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  1. Find a dealership on or near a hill, drive slowly down the slope and park when the nose is a foot from some solid obstacle then ask the dealer to reverse back up the slope. That should get a reaction - and maybe even some actual action other than a dented front bumper!
  2. Word of warning about stalling

    Restarting after a stall isn't as quick as pre-electronic era manuals though, I could do it so fast back then that nobody who wasn't in the car with me would ever have known. Sadly, that few extra seconds now makes it obvious!
  3. Totally agree that it's a flawed system - because it's totally pointless to be driving along a feeder road in a new part of town, knowing that it's going to be tricky for the satnav to get it right so looking for street names, only to find some random dead end close somewhere off to the right and sometimes not even connected to the road you are on, is the only street name displayed! Doing that is worse than displaying no street names at all! Bonkers, though hardly something to be basing your next choice of car on!
  4. Faulty alarm

    Mine very occasionally has a spell of nighttime activation, I park it on the driveway. Annoying, but as it's infrequent, I just put it down to a spider or fly in the car - I've never previously considered the cat possibility! When it happens I then lock the doors only, disabling the internal sensors and it's never repeated after that - nor has it happened for the last 2 weeks (touch wood). I use only my keycard manually, never walk-away auto-locking.
  5. Any work needed because the service was delayed will not be covered by the warranty. The time starts running from the date it was first registered and is the first of 12 months or 18,000 miles i.e. this month or asap in April.
  6. New Kadjar but DAB radio not fit for purpose!

    Nothing like that has happened with my 12 month old Sig Nav petrol Kadjar, though it has that very annoying 'feature' of always going to preset 1 when scrolling to a different station using the steering wheel scroll wheel after you've been on some other station for a while. That is just an appalling design 'feature'.
  7. Phone link showing "on hold" in Kadjar

    I can't help with that particular problem but it may be useful to mention an R-Link issue of mine that started (possibly coincidentally) during last week's cold weather. The R-Link connection to Media is stuck on one particular paired phone and will not release, thus preventing any other of the paired devices from connecting. The 'stuck' phone will, however, connect whenever it is present. Also, at the same time, the steering wheel 'phone call' button stopped working - though the display connection method works OK. The voice control button on the steering wheel works correctly. I have a service due later this month so will let them sort it out - unless anyone knows how to fix it? March 2017 Sig Nav TCE 130.
  8. Well again, I've never (in the 11 months I've had it) had an issue of any kind with the automatic handbrake when taking off quickly or slowly, on the flat or on a hill, in busy car parks or on my driveway, in forward or reverse. I'm baffled by some saying they sometimes need to control the handbrake manually. There is a slight delay though when waiting for it to apply when stopping at say uphill traffic lights,. then it suddenly bites and can cause a jerk if the car isn't 100% stationary - but I avoid that by applying the footbrake for a second or two as I come to a halt. There is definitely less fine control with these electronic handbrakes though, compared to manual ones, and when I first encountered one on my previous car a Scenic over 10 years ago, I HATED them with a passion. Maybe I get on fine with them now because of that decade of practice!
  9. You should not have to release the handbrake manually! I have no issues with my 1.2L manual Kadjar when taking off up hills or on the flat and no need to rev it silly. Smooth as silk. Confirm the high bite point for the clutch, it was like that on my previous Scenic too. You'll probably get used to it all, eventually.
  10. No, it won't always be exactly 55L if the pump is an ATC pump (and the pump must say so). The differences in pumps are from the different temperatures in the underground tanks at different times of year, not between tank and car. Typically less than 1% says the government explanatory leaflet, because underground temperatures vary much less than air temperatures. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/283253/laymans-guide-on-sta-measurement-v2-march_2011.pdf BUT... the biggest effect of petrol expansion will be after cold petrol from underground goes into a car tank on a hot day, it can (after a while) expand by a few percent so the petrol tank volume is probably quoted on the low side to hopefully reduce overspillages if your off to park at home nearby on a scorcher. For the above reasons, the true Kadjar tank volume is likely more than the quoted 55L, the 58L mentioned could be the true volume. Who's going to run 30 miles into the empty zone then fill up to test it?
  11. With all my previous cars using physical keys to lock doors and start ignition, I could start the engine and run it for 5 minutes on the driveway to warm it up, melt windscreen ice etc. before getting in and driving off. To prevent theft, I would lock the car with my spare key set and head back indoors to finish getting ready. Many people I know, if not most, sometimes do this in very cold weather. But when I try to do this with my key-carded Kadjar, the doors will not lock. It was a particular problem last weekend when my daughter had a severe respiratory infection and bad cough and needed to get into an already warm car when I took her out - the initially cold air badly affected her. Does anyone know if and how it's possible to do this with a Kadjar (Sig Nav)?
  12. Yes if you fill it to the brim, if it's warmer outside or in your tank than in the underground tank, it can overflow when it warms up and expands. What I was saying in that earlier post that gave shredder101 a headache , is that automatic temperature compensation in some forecourt fuel pumps will display more litres than the actual fuel volume dispensed in winter, and fewer litres than the actual fuel dispensed in summer. In think that's how it works anyway, because petrol contracts when cold and expands when warm, but the energy content doesn't change. The alternative would be to alter the price but it would be changing so often that people would think the garage were on the fiddle! The standard temperature it's based on is 15 degrees C IIRC. It's all covered by official regulations I think - and the pumps using it should display a notice to say so.
  13. Part of it is temperature. It's mid winter, petrol contracts when cold and expands when warm, for the same amount of mass and energy. Some pumps correct for this automatically so you have to pay for all that extra energy it e.g. it would be say 100 litres based on a (standardised) 15 deg C temperature but in reality only 98 litres at say 5 degrees C might have gone in, which would be equivalent to 100 litres at 15 degrees C energy-and price-wise. That lets you squeeze an extra 2 litres (or whatever) more into the tank. So instead of charging a higher price for more energy per litre when it's cold, which they could do if they wanted to, they 'fake' the litres and keep the price the same (if fitted with automatic temperature compensation - ATC). In summer, the reverse would apply. The pump should indicate if ATC is being used. Plus all the other things mentioned above as the specs wil only be approximate.
  14. Parking camera view?

