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  1. R link 2 and Sony xperia xz premium.

    Hello, I have 3 Xperia : XZ, XZ Premium and the new one XZ1, and all works just fine with R-link2. With XZ i had a problem in April, because the firmware of r-link 2 was outdated and have some problem with android 7. I go to dealer and upgrade the firmware and from then until now, bluetooth works fine. Check your R-link 2 firmware version. Now on XZ1 i have Android 8.0 (Oreo) and works fine. Rlink 2 Software version: Boot Release: 4992 If you have the same software version, try to factory reset both: XZ premium and R-link 2 and try again to pair it.
  2. Where can I found this?

    Yes, he referring to Sports Pack (X-mod) i think...
  3. Pimp your Kadjar

    Hello guys! I just recive silicone rubber car keys case and ai order another things: Window Lifter Covers. What do you think?