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  1. DR radio - Silent Heart

    Hi guys. The fault is definitely with the Dab receiver as a recent visit to the delearship for a software update I was advised that the French were working on a fix but do not hold your breath. After the update it was still the same except for one slight difference, now when there was a genuine loss of signal the simulcast would come in on fm to maintain the station then it would return back to dab when the signal returned. When the fault happens I always get a display of signal lost so I just turn the small station selector on the steering and the station comes back instantly proving that the signal is there all the time and not the fault of Heart radio. 😱
  2. boot4992 to boot 5327

    Hi. I had my r-link updated on the 19 Dec 2017 software now boot stayed the same 4992. I now have radio text and phone text messages are now read out. The dab radio signal still drops out every 4 minutes even when stationary but Renault advised me that they are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. I had a Renault Captur 2016 previous to the kadjar with no r-link issues at all.😣
  3. R-Link update.

    Hi Everyone. Just thought I would let you know that my Bristol dealership updated the r-link on my May 2017 Kadjar from to with the boot release staying the same 4992. I now have dab station text information also any phone text's are now read out. I still have dab heart radio loosing signal every 4 minutes even when stationary, but you guessed it renault are aware of this known fault and are working on a software update. As not all Kadjars have this fault I will not be holding my breath.☺😬 merry Christmas and a happy r-link new year to all.🎅
  4. Hi Sophie. I have exactly the same issue but in the Bristol and surrounding areas. Heart bristol,bath,Wiltshire etc all drop out showing signal loss every 4 minutes even when stationary. It comes back instantly if I press the preset station which proves that it is the dab radio and not the signal. My car is May 2017 and on a motobility contract so is booked in for a software update on December 19th. If the issue is not resolved I will be asking for a dab radio replacement which is probably a new r-link as like you I want to listen to my local informative radio station. I had a Renault Captur in 2016 and the dab radio was brilliant. 😤
  5. Tire Pressure Warnings

    On my Kadjar the setting shows locating tyres. I have only had my Kadjar 2017 since May and the r-link has forgotten already that I have one on each corner.😂😂😂😂
  6. Tire Pressure Warnings

    That is a good point reference the cold weather, as when on a motorway the tyre pressures will increase and then decrease when cooled down.😉
  7. Keyless car theft

    If any Kadjar was stolen using this new technology then surely the car would resurface quite quickly at the dealership having an r-link software update downloaded and installed.😂😂😂
  8. Keyless car theft

    Hi. It looks as though this car was stolen to order. With all the problems we have with the Kadjar r-link I think we are completely safe.😂. If you are concerned put your keyless fob in a metal tin apparently the device they are using cannot pick up the signal through metal. (yet)😱
  9. New Kadjar Owner

    Hi Countryfox and welcome. Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your purchase. Some of the things that you have mentioned would only be available on the late 2017 model's. If you fill that you were given the wrong information at the point of sale you are well within your rights to go back to the dealership and raise your concerns. Good luck.
  10. Hello and welcome. I have the 1.5D Auto S Nav May 2017. I have found the auto box to be brilliant especially on any type of incline. The stop start has been fine but I tend to switch it off as lots of people have advised that you can actually use more fuel when in use. Definitely take it back to your dealer and get it checked. Good luck. ☺
  11. Hi All

    Hi. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.☺
  12. automatic no lights

    Hi guys. Its not a case of moaning but why have some instruments luminated if the light is so dim that you cannot even see it, might as well leave it out altogether. After all you would not install a garden light if it did not even light up the walk way.😉cheers guys.
  13. automatic no lights

    Hi and welcome. Apparently there are lights on the auto selector but they are very very dim. So dim infact you cannot see them. I was told this by the technical support at my dealership. Its the Same as the stalks on the steering wheel, you cannot see the info on there like lights wipers etc. This just adds to a number of things that Renault have got wrong. Shame really as the car is a lovely drive. Enjoy and welcome once again.☺
  14. New Member Alan B

    Hi. I just leave the key in the car with the passenger. ☺
  15. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    Hi conrad. Not quite sure if the 2016 model has the windscreen camera. If not the speed will be processed and shown on the r-link satnav which is already in its data Base (maps).