    Probably the rubbish torque (if the 205 Nm quoted in the brochure is correct) ! Maybe the rubbish fuel consumption too, so they won't have to cheat the official tests for urban cycle as much in future.
  15. Parking camera view?

    Kadjar already has the TCE 165 petrol engine option, 163 BHP and a 1618 cc turbo.
  16. Walk away door locking

    Haha very funny. Bottom line: there can be too much automation, I prefer to have manual control, at least over how and when my car locks. It's purely down to personal preference and circumstances, which is precisely why there are options provided.
  17. No, I would only try that as a last resort; I am looking first to see if there is another way.
  18. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    Me too, Renault and Nissan diesels are filthy - the emissions are many times higher in real life driving than the artificial testing (Euro 5 & 6). There are many articles on this this year, including: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/782194/diesel-car-NOX-emissions-pollution-vehicles
  19. Walk away door locking

    Tried it but turned mine off within a month, too many issues with the grandkids who can never make their minds up if they want to stay in or get out, sometimes even with other adult passengers. Everything happens too quickly becauise it's very short range and by the time they've made their minds up, I'm at the shop doorway (if I'm near it) from where I can control everything, lock/unlock/disable internal sensors. I love the long range of the manual key fob.
  20. Winter tyre pressure

    Off topis (sorry!) but there's going to be plenty of the white stuff around on Friday Saturday and maybe beyond that too. Not everywhere but *possibly* anywhere, if you see what I mean. The further north, inland and up high you are the more likely it is.
  21. kadjar Petrol MPG

    32 mpg for me in my 1.2 TCE around town (suburbia) and no lack of power, there's plenty of that. Mostly me + 1 passenger. I don't drive it hard, just 'normally' and I can get 37-40mpg on longer runs doing over 70 mph (but never 80) whenever I can. 22 mpg sounds to me like hard driving in stop-start conditions or windy roads in the peak District with a full load, soft tyres a full tank a big roof rack and then some! Otherwise, there's a fault somewhere or somethings badly worn.
  22. automatic no lights

    I do! For about 2 minutes when I first take delivery of a new car and it's stationary. Otherwise, never - in nearly 50 years of driving.
  23. Tire Pressure Warnings

    Yeah, I had to do a quick steering wheel button reset after correcting my pressures, the warning wouldn't otherwise go away.
  24. Keyless car theft

    The simple solution rarely mentioned by the media is to turn off keyless walk-away locking and use the key fob manually as you walk away, also checking to see the mirrors auto-fold if you have that option. I did that within a week or two of getting it and will never use walkaway locking again. It soon becomes an ingrained habit so I've never forgotten to lock it, and if I leave a kid in the car it's easy to just do the long presss to disable the movement sensor as you say 'don't open the door or you'll set off the alarm!'
  25. Tire Pressure Warnings

    To be fair though, most people with Kadjars drive them so far within safe handling limits that those fairly small small pressure fluctuations are neither here nor there. I am one such! Got my first pressure warning this week in the morning cold but even then, it had only dropped by 2 or 3 psi in the 8 months since I bought it - partly due to the cold weather and parking it outside. I doubt if I'll need to top up the air again before the Springtime. Of course, if I'd bought it in a heatwave the drop in a cold snap would have been greater - and always remember, air is made up of 78% nitrogen anyway and still expands and contracts in heat/cold.