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  1. USB player album order

    I found that if you use iTunes and in the settings set for iTunes to manage files they play in the correct order. There is also "music pico" (google it.. it's free) which renames albums in the iTunes format and also adds cover art which will display on rlink2. This will then play in the correct order.
  2. Follow me home lights settings

    Learnt something new today. Thanks a-d-e
  3. Road names on sat nav

    You can change the amount of detail the voice commands give. You need to check the menu for voice details. Since the upgrade they appear to reduced the amount of road names to unclutter the screen, only displaying main routes and close street names.
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If you tell me how I find them I will go check now.
  6. I now have my car returned. My views are as follows:- Gearbox Update - When NOT in Eco Mode it changes much earlier than before. I have given it a few "Beans" from junctions to test it and it's always changing from 1st to 2nd at around 26-2800rpm which is WAY better than before, more like in Eco Mode but with a feeling of more power. Still seems a little clingy on gears when up to speed but that may just be how I drive it and it's expecting more. Nav Update - HOORAH!!.. Speed camera's in ACTUAL MPH!! a 30mph camera is now 30mph and not 48mph!!!.. On the down side.. When they called me to collect it they said it had no maps and they would order an installer from Renault to resolve the problem This was indeed true. When I set off I was a blue arrow in a green field. Fortunately, last week I brought my USB Stick in to add some new music to and I thought I'd check for updates on the R-Link 2 site. There were none showing on the website... but when I came to look in the R-Link 2 software you have to now install... There was a Map update awaiting to download. Obviously I did.. This was installed promptly upon reinserting it in my car.... Now, as I mentioned above, I collected the car with no maps installed.. I plugged in my usb stick (they had removed it to do the updates) and low and behold.."New Maps to install, do you wish to proceed".. "Hell Yes".. 25 minutes later and I now have maps back and a fully working Nav. NOW THEN... Something looks different but I cant quite put my finger on it.. The street names are now Black writing with a kind of grey surround to the font.. I looks much easier to read! The map just looks generally clearer than before. Perhaps they have tweaked the colours?!?! It's a definite improvement regardless. Some of the menus have changed for sure and the appearance of some of the menu items (layout appearance) has changed also. Down side is I have lost all my Favorites which is a bit of a pain but nothing I cant add again when I need them. I just hope now that "She" does not keep repeating herself when there are 2-3 camera's in quick succession (I CAN replicate this on a local road so I will test later) Air Bag Reprogram - I avoided all accidents on the way home so I have had no opportunity to see if the passenger airbag deploys as it should So to summarize, Sat Nav.. MUCH better, Gearbox.. MUCH better, AirBag... Hope it's much better
  7. So.. My Kadjar went in this morning for the Airbag Recall we all appear to be aware of. On going though the paperwork the Service Chap also pointed out to me that the EDC Gearbox has a Recall for a software update... I wonder if this will help it revving out when not in Eco Mode?!? I will let you know! Also the ODC AND HeadUnit (radio, wireless, music maker... call it what you will ) is having an upgrade but strangely this is under a recall also! Engine Management requiring a "Diesel Gate" upgrade maybe??? When I get it back later today I will let you know my findings.. I'm sure others have posted similar but this is MY experience and findings
  8. Speedo - MPH to KmPH

    I have Dynamique S Nav. From home screen (I have Nav and audio) press menu at bottom left, select system, then on mine I have to swipe the screen to the left to view Units. Here I have kph or mph. Dynamique S Nav 1.5 EDC Titanium Blue
  9. Wind deflectors

    I have been looking for these for a while. Heko have been around for ages and I have fitted Hekos to a friends VW Touran. They looked really smart but tended to loosen and need readjusting often. I personally had Climair deflectors on my previous car and they are totally friction fit rather than requiring clips. Never once had to adjust them the whole 4 years I owned the car. Unfortunately Climair don't yet do any for the Kadjar. I've emailed them recently but they could not advise on a time scale. Climair are a German product and have to pass very heave testing for use on German roads... Heko do not. They are not tested for safety etc. I like the Heko product but for me I'll wait just a little longer in hope that as the Kadjar is a little more popular, Climair will release some. Dynamique S Nav 1.5 EDC Titanium Blue
  10. Auto Gear Box

    I've had this recently. If I run the car in Eco mode I have no trouble. Only in normal driving mode. I have noticed it's usually when on an incline. When I set off from my house downhill, I can choose not to select 2nd for a few seconds. Dynamique S Nav 1.5 EDC Titanium Blue
  11. In relation to the Sonics pointing up... someone (Sorry, cant remember who) on here posted links to the Tech manuals which Renault Dealerships use. Looking though these I saw how the Alarm should be fitted (According to these Tech manuals) and saw straight away that in one image the sensors recommended fitting is pointing up! In the next image it shows them pointing to the rear screen. It appears that the mistakes are in Renaults own Tech manuals and the dealers are simply following instructions. I can happily say that since I moved mine I have had zero triggers in my 5 months of ownership, even with the vents slightly open. Renault should pay attention to Forums like this and take note. Shame they dont.
  12. USB player album order

    But it's not in the iTunes format, thats the key part
  13. R-Link Welcome Screen

    This is a legal requirement for all built-in Nav systems within the EU and other regions. I have looked into this before. It's for manufacturers to avoid legal action if you are programming it whist in motion and you crash basically.
  14. USB player album order

    All mine play in the correct order from USB stick as well as iPod. I found that it uses the iTunes naming convention in order to play them in the correct order. I use this https://picard.musicbrainz.org/ which is handy as it renames your Albums into the correct naming convention and also embeds Album Art which is displayed on the Kadjar Stereo. (You do not need iTunes installed to use this!!) Also handy for a faster way to rename a new Album before you drop them into iTunes. It may not know all the Albums you are trying to rename but it's only missed a few from the 330GB of music I have now.
  15. Receiving SMS from Nokia Lumia

    On my iPhone I had to enable notifications in the Bluetooth settings for the rlink. That sorted it for me. Dynamique S Nav 1.5 EDC Titanium Blue