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  1. Hi guys Unfortunately Renault have messed up! I did make them aware that I have 2 kids and most of the boot space is taken up by the double buggy and it must be an auto...and the lady said it wouldn’t be problem as they have 2-3 days to arrange that. so I phoned them up to check which car they have for me and it was a twingo 3dr in MANUAL!!! Yes I repeat a MANUAL!! I mean where has there common sense gone!! Really amateur aftersales! Have to wait for them to try and arrange/authorise something through a company called enterprise. God knows how long that will take now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It has happened 2-3 times now...and have booked with Renault for Friday...did read somewhere on the net it could be due to filling up fuel from supermarket pumps...apparently it’s not as refined as proper petrol pumps retailers like esso,texaco,etccc.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It has happened on more than 1 occasion...it’s been booked in with Renault for Friday.
  4. Hi Got a warning light today saying “check auto gear box” on my kadjar dynamique s nav. pulled over and switched the car off and on again the warning disappeared. anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  5. Possible fault queries

    Hi yes I did mean the catch inside of the rear door. tried the same thing today and the door didn't unlock this time. We still feel very concerned leaving the little one in the back by him self in case it happens again randomly. do you guys still think it may be worth contacting Renault to throughly give it the once over about this issue to make sure it all safe? Thanks
  6. Hi we have a kadjar dynamique s nav, 17 plate. Had it only 3 months so far and experienced some concerning issues with it today 1. I Centrally locked the car before driving off and 5 mins later dash lights up about a doors opened! My 2yr old in the back opened it! I then didn't trust the central locking system so decided to do the manual child lock on the door. Driving for about 25-30 mins now and again my 2 yr managed to open it! Pulled over and checked the child lock and it had gone back to the unlock position by itself. 2. Was Driving in eco mode and get to a set of red lights, I brake the Car switches off...as the light goes green I lift my foot of the brake and the car ignition didn't come back on and all the internal lights came on! Basically the car kind of stalled. I then had to start the car by foot on brake and pressing the start button. i will be phoning Renault in the morning about the issues, was wondering if any of you guys have experienced any of these issues?? Thanks
  7. Hi i was just curious to see if was able to play my iPhone videos/photos via the Apple car play system...but was not able to as the only options to select as a media player was USB1 or USB2. i was a little surprised at that as my iPhone lead was plugged into the port but for some reason can't seem to get to play any videos/pictures. is it even possible that way? Thanks
  8. My car and changes I made

    Hi Quick question. The link you have put for the sunglasses holder, in the description it don't mention it's compatible with a kadjar...but I'm assuming it is as you have fitted it in yours? Thanks
  9. Tyre pressure

    hi done a reading of tyres again today and they all 4 tyres had different readings...fronts tyres were reading 2.5 2.6 and rears wheels were 2.3 2.4 would anyone contact Renault about this or is not that major to bother over? Thanks
  10. Tyre pressure

    Hi have had my dynamic s nav for about 3 weeks now...please see the pic below of my tyre pressure reading to see if all is okay or not ? Thanks
  11. Hi I've seemed to have got a scratch/dent on my blue kadjar! is there anyone that has used some of the products on the market to repair dents/scratches on there kadjars? Would recommended them or not? Also there a slight scuff mark on plastic trim above the tyre. Any diy products to sort that as well? Thanks
  12. My Alloygators

    It's just I read on the alloy gator web site that recommend on not using them on machine polished or diamond cut alloys as they " may increase the risk of moisture retention and accelerate wheel degradation" im a bit 50/50 now about getting them...and if at the end of my pcp when I give car back I would hope Renault don't try and penalise me for having them on and say they have caused some kind of wheel degration. cheapest quote I got for a mobile mechanic to come fit them on is £70.
  13. My Alloygators

    Hi sorry for the dumb question...are these alloys machine polished or diamond cut? Thanks