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  1. Dented pride & joy

    I take it the other party's insurance picked the tab up. The repairs still would have to be done by a garage using Renault parts or your Warranty could/would be void. With regard to the panel gap: go back and play 'holy hell'. Not acceptable. If you were not at fault they had no right to fit 'third party' parts.
  2. Traveling

    I expect when Ted finds the smelling salts he'll have something to say to that! Dune doesn't look too bad on the photo, it seems to grow on you.

    Does the Nissan equivalent of our RLink2 in the QQ work more reliably than ours? Or is, as I suspect, their Forum full of complaints from disgruntled Nissan owners? You should know this Ted, I believe you are still a member of the QQ Forum.
  4. Styling bars

    Hi guys, what am I supposed to be looking at here? I can see the puddle lights but not make out anything else. What are styling bars?
  5. Same here Dave, I've never had an issue with it. My first car with auto handbrake and I love it. On the occasions when auto stop isn't available I apply it manually. Driving away has always been problemless. I drove my mate's car the other day which hasn't got this feature and I forgot that I had to manually release the handbrake, stalled it twice.
  6. Good point AOne, never thought of that. If the OP is British then he should have reported it, it could be a dodgy Pump. Never happened to me thank God.
  7. Yep, agree with you Ted. I had a K reg Marina between 74 and 77. It never let me down. Yellowy Cack Brown with brown interior. No RLink2 or out of date maps in those days. How did we manage?
  8. Great end to the year.

    As someone who, in his working life, lived and worked in Europe for over 25 years, I am well aware that other countries have roughly the same rules and regulations as we do. Wife'sKj's letter was in no way racial. He was, as I would have been, so pissed off that he was spitting blood. Had the other driver been British he would have written the same letter but substituted Eastern European gentleman with "some moron from Leeds/Glasgow/London". Understandably so in my opinion. We all know that we (here in Britain) have more than our fair share of idiots on the road so don't make an issue of something that isn't one. Happy New Year.
  9. Great end to the year.

    Wife'sKdj was stating the facts and not making a comment on Eastern Europeans. I realise that we live in a lunatic politically correct society but hell, was your comment necessary?
  10. Bloody hell Melville, it never rains eh? Was it a case of "a wee dram too many". You should have had him breathalysed.
  11. Members Kadjar Showcase

    The car looks good. Tell me, apart from the great looking wheels, what 'extras' differentiate this from our Sig Nav? It would also be interesting to learn what the mpg is in the 1600 Turbo in winter compared to the not so good mpg in the 1200. My last Renault was all black and when clean looks fantastic, but you've got to keep on top of it. It tends to show imperfections quickly. But as I said before, the car looks great. Why don't they offer this spec over here, it'd be worth it just for the rims.
  12. Merry Christmas to all Members

    Brilliant, who's a good boy then? Season's Greetings to everyone from me too!
  13. Walk away door locking

    Two points: there are no sensors at the front, therefore put your son in the back and then walk round the back to your side. Secondly, when you walk away and the car locks just press the unlock button on your remote and it will stay unlocked and the inner sensors are disarmed. I've lost count of the times I've forgotten this and walked round the front. Anyway pressing the button on the door handle is no big deal, except when you have an active child inside setting off the alarms.
  14. kadjar Petrol MPG

    My mpg is about the same as JohnBridge at the moment - 29-30. In summer I've been getting 33-34 tops! I don't do any long runs, most days it's only down to the local supermarket which is a round trip of about two and a half miles so the engine hardly ever gets to working temperature. I don't use the Eco setting but do have the speedo setting on "current mpg" permanently which tends to regulate my right foot. I expected more when I bought the car but the car drives so good that I can live with it. I would NOT live with it if I only got 22 mpg. Take it back to the dealers and get them to check it over.