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  1. Yeah i tried just changing bulbs..weren't very good. will take a look on ebay
  2. Haven't made any enquiries yet but was thinking of asking a local garage who specialise in Renault. But do have a good mate who is a Ford technician....I live M25/Lakeside area.
  3. No, none are essential to me. Was wondering how easy they might be to add to the car. After seeing and reading what has been put on the car by others, it got me thinking.
  4. My main issue with the Kadjar is having to deal with Renault....There are other things like the non illumination of the door switches, (mine is a 2015 model), which when you test drive during the day, you wouldn't realise they weren't, and kind of expect all cars to have this now Anyway. (But still not that bothered about) I have been thinking for some time now, and very nearly did, was to trade it in and go back to a car that had all the bits you would want. But, i am now starting to think would it be worth adding some of the things i would want/like in a car. Things like; 1. LED Headlights. 2. Illuminated door switches. 3. Reverse Camera. 4. Powered tail gate. 5, LED number plate lights. 5 Ambient lighting. I suppose i am looking for advice on the best possible solutions to get all the above added. Do I, Go to a garage and pay for the work, pay someone else who would fit them or do them myself? Changing the number plate lights to LED is the easiest, just unsure of what lamps to buy. When i was younger i would have gone all out to fit these myself and not worry about removing trim etc. I have seen DarrenH do 2 of these fits, so i know they can be done, But what about retro fitting the LEDs or is it worth getting those brighter lamps? What do Think? Mad or just not worth it?
  5. Kadjar queries

    For every post that says Don't do it, there's probably 2 or 3 that says yes do it. Like Horsepowerimages says, some things bug the wotsit out of him, that others aren't that bothered about. There doesn't appear to be many complaints in regard to drive, engines or gearboxes. More the interior things like the R-Link system. Only you can decide what you want from the car. And what you would be willing to accept.
  6. 19" Wheels

    I suppose i really shouldn't reply but hey,,,why not? My test drive was on the 17" wheels but, i preferred the look of the 19" so i opted for the 19s, as they were free! And only £20 a year tax. I can honestly say the better ride was on the 17s though. I sometimes wonder should i have gone with the 17s? but whenever I look at the car i think, nah, the 19s look better. If Renault had the 17" wheels in the same style as the 19" i would have stuck with the 17s So it all came down to aesthetics over ride.......................
  7. Fuel gauge

    Mine is exactly the same...Nothing wrong. Wait and see when it gets down below the half way mark, then it will move a lot quicker lol
  8. But in reality, you will only get 1 and even that will be out of date!
  9. After all said and done, Stephen is absolutely right in what he has said, (but then with a name like Stephen he must be spot on! lol). Re-Your Primary objectives 1,2,3,5 tick all the boxes, and more. I have the 1.5 Diesel Auto. I never thought i would drive a diesel car, thinking exactly like you noise, but i was wrong. 4 is a bit hit and miss if you thinking about R-Link interior and exterior are good. My personal choice away from the Kadjar would have been the Santa Fe, something i wish i had gone for now.
  10. Ahh ok..I stand corrected...I did write apparently because I was told you couldn't
  11. 1. No 2. No 3.No Explanations; 1. I couldn't recommend it due to the fact it still seems to be in it's experimental stage..the R-Link system still giving problems, even on 17 plate models. Their customer service stinks. They don't, or can't be bothered to, investigate the R-Link issues as it would seem they are looking to replace it already! I won't go into the minor issues of non existent items that are standard on even the basic, less expensive cars, but not on a car that costs upwards of £24k It has taken buyers, like DarrenH, to install certain items of equipment themselves to make it a little more like the car it should be. If they can do it, why the hell couldn't Renault. I read somewhere on here it was to keep certain levels of equipment from Nissan...WTF? These bits of kit are already 'out there' almost all other manufacturers of SUVs have them fitted. It's basic kit! 2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I should have got on this forum before buying, rather than after. 3. From what I hear about the Bose system, it's not all it's cracked up to be. The arkamys system is ok, but that's it, ok. At least you can adjust the Base, Treble and mid. which you can't on the Bose system apparently? But even after making adjustments, it doesn't seem to make any difference...It's all base, there seems to be a lack of a tweeter speaker. You don't get the same sound from the dual ones. All in all I have no intention of buying an upgraded Kadjar. Or any other Renault come to that ever again.
  12. Hello From A Dealer!

    That's interesting.....How much do Renault charge for them?
  13. Hello From A Dealer!

    So, Why don't Renault supply the spare wheel foams in the boot as an aftermarket accessory? I eventually got a space saver wheel through Renault customer services, which now just sits in my garage, but they can't get the 2 foam risers that should come with it.....I have to get it ordered from Nissan. Any idea if Renault now supply these?
  14. Hi All, Anyone else had a problem with their brake pedal?...Mine seems to stick when the temp rises inside the car. Everything's fine when cold but as soon as the car warms up it seems to stick. it's almost like i have to press the pedal a little then press again! Brakes are fine and work well, just the pedal movement is off putting as it starts to feel like a click when i press the pedal. Don't know if it's getting worse or i am finding it more and more irritating as time goes on. not ready to go back to dealer just yet..May wait until service.