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  1. I have just updated the R-Link 2 Software and Map Updates which went well. However, whilst sitting in the car doing this it dawned on me that there is probably a really easy way to provide some illumination for the drivers side door switches which operate the windows. Being a fisherman who sometimes fishes at night I sometimes use tiny little light sources which are called Betalights / Isotopes. These are basically small glass vials with a non-hazardous radioactive gas inside them called tritium. They come in various sizes / colours, don't need any batteries or a power source and should last for about 12 years. These are the sort of things I am talking about : https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/270929240022?chn=ps&adgroupid=46781198765&rlsatarget=pla-380170459360&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=7262664&poi=&googleloc=1006603&device=c&campaignid=974199509&crdt=0 My thought is that it would be really easy to get one or two of these (probably the green ones ?) and carefully glue them in place near the switches to provide some subtle illumination. I haven't tried it yet but can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Steve
  2. Pre registered car

    From an Insurance perspective it may also be worth double checking your policy wording / asking your insurance company / broker if your "New Car Clause" is impacted in any way by the vehicle being pre-registered (i.e. you are not gong to be the first registered keeper / owner of the vehicle). If the car were to be written off / stolen often car insurance policies will provide you with a brand new car (rather than "market value") if the claim is in the first year ... but sometimes the policy will also say that you have to be the first registered keeper / owner of the vehicle. Some insurance covers cater for pre-registered vehicles (often with mileage limit caveats) but some don't. Just something which may be worth checking. The dealer may try and sell you "GAP" (Guaranteed Asset Protection) cover which is similar to the above (i.e. you get a brand new car rather than "market value") but this "GAP" cover is sometimes quite costly and you have to weigh up the pro's and con's about the cost of the cover and whether or not you think it is worth buying ... if you are minted and paying cash for the car probably not so much of an issue but if on finance / a lease the benefit of buying the "GAP" cover is greater as if you only get "market value" your loan / lease company will still want the full amount you agreed to pay in the loan / lease agreement.