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  1. Air Conditioning Display

    I don’t think that is correct. the auto stop start shows up on the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. This is on the air con unit it dissapears if you press the cabin recycled air button which has never happened before.
  2. My wife recently borrowed my car and when I used it again there was a capital A in the centre of a circle of arrows pointing in a clockwise direction. I have looked in the manual and it tells me its a warning light but I don't understand what it is warning me about. I have had the car for 15 months and it has never appeared before. Can anyone tell me what it is, what is it warning me about and how do I turn it off (other than pressing the recycled air button) or do I need to take it into Renault because something needs fixing on the car. Any help would be appreciatred.
  3. Thanks Lynbob, I'll give that a try. Might appear to be a stupid question but is Heart Extra regional or National. I like the South Wales breakfast show hence using FM. I can't believe there is no way to turn auto search off on FM.
  4. I don't use DAB because I listen to Heart radio and about every 3 or 4 miles the radio stops. after about a minute or so it starts again and this happens for the duration of my journey to work which is less than half an hour sometimes it goe off for five minutes it is painful. so I use FM.
  5. I have question about the R2 Link Radio. I have preset channels to the desired FM frequency but everyday at the same location on my journey to work the radio automatically changes the frequency. how can I stop this from happening it is so annoying.
  6. Hello my name is Stan and I became a Kadjar owner on Wednesday which is also my first Renault Vehicle. Looking forward to some happy motoring and answers to some questions I already have but will post separately this evening.