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  1. front indicator bulbs

    Hi william john, Try this link for replacing the front bulbs in the main headlight cluster. http://gb.e-guide.renault.com/eng/HFE/search/front%20indicator%20bulbs
  2. New Front Tyres

    JC, Try the link below which provides an explanation of the markings on tyre sidewalls. https://www.blackcircles.com/general/sidewall Sam64
  3. New Front Tyres

    I've just recently fitted Nexen Fera' SU4 in 19 inch. They are not a premium tyre, but from review's are a good replacement and are half the price of the conti's.
  4. Hello

    That's my point! It's just a tongue in cheek response... C'mon you must see the sense of humour in that surely !?
  5. Hello

    You never know, the forum police may be on to you!
  6. Hello

    turboted10, For the record I wanted to be sure this forum was worth joining for the same reason you have raised. I believe after 10 months of motoring you have a better understanding of how your vehicle performs in various conditions, of which you can share with similar like minded members within a forum, rather than focusing on the niggly new build issues most manufacturer generally tend to have when introducing a new model. In regards to Aliexpress, this was brought to my attention by advance member(s) within this forum in a post titled "Pimp my Kadjar" I wasn't aware there was a particular time frame to join this forum after purchasing your vehicle? But that said I do agree there are a number of weird posts within this forum which does not seem relevant for sharing car related information. Apologies accepted though.
  7. Reverse camera

    Much appreciated Daren. I just may take you up on your offer of activating the camera input, as I'm not far from the M1, M62 corridor. I found this clip on youtube for removing the dash and grab handle, as it may be useful for others.
  8. Hello

    I'm not sure what was done, but the dealership did something to resolve this during the Kadjar's first service, as the wind noise has somewhat reduced, but not to the level I would expect for a vehicle of this status. Soundproofing does not seem to be as good as other SUV's within the same price range.
  9. Reverse camera

    Hi darenh, Wow great job, not having this done at the dealers that will save me a bundle of money as I was looking to retrofit a reversing camera too. Did you pick up your aftermarket reversing camera from Aliexpress? They have a number of these products for sale on their website, but not sure which product to go for. What tool did you use and how easy was it to pry off the fascia panel housing the touch screen, as this part of the install makes me nervous that taking this part off may damage bluebell (thats what my wife calls our Cosmic Blue Kadjar) Apologies for asking a hundred and one questions on this post.
  10. Hello

    Hello I'm a new member and just registered on this forum, I would like to take this opportunity say hi to the Kadjar family. My Dynamique S satnav has been a joy to be in and has given me 10 months of pleasurable motoring, apart from the common issue of minor wind noise once you hit 70 mph (didn't have this in my Megan Tom Tom). I'm looking forward in sharing tips or ideas with rest of you as I've already started personalising my Kadjar with accessories from Aliexpress.com