority of it in town.
  3. Tyre Wrench & Jack on Bose Edition

    It all depends how long you have to wait for the breakdown truck, when I could have the wheel changed and be on my way in about 10 minutes with a spare wheel and jack.
  4. R-link 2

    Before the update I could change DAB channel by scrolling through my presets using the wheel on the audio stalk, now the wheel has no effect. Sat nav still overestimates my journey times, but not by as much as it was after the previous update with the new maps.
  5. R-link 2

    Just updated mine. Nothing obvious has changed, but I had to reload all my saved locations in sat nav, so hopefully it will fix my problem. Since the last update and new maps, it has estimated my journey times as taking around twice as long as they should. Will find out tomorrow if it has improved.
  6. Brake Pads Worn

    Someone else had this happen: eventually Renault found that the handbrake wasn't releasing fully and paid for all the repairs.
  7. Diesel or Petrol

    Don't bother. The dealer will tell you whatever you want to hear.
  8. Automatic headlights

    So if you go to manual lights the main beam becomes manual too?
  9. Kadjar 4WD owners

    4.8 l/100km is 58.7 mpg, 5.3 is 53 mpg and 6.3 is 44.7 mpg. Your 1.6 makes 53 mpg which is very good; my 4x4 managed 52 on a motorway run yesterday and averages around 48 in winter, around 52 in summer. That is with the 4x4 in auto all the time. My 1.6 dCi 4x4 is no noisier than the two Mazda 6 2.0 diesels, Skoda Octavia 2.0 tdi or Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD that I had recently. The only diesel I had that was quieter was a new BMW 535d, and that is to be expected.
  10. Kadjar 4WD owners

    The difference in fuel consumption is down to the 4x4 weighing 107kg more than the fwd version. That is like carrying an extra passenger all the time. I ran mine in 2wd for a short while to compare just after I got it, and it made no difference whatsoever to the fuel consumption. I now leave it in auto all the time and never use Eco mode. AOne, what engine does your car have, as I think you might be comparing apples with pears? The 4x4 has the 1.6dCi, which many reviews say is not as quiet as the 1.5dCi. Mine isn't the quietest engine, but it doesn't produce any noticeable transmission noise from the 4x4 system, so I think your quieter car may have the 1.5dCi engine, which would also explain the 15% difference in fuel consumption.
  11. Intermittent screen wipe rate is adjustable on the second ring on the wiper stalk, similar to the fog light controls on the other side.
  12. R Link does not detect USB

    Just plugged my usb back into the laptop, and there are 2 folders, LOST.DIR and R-LINK. The R-Link folder contains THE .WLS file, which I presume holds the car's identity, and any updates. My app updates were WLPK files. I assume that one of these was the My Routes update, but nothing has changed on the car, so not sure if the car recognised the usb or not.
  13. New 1.6 DCI 4X4 Owner

    Welcome James, and I hope you enjoy it. Mine was pretty good in the snow even with the standard Conti summer tyres. Performance is fine and I get 48-50 mpg too, which I reckon is good for the size and weight of the car and that is all done in 4x4 auto. No reversion to FWD for me, otherwise what is the point of having 4x4 when it needs it.
  14. How to start cruise control?

    It will also prevent the stop-start system working too.
  15. Hi, new member here <waves>

    Plenty of visits for petrol as many owners on here have reported, so you'll get used to it very quickly.