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  1. Just an update, went quiet for a while and has started again. When I've taken it into the garage they haven't found anything at all.
  2. Hi, Had my Kadjar for 7 months now, I started to get the warning about the rear seatbelt in November telling me they are been unfastened when nobody was in any of the seats, I booked it in to the garage but no faults were showing up for it. Over the last week it is now doing it on every trip I do. Today traveled 4 miles did it 3 times. Is there a fuse I can take out to stop it until I can get it booked in to the garage for them to tell me there is no fault showing. Any help welcome. cheers Peter
  3. Album art from USB

    Hi Guys, All sorted So if anyone has a similar problem this is how I sorted mine. I have had to take the name of the album off each song and replace with anything as long as each song is different, so I used the artist name but remembering to add a number if two songs follow on with the same artist . This now shows the artwork for each song other wise it takes the name of the album of the first song and show that art work for every song. Still don't know why I have had to do this as it worked fine on both medianav and R-Link1 but not on R-Link2. Peter
  4. Hi Guys, Took the car back for them to sort out the creaking centre consort and all is fixed, but it as now shown up other creaking from the glove box lid and the plastic on top of the centre air vents. So looks like another day with out the car. other than the R-link and creaking plastic, I love driving the car and would recommend one. Pete
  5. Album art from USB

    Hi Guys, So I am still trying to sort this out, I contacted Renault tech team and sent them a track with art work that worked on the unit and one that didn't show the art work. They got back to me and said that both worked on their demo unit. So I went and put the USB in to our Clio with Medianav and all works as it should, put back in to Kadjar still first 3 tracks showed correct art work and then got stuck on the followings track art work for all the others tracks. I then found I could not turn the unit off it was playing music but I could do nothing else with the unit, in the end I had to get out of the car and lock the door to shut the unit down. So today I got in to the car and the unit said there was no audio files on the USB very strange. plugged it into my computer and all tracks are there and will play ok. I am going to call in to the dealers tomorrow and see if my USB will work as it should on another unit. This will then tell me if the unit is faulty. Pete
  6. Dash Camera?

    Hi Guys, I bought a Nextbase 412 from Amazon 5 weeks ago for £108.00 fitted it no problem followed instruction and pic from a thread on here, really helpful it was. This is the first time I have a dash cam and I am going to set up a youtube channel with clips on, I have a few already. Pete
  7. Hi Guys, This is the first time I have had a auto gear box and I have a question for those of you who have one. I have the 1.2 engine and have found I don't have much control when reversing up a incline, Yesterday someone had parked very close to me front and back. when trying to move back the hill hold would release but the car moved forward unless I had a lot of revs then the car moved back quite fast. On the level it moves at a very slow pace and is much more controllable with a few more revs. Is it just me or does this happen with Auto gear boxes on inclines? I have been driving for 30 years and class myself as a very good reverser but I must admit it terrified me yesterday. Cheers Peter
  8. Kadjar owner for 2 weeks now

    Hi Guys, Garage has done a good job with creaking centre console they have solved it but there seams to be some creaking from the plastic around the central air vents now which sounds the same as the centre console. Still trying the find out why my songs art work is still not working right. Other than these few things I am really enjoying the Kadjar. Cheers Peter
  9. Kadjar owner for 2 weeks now

    Hi PatWar, The spec I have is the Signature, I was going for the Dynamique S trim as it had everything I wanted on it, but would have to wait 12 weeks for one so dealer said he could up-spec me as he had one at the import centre so only ended up waiting 10 days for it. I must admit I like the wheels design on the Dynamique better. Washed car today after holiday and have 3 paint chips on front bumper already, I have to say I had several stone chips and small dent on Captur and didn't make any difference to trade in price so not too worried about it. Peter
  10. The centre consort creaks when going round corners and some uneven roads, it sounds like it is from around the gear selector. Pete
  11. Hi Guys, So had the Kadjar for nearly 2 weeks and have just got back from a weeks holiday in Wales with it. It as now 600 miles on it and I have been up and down mountains, on motorways, country lanes and towns and it as not missed a beat so far. best MPG is 45 so not bad from a 1.2 auto hope it will get a bit better on a run. It is going into garage on Monday for them to sort out the creaking centre consort as soon as I turned out of the dealership it creaked, and only other thing I am trying to sort out is my songs art work which is not changing with the songs. Other than those 2 things the car as been easy to drive and very comfortable. I was reading a post about the auto gearbox indicator not lighting up, looks like some do but mine does not. I have watched a few video of the Kadjar on youtube and I was watching one which was a left hand drive and the steering wheels controls were lit up but mine don't seem to do. Is this just in certain countries? I will let you know how I got on at the dealers on Monday. Pete
  12. Hi Guys, Just reading this I have been using Harratts Renault in Wakefield scince 2004 and have always been happy with there service, I got my Kadjar from them nearly 2 weeks ago which is my 8th car from them plus 1 for my partner. I have got it booked in on Monday for the centre consort looking at. Pete
  13. Album art from USB

    Hi Guys, The songs are in my itunes and when played through there the picture changes with the song so all working right, copied and paste to USB put into a folder tried in car still stuck on first song picture. So took them out of folder tried again in car, second song correct picture then reverted back to first picture. this is now doing my head in. On a plus point fitted my dashcam ok and booked car in for them to look at creaking centre consort. Peter
  14. Hi Guys, Got my Signature Nav an Tuesday and as soon as I turned out of dealership there was the creaking from centre console, it seems to be around the auto gear shiftier. If I press on it, it makes the same sound as it does driving along and cornering. Going to book it in for them to look at it. Other than that I am very happy with it. Checked the tyre pressure following morning to find all wheels were set at 41.5 psi no idea why the garage can not get them right. Pete
  15. Album art from USB

    Hi Guys, They were copied from windows computer, They are in 1 folder and all single songs not divided into separate albums, all song have been tagged with a cover picture. Displays as it should on our Clio medianav and up to yesterday the Capture R-Link. So what as Renault changed on the R-link2 to stop it working. Peter