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  1. System Update This Morning

    How about solving tapatalk issue? Without this forum will die.
  2. System Update This Morning

    Tapatalk is still not working :(. When it will be solved?
  3. My car and changes I made

    Yes, this one I have installed. Second option is orginal holder from Renault Captur but much more expensive. regards
  4. My car and changes I made

    I had simple radio like this : regards
  5. My car and changes I made

    Here: regards
  6. New Key

    I'm using this silicones about month and no problems, fits perfectly. regards
  7. My car and changes I made

    Nice! But I installed the shortest - 11cm. Probably you have longer. regards
  8. My car and changes I made

    About doors - there are plastic covers. This photo should help. In the trunk I installed led stripes on both sides like in photo and are connected to original trunk lamp. regards
  9. My is in the same colour: regards
  10. Kadjar Android Retrofit

    Poland. No i don't have any additional switches. Some settings are in menu on main dashboard. regards
  11. Kadjar Android Retrofit

    It was my original. regards
  12. Kadjar Android Retrofit

    I've just today installed in my car. regards
  13. Reverse camera

    For parts number you can look into this: Wysłane z mojego SM-G920F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  14. Could you show some pictures how it should be installed? regards Grzes