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  1. Speedo Units

    I contacted Renault about this. They told me that the feature is only on cars sold in the UK, not Ireland and the only way to change it would be to bring it to the dealers and get it temporarily changed and then change it back once you had returned from the UK. God forbid Renault supply this feature to a country that has a land border with the UK and has two different speed units on the one Island!
  2. I have been using S7 with nougat and it's working fine. Only issue i had was after the upgrade the phone wouldn't pair with the rlink and the rlink couldn't see the phone. I just deleted the phone out of the rlink paired devices and paired them again. Has been working since.
  3. Instrument panel lighting

    The day time adjustment is usually greyed out when your lights are on. Night time greyed out when the lights are off.
  4. USB Charging current

    I don't know exactly how much current it supplies but it's definitely more than 500mA. I warned my wife who uses it to charge her iphone that if it was like a pc usb it would be barely able to charge the phone. She seemed to think it was as quick as her normal charger so it's at least 1A possibly even 2A.
  5. tyre pressure

    I noticed the rlink said mine were 2.1 front and 1.9 rear. Checked them at the garage at that's exactly what they were. Topped them up and all is good. Yeah cooler weather is dropping the pressures alright.
  6. Issue with cooler

    Yeah it's about 20km from my house to the office and that's when it used to do it the most. It won't normally try a regeneration until the engine is up to temperature so won't try on short trips.
  7. Issue with cooler

    Is your car a diesel? I had this issue with my ford transit connect. Every couple of days whenever i stopped the fan would be going crazy. I took it back to ford and they told me that it was the DPF regeneration cycle. If your DPF is starting to get clogged due to numerous short journeys the ECU will start a regeneration cycle. This usually involves putting more fuel into the combustion chamber which then ignites in the exhaust. The extra hot gases in the exhaust burn off the soot in the DPF. This regeneration cycle causes the exhaust manifold to get very hot and if you stop the car during or soon after the cycle the fan is kept going to cool the exhaust manifold. On the ford there is no light on the dash to tell you when a cycle is happening so i kept turning off the van in the middle of the cycle. A couple of days later i went on a long journey and the fan stopped doing it. After more experience i can tell when the cycle is happening especially if you watch the current fuel consumption as it spikes for around 10 minutes during the cycle.
  8. What Rubber??

    I got my 161 Sig Nav on the 4th of January and it had Conti's fitted.
  9. Kadjar r link bluetooth issues

    I was on to Renault Ireland again yesterday about this because i have to bring my Kadjar back to the dealer for the airbag recall and don't want to have to do it again for the Rlink update. They said the firmware for the Rlink was in the final stages of testing but couldn't give me an exact date. When i was on to them a couple of weeks ago they said the end of May, first two weeks of June. That's if you believe Renault!! Get onto Renault though as the more people who register the issue there will be more pressure to get a fix out to the dealers.
  10. Airbag recall

    I also got my letter from Renault Ireland this morning about the recall.
  11. Go faster button

    I should have known the great and knowledgeable Ulfire would have been right. It was indeed in Eco mode. I don't remember turning it on. Unless the wife did but she has her own profile. The button under the accelerator works exactly as you said. When you press it it knocks it out of eco mode temporarily. I drove the car this morning with eco turned off. I was impressed with the engine. I drive a 1.6 tdci ford transit connect and there is just no power in that engine at all. So i assumed the 1.5 renault would be similar but out of eco mode it really does go.
  12. Go faster button

    I didn't have it in Eco mode or have the speed limiter on but it still gave a boost once pressed. Also I have a manual box so it's not an auto kick down either.
  13. Can't believe I've owned the kadjar since January and have only just discovered this. I fairness I was going easy on the engine for the first while, but last night I finally got to drive the car on my own and discovered that when you press the accelerator to the floor that when you meet resistance if you press harder you press a button under the accelerator pedal and it seems to really give the engine a boost. Very handy for overtaking. I have the 1.5 diesel and thought the engine was ok, exactly what I was expecting but when you press the button it has a lot more power than I was expecting. Had some good fun driving the car, to the speed limits of course!!
  14. Kadjar r link bluetooth issues

    It's not a marshmallow problem. I have the same issue with my S7 but my htc one m8 on marshmallow connects without issues. Also i noticed that the s7 will stay connected if you only select media and not headset on the bluetooth connection. Was able to play music no problems. Also i connected the s7 to a ford sync on my work van and it worked without issues. So i'm afraid i think it's Renault's problem.
  15. I did some testing today and discovered the following. My htc one m8 on marshmallow connects with no issues, as does my old galaxy s5. My new galaxy s7 constantly drops the connection and then tries to reconnect. However when I disabled the handset part of the Bluetooth and just connected the media it worked fine and played music without issues. I think the issue is with samsung touchwiz as most issues seem to be samsung related rather than android.