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  1. Newbie waiting for Pooh to arrive

    Wouldn't call Pooh drab, I think posh or elegant suits it better 😊
  2. My not daily ride 😊

    Nice, years ago we had one in gold, I still carry the scars from updating the cooling system 😬
  3. My not daily ride 😊

    My 22 year old Toy, makes me grin like a lunatic everyone I drive it
  4. Say Hello to Pooh

    Thank you for your comments and apologies for late reply, I've been enjoying driving it almost as much as my toy, without a doubt a very rewarding car to drive and I have to say very impressed with the media which I will admit was concerning me but no problem using it at all and I'm enjoying the DAB radio choices which I've not had on previous cars. After saying a few years ago that you'll never see me in a French car I'm having to eat my words, this is now my second, I previously had a Citroen DS5 which was also very nice but the ride was a little on the firm side maybe down to the elastic band tyres lol, I changed it reluctantly for the Volvo 3 years ago but it was only complaints about the comfort from my wife whichever nailed the lid on the coffin, I'm happy to find that she also loves Pooh especially as she can change the display to purple
  5. Say Hello to Pooh

    Picked her up yesterday, really really pleased with it.
  6. Newbie waiting for Pooh to arrive

    Pooh should be with us on Friday at noon, if the dealer keeps on schedule it should give me a chance to at least start on getting a nice deep looking wax finish before i take a few pics to show you all
  7. Congratulations Jen, looks like you're really enjoying you're Kadjar which is as it should be. My dealer called earlier today to say that mine will be ready for collection at noon this Friday, would be a massive understatement to say i cant wait lol.
  8. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    This seems to be a statement that current hardware will not be able to receive the updated software, until i get my car i wont even know for sure. I AM a member of several car forums and am fully aware of how problems escalate on them. I may be one of the happy with my purchase owners but i see no problem with being familiar with this issue and be able to discuss it with my dealer should i need to. I suggest you read the link i posted if you haven't already, then instead of presuming this is the only car forum i go on you may be able to offer informed advice
  9. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Oh dear, i don't even have my Kadjar yet and this doesn't sound good if I'm reading it right http://www.gps-carminat.com/v3/2017/01/22/des-details-sur-android-auto-et-carplay/
  10. Newbie waiting for Pooh to arrive

    Thanks both, getting quite excited now waiting for it lol, actually our dealer Hendy in Surrey had all the colours except Dune on the forecourt so we did choose it from a stock photo
  11. Hi all, only found this forum after placing our order for a new Kadjar and even after reading through the posts over the last few days I'm still of the opinion that we made a good choice. We took quite a few different makes out on test drives including the Nissans and the new CHR from Toyota, discounted others after studying features, power, economy etc, came close with the Alteca but felt the Renault gave us best overall value and features for our needs, ok after considering various colours and options we settled on a S Nav, i wanted one in black and my wife wanted the red so after a little heated discussion we decided to go for it in Dune which seems to be rather unkindly referred to as poo by some on here lol. Placed our order last Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to find that we can expect delivery sometime late next week, only downside is I've just filled our Volvo up with diesel and will struggle to use it all before our Kadjar arrives grrr, still at least thanks to this forum we will have no trouble finding its "pet name" lol