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  1. new member

    Yes, I second that. I've got the 1.2 TCE too and I find it's extremely comfortable and a great drive. Welcome to the Forum.
  2. R-link 2

    I don't get this "Connect Button" stuff. I don't have one, have managed to update to and also the latest maps 16.12. The car is only nine months old so I am still getting everything "free" so when it runs out do I miraculously get a connect button on my screen?
  3. Same here Dave, I've never had an issue with it. My first car with auto handbrake and I love it. On the occasions when auto stop isn't available I apply it manually. Driving away has always been problemless. I drove my mate's car the other day which hasn't got this feature and I forgot that I had to manually release the handbrake, stalled it twice.
  4. R-link 2

    Thanks Boyko, mine looks exactly as yours.
  5. R-link 2

    I've just installed the map update and it took about the 35 minutes they said it would. No error messages so I assume everything is ok. I checked if anything had changed but it looked the same. Where does it show the map version? It shows but nowhere can I find V16.12. Also with regard to my previous post about download speed, Boyko had the same problem but the files were 4,659 MB. If Robertp's download took a few minutes were they Zipped, mine weren't.
  6. R-link 2

    It took me at least one and a half hours! No joke. I'm using BT Infinity (supposedly faster than average) but it does tend to slow down when the kids from the local school get home. I'm using a Mac but that shouldn't make all that difference. I'll put it down to the superb British infrastructure (Third World).
  7. R-link 2

    Well I've spent a highly productive (?) afternoon downloading the Maps update from RLink Toolbox. When I took the attached pic I was beginning to lose the will to live. Anyway I'm going to install it (hopefully) after tea. I'll let you know how it goes, it said "allow 30 minutes for installation". Nobody can tell me that this is a good method to get updates. If I get another car you can bet it will have Smartphone mirroring and/or updates direct to the car over wifi. It's like the eighties learning MS-DOS over again.
  8. R-link 2

    Thanks to everyone here for informing us of the update to This is one of the reasons why this Forum is great because,quite honestly, if I hadn't have read about it on here I would not have known about it. I too have updated to and at the moment the only difference is Audio Text on DAB. So my question is: is this upgrade instead of (which could only be done by a dealer) or a tweak to to keep a few people quiet? What exactly does improve? I would have thought that were this update the answer to all our prayers Renault would have been making a bigger deal of it and would have at least wrote/emailed its customers about it. Maybe I'm being a bit cynical. I'd still like to know what the new system software brings.
  9. Good point AOne, never thought of that. If the OP is British then he should have reported it, it could be a dodgy Pump. Never happened to me thank God.
  10. R-link 2

    Yes you can. I have Mac OS and had the same problem. It seems you can format with MS-DOS (FAT) option in Disc Utilities. It doesn't specifically state FAT 32 but it's the same thing. It saves driving to my daughters to use her Windows laptop. Try it.
  11. R-Link 2 Iphone Bluetooth problem

    I read somewhere that you may have to go into contacts, settings and allow data sharing. There's a post about it on another thread somewhere. Check permissions in settings too. Hope this helps.
  12. Yep, agree with you Ted. I had a K reg Marina between 74 and 77. It never let me down. Yellowy Cack Brown with brown interior. No RLink2 or out of date maps in those days. How did we manage?
  13. Great end to the year.

    As someone who, in his working life, lived and worked in Europe for over 25 years, I am well aware that other countries have roughly the same rules and regulations as we do. Wife'sKj's letter was in no way racial. He was, as I would have been, so pissed off that he was spitting blood. Had the other driver been British he would have written the same letter but substituted Eastern European gentleman with "some moron from Leeds/Glasgow/London". Understandably so in my opinion. We all know that we (here in Britain) have more than our fair share of idiots on the road so don't make an issue of something that isn't one. Happy New Year.
  14. Great end to the year.

    Wife'sKdj was stating the facts and not making a comment on Eastern Europeans. I realise that we live in a lunatic politically correct society but hell, was your comment necessary?
  15. Bloody hell Melville, it never rains eh? Was it a case of "a wee dram too many". You should have had him breathalysed.