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  1. Tire Pressure Warnings

    On my Kadjar the setting shows locating tyres. I have only had my Kadjar 2017 since May and the r-link has forgotten already that I have one on each corner.😂😂😂😂
  2. Tire Pressure Warnings

    That is a good point reference the cold weather, as when on a motorway the tyre pressures will increase and then decrease when cooled down.😉
  3. Hello and welcome. I have the 1.5D Auto S Nav May 2017. I have found the auto box to be brilliant especially on any type of incline. The stop start has been fine but I tend to switch it off as lots of people have advised that you can actually use more fuel when in use. Definitely take it back to your dealer and get it checked. Good luck. ☺
  4. Hi All

    Hi. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.☺
  5. automatic no lights

    Hi guys. Its not a case of moaning but why have some instruments luminated if the light is so dim that you cannot even see it, might as well leave it out altogether. After all you would not install a garden light if it did not even light up the walk way.😉cheers guys.
  6. automatic no lights

    Hi and welcome. Apparently there are lights on the auto selector but they are very very dim. So dim infact you cannot see them. I was told this by the technical support at my dealership. Its the Same as the stalks on the steering wheel, you cannot see the info on there like lights wipers etc. This just adds to a number of things that Renault have got wrong. Shame really as the car is a lovely drive. Enjoy and welcome once again.☺
  7. New Member Alan B

    Hi. I just leave the key in the car with the passenger. ☺
  8. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    Hi conrad. Not quite sure if the 2016 model has the windscreen camera. If not the speed will be processed and shown on the r-link satnav which is already in its data Base (maps).
  9. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    Hi. Yes the front windscreen camera will pick up the road speed limit sign as soon as you come along side it. Displays on the r-link and on your dash speedo.😀
  10. new member (Tomvet61)

    Welcome Tomvet61 enjoy the ride.😀
  11. Good for you Baldyman. I to have a Kadjar issue regarding the dab radio reception which looses the dab signal every 4 minutes even when stationary on my drive or parked up anywhere.They have advised that a major update is required and it is booked into the dealership on the 23 November, they have also advised that they do not think that it will cure the dab radio fault and that I should take my complaint to Renault UK. I know that this is a motobility car but my contract is with the dealership not the manufacturer. I will allow them to update the r-link 2 software and if this does not rectify the dab issue I would expect a r-link replacement which I will chase through motobility.😠
  12. DAB Radio

    I would hope a replacement r-link unit as I have friends with 2016 and 2017 Kadjars and captur's with no dab issues at all.😱
  13. Kadjar Drivers Anonymous

    Welcome aboard wigglyamp enjoy the ride.☺
  14. DAB Radio

    Hi guy's. I have the same issues my Kadjar is a s nav may 2017. Dab heart bristol signal lost every 4 minutes even when stationary also there is no dab text info on any station so it cannot be the radio station. My car is booked into the dealership on 26th Nov for a software/firmware update as the r-link has other issues as well. If this update does not cure the issue I will want the r-link replaced as it is not fit for purpose.😬
  15. Hi. Is the noise louder when taking a corner or bend, if it does this will tell you which side it is as it would load the bearing. 😞