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  1. Dented pride & joy

    I take it the other party's insurance picked the tab up. The repairs still would have to be done by a garage using Renault parts or your Warranty could/would be void. With regard to the panel gap: go back and play 'holy hell'. Not acceptable. If you were not at fault they had no right to fit 'third party' parts.
  2. Members Debate the Move

    I take it that Site A is Duracel's and Site B is Ian's (Rob). Both are excellent and I'd have difficulty in choosing one over the other. Seeing as we have until the end of June for a definitive answer I think it would be a good idea if someone with a bit more 'knowledge' could do a pros and cons comparison for us. It looks as though neither option lets us use the existing data/threads.
  3. Members Debate the Move

    I like the look of the raw page you've attached shedder. We've come this far and if we ignore the signs (the other forum, also run by MM I believe, is no longer available) we are only putting off the inevitable. We may as well bite the bullet now and get this new forum started. You're doing a grand job mate and I don't think anybody will disagree with me. Thank you.
  4. Depending on how full your tank was to start with, a full tank of petrol plus a full valet is worth more than 50 Quid! As you say "better than nothing".
  5. R-link Upgrade

    Hi there, JC! I've just updated my system software using the link on your thread. I already had and this updates to What I did was reformat my USB so it was clean, did another imprint which I checked on the Toolbox. and copied the downloaded RLink folder onto my USB. I am using a mac and when copying it asked whether I wanted to overwrite or merge as there was another folder called RLink on the USB. I checked merge and then inserted into the car. The message "update files detected" appears at the top of the screen for about 2 seconds and then the usual no audio files found. Ignore all that and just sit and wait. It could take a short while (1-2 minutes) before it asks if you want to update. Check yes and leave it to it. No problems. I must say I haven't a clue what has or is supposed to have been updated/bettered. The maps haven't been touched. It doesn't become any less of a faff no matter how many times I do it, back and forth to the car. You shouldn't need to use Toolbox at all as the link you sent gives you a box to enter your VIN number and email address and when you are eligible it sends you a link via email. Clicking on this automatically downloads the upgrade. On my Toolbox it didn't show up any outstanding upgrades so the only way I learn about them is on this forum. Hope this helps.
  6. Alan

    Hi Allan, welcome to the Forum. You don't need to have your phone attached by cable if you have successfully paired it. With regard to contacts, recents and call lists you need to check the permissions on your phone: under settings check that sharing is on for contacts etc. Otherwise you can phone but only very limited (using keypad). Point 2: You shouldn't need to take your remote out of your pocket at any time. You should be able to walk up to your door/boot, press the button on the handle and open it. Just remember that there are no sensors at the front of the car so if after opening the door you want to go round to the other side go round the back, otherwise the doors will lock again. When stopping and leaving the car you should be able to walk away, as soon as you are out of sensor range the doors will lock and the mirrors should fold in, alarms set. If none of this occurs then you have to set it up in Settings (RLink). All this should have been set up by the dealer when you picked it up. Hope this helps.
  7. I notice that your road surfaces are just as good as ours.
  8. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Your recent mpg is about right for short runs and cold/freezing temperatures. It should improve somewhat as the weather improves. On your upcoming run to Leeds and back I guess you should average somewhere in the high thirties (as long as you don't get stuck in tailbacks). I'm managing 34-35 mpg at the moment but a few months ago it was more like 30. I have got into the habit of using the display theme which shows average mpg and current mpg permanently on show and believe me it does tend to 'manipulate' your right foot, even if you are not aware of it at the time. Not very flat in Wales though, is it? Forgot to add mine is a manual.
  9. Low MPG vs Advertised on 1.2 TCE

    No, I've never used it on the Kadjar. It drives great without and I'm not prepared to jeopardise that just for the sake of a couple of mpg more. I used it all the time on my previous Captur but that was a lighter car.
  10. Low MPG vs Advertised on 1.2 TCE

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your car. The 1.2 TCE, depending on type of journeys etc., is thirsty. I've been getting low thirties all winter and have resigned myself to the fact. I don't have to commute and can please myself when and if I drive. I tend to take the longest route shopping just to get the engine up to working temperature. I realise that this improves my mpg, but at the same time I am having to drive more miles. Therefore no benefit, but hey, life is sometimes shit. I am hoping that the onset of warmer weather will bring improvements. I had my first service two days ago which entailed a 12 mile drive down the M1 to the dealers. My mpg for the journey back was 38.9 (constant 65-70 mph) so anyone having a long commute to work via Motorways will naturally get more respectable figures. Let's hope the new 1.3 engine will be more economical when it comes into service. Otherwise I'll be looking elsewhere for a replacement.
  11. Traveling

    I expect when Ted finds the smelling salts he'll have something to say to that! Dune doesn't look too bad on the photo, it seems to grow on you.

    Does the Nissan equivalent of our RLink2 in the QQ work more reliably than ours? Or is, as I suspect, their Forum full of complaints from disgruntled Nissan owners? You should know this Ted, I believe you are still a member of the QQ Forum.
  13. Styling bars

    Hi guys, what am I supposed to be looking at here? I can see the puddle lights but not make out anything else. What are styling bars?
  14. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    I'm with Kug on this one. I've had mine about 11 months now and I haven't had any major problems so far - touch wood. Any niggles I can live with or work round and I find that it is still mechanically a great car and pretty good to drive. If I have a gripe at all it is with the absolutely crap mpg. The 1.2 TCE is definitely not the car for Ted, he'd have slashed his wrists after a week! I'll probably keep this for another eighteen months or so, and hope that by then the new 1.3 will have replaced the 1.2. Either that or it will have a plug-in Hybrid version. If either of these scenarios becomes reality then I would have no qualms about buying another Kadjar.