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  1. Reverse camera

    This gets even better! I'll PM you. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Reverse camera

    Thanks for the reply mate. I saw your rear view mirror effort which did look nice but I don't have the auto dimming mirror (Dynamique S Nav) so wouldn't be of any benefit. I'm in Birmingham so not really in easy commutable distance to you unfortunately (I assume you're just south of Leeds), I'm a keen diyer but not with electrics so getting it fitted would be ideal. Guess I could find a Renault specialist. Have you enquired with Renault if it would void the warranty? Thanks, Chris.
  3. Reverse camera

    Hi all, Apologies for being ignorant but just wanted a bit more info on this. Had my 65 plate Kadjar since March, bought it 2nd hand and am loving it so far. I'm very interested in getting a reversing camera sorted and have been following the forums for a little while. So am I correct in thinking that the car has the connectors in place already so the camera just needs attaching to the mount and plugging in? Then, in order to get it to appear on the screen I need to enable this feature through a diagnostic method? To add to this (sorry for the load of questions), can anyone recommend how/where could I get the camera software enabled on the rlink? Finally, would anyone be able to provide a link to a camera they've hooked up? There are so many out there I don't know where to start! Thanks in advance, Chris.