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  1. Hi all We haven't got our Kadjar yet (it arrives next week) but there is one thing that I don't like about the looks of the Kadjar and it's the license plate position at the front of the car. Is it just me or does it make the car look like it's dragging it's mouth through the ground and gives the impression of a taller van like stance. I was thinking of looking at moving the position to just below the grill but not sure if there are holes or a plinth behind the current plate so will need to take a look at what it would look like with the plate removed. Thoughts? Trev
  2. Rear diffuser panel

    Hi all Our Kadjar arrives next week and there are already a couple of bits I am looking to get for the car. One thing I spotted online was a rear diffuser/cover panel in silver/grey. Can anyone tell me if this is a after market piece or sold via Renault as I'd be interested in getting one to help to break up the mass of black plastic at the rear of the car. I know this picture is showing the light surrounds but it also has the diffuser. Thanks Trev
  3. The best boot liner

    Hi all We are due to pick up our Kadjar Dynamique Nav S in flame red next week and wondered if anyone has a boot liner in their car? I really want a nice rubber/hard one that can be easily cleaned and we can dump wellies, push chairs etc on without worrying about the original boot lining. I know Renault do a semi rigid boot liner so does anyone have this and can you tell me if it fills the entire boot as the space shown in the picture doesn't look that big. Otherwise can anyone recommend a better product Thanks Trev