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  1. What’s This Symbol

    Do you mean the symbol on the (upper) photo, or the one below? The symbol above looks like whhat is shown on the R-link 2 for some seconds, when you change the volume of the radio.
  2. R-Link Screen Protector

    Thanks for the tip. I also found it on Ali Express, if you can wait a few weeks for delivery from China ;-) Car GPS Navigation Tempered Glass Screen Protector Steel Portective Film For Renault Kadjar Car Styling Accessories http://s.aliexpress.com/Qj2ieqU7?
  3. Burning Oil

    I would say, you should not need to fill any oil at all between the scheduled oil changes. Unless you drive extremely long distances or under severe conditions.
  4. Cigarette lighter plug

    The one in the rear (by the back seat) stays alive for a couple of minutes after the ignition is switched off. Then it goes out. In the front - don't know.
  5. Quick answer. On the same stalk as the regular lights. A separate "wheel" inside the outer one. Merry Christmas!
  6. How do you use start stop feature?

    And a lot of other parameters. The Kadjar makes it's own decisions, when it's ok to use the start-stop. Just sit back and relax ;-)
  7. How to start cruise control?

    Answer removed, because I misunderstood your question. Can't delete it.
  8. Oct 17 Map Update

    How did you update? Through the internet? Or first a system update at the dealer?
  9. Sure you can. My Kadjar has 19 inch wheels as standard, but I changed to 17 inch winter wheels. A much smoother ride. Check on the label inside the driver's door, which dimensions are recommended.
  10. As I understand it, you are in the UK. Probably it is a legal requirement there to have the monitoring on your car. But worth checking. All EU has this requirement on new cars since a couple of years. But then the local laws may differ. In Sweden, for instance, the monitoring is fitted on all new cars, but you can legally remove it the second you own the car. And you must not put it on new tyres. But the warning message will still be there... The reason why some countries have not implemented this requirement in their local law? In Sweden, the reason is, that since "everyone" changes from summer to winter tyres, the pressure will be checked twice a year. Which is deemed to be enough.
  11. The opposite, but then again not ;-) The point I tried to make, was that I also found the adjustment positions in the electric seat different from the manual one.
  12. Questions on Navigation

    I think it's not described in the manual, but there are two ways to show the map. Either it is pointing north (up) or alternatively, up on the map is always the direction you are going (straight on). To change you need to press the 2D/3D one more time. Concerning a compass, I believe that in one of the colour and design moods you can choose for the screen in front of you, there is a compass shown to the right. But not quite sure.
  13. Hi. I am 6'2" and I choose the Kadjar over Quashqai because it had so very much more legroom. I tested it in a car with manual seats. Then ordered a version with electric driver's seat. The legroom is still ok, but not as good as in the car I test drove. So I can confirm, that there definitely is a difference in the adjustment possibilities between the manual and the electric seat. Actually, I can see no reason at all to prefer the electric seat, since it takes longer time to adjust and has less flexibility.
  14. Service

    Interesting question, that I will follow. Just met the guy who owns the garage, that has been servicing our Ford for the last few years. "So now you have a brand new Renault with a 5 year warranty? So I guess you'll be servicing it at Renault. Just remember - they charge three times as much for an oil change as I do....".
  15. Once, living in Sweden, I was waiting in line to a car wash in Denmark. A young woman came up to me and asked "Are those spiked tyres? I've never seen such in my whole life. Can I touch them?" ;-)