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  1. Winter tyre pressure

    Off topis (sorry!) but there's going to be plenty of the white stuff around on Friday Saturday and maybe beyond that too. Not everywhere but *possibly* anywhere, if you see what I mean. The further north, inland and up high you are the more likely it is.
  2. kadjar Petrol MPG

    32 mpg for me in my 1.2 TCE around town (suburbia) and no lack of power, there's plenty of that. Mostly me + 1 passenger. I don't drive it hard, just 'normally' and I can get 37-40mpg on longer runs doing over 70 mph (but never 80) whenever I can. 22 mpg sounds to me like hard driving in stop-start conditions or windy roads in the peak District with a full load, soft tyres a full tank a big roof rack and then some! Otherwise, there's a fault somewhere or somethings badly worn.
  3. automatic no lights

    I do! For about 2 minutes when I first take delivery of a new car and it's stationary. Otherwise, never - in nearly 50 years of driving.
  4. Tire Pressure Warnings

    Yeah, I had to do a quick steering wheel button reset after correcting my pressures, the warning wouldn't otherwise go away.
  5. Keyless car theft

    The simple solution rarely mentioned by the media is to turn off keyless walk-away locking and use the key fob manually as you walk away, also checking to see the mirrors auto-fold if you have that option. I did that within a week or two of getting it and will never use walkaway locking again. It soon becomes an ingrained habit so I've never forgotten to lock it, and if I leave a kid in the car it's easy to just do the long presss to disable the movement sensor as you say 'don't open the door or you'll set off the alarm!'
  6. Tire Pressure Warnings

    To be fair though, most people with Kadjars drive them so far within safe handling limits that those fairly small small pressure fluctuations are neither here nor there. I am one such! Got my first pressure warning this week in the morning cold but even then, it had only dropped by 2 or 3 psi in the 8 months since I bought it - partly due to the cold weather and parking it outside. I doubt if I'll need to top up the air again before the Springtime. Of course, if I'd bought it in a heatwave the drop in a cold snap would have been greater - and always remember, air is made up of 78% nitrogen anyway and still expands and contracts in heat/cold.
  7. New Member Alan B

    Just disable walkaway locking as I have done, problem fixed. I had no end of problems at first when taking the grandkids out and leaving them in the car - moving around, sometimes opening the door, alarm alarm - so disabled the walkaway. Manually locking and unlocking with the key works from a long distance away too, including from nearby inside buildings if you wish, so it doesn't delay things at all and seeing the folding mirrors fold (my model) is reassuring. You can still lock it without internal alarm being set if the kids are young or it's a dodgy area.
  8. There's an argument for 17 inch wheels vs 19 inchers and given the option (which I didn't have) I would have chosen 17 inchers. But the 19 inch wheels are OK, albeit a bit noisier around town (you hear road noise at lower speeds than my previous small wheeled Scenic). Part of that may be a quieter engine or different soundproofing though - and the Kadjar is more stable. I have no problem with kerbing as i just drive more carefully when near or crossing them. But winter tyres? Not here in coastal southern England - where snow is on the ground for half a day about twice a year on average and even then is only an issue if you live outside the towns!
  9. Mandatory Update

    There's no mention of any My Renault smartphone app for me so, puzzled. I do have a Coyote Series v2 mandatory update on my R-Link 2 page, which I never installed and never will, except that there's a footnote saying: " Notice: You will not be able to purchase new applications or services until you install this update ". I have no idea what services or applications they are referring to, though I can't see myself 'purchasing' anything for installation on RLink 2 !.
  10. Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    Just to add a few things. My parking sensors are very accurate but slow. If I edge up towards an obstacle then stop briefly when a couple of feet away, they soon catch up and then I can accurately edge as close as 6 to 12 inches away and haven't touched anything yet. They flare slightly sideways too, which helps when driving slowly through narrow gaps too, e.g. in a multi-storey or supermarket car park. Petrol consumption around town in the 1.2 TCE petrol turbo is appalling, I get 30mpg with no effort and 33 when driving like the proverbial granny, 31-32 is typical. Can't speak for the auto though. 38-40 is more typical on motorways etc., very similar to my previous 1.6 non-turbo Scenic. If fuel consumption isn't a problem, there is now a manual 1.6 turbo petrol version - don't know if that's available as an auto though. Overall, it's a surprisingly refined car for its type IMO and although I too would have had smaller wheels had they been an option on the Sig Nav, I soon got used to the 19 inchers and find road noise and ride is fine, and the music system is clear even at high motorway speeds - you can speak to passengers easily too, unlike some cars I have had in the past.
  11. I'd be sorely tempted to buy the 1.6 turbo petrol version next - after facelift, niggles and all. Yes even poorer fuel consumption but I suspect I wouldn't be able to resist!
  12. My dealer's demonstrator was chipped from the wiper blade - when I pointed it out to them, they were gobsmacked! Needless to say, I triple checked my new car on delivery for this! Likes: Petrol power (I like gear changing!); auto headlights; seat and ride height; Handling and ride comfort (even with big wheels); fast clearance of mist inside windows; climate control. Dislikes: poor rear visibility; poor fuel consumption; wiper issue as above; non-clearance of rain from outside windows; central console cup holder position.
  13. First service, now different feel

    But the published performance specs and emissions spec (Euro 6) haven't changed since 2015, including the latest July 2017 brochure, so I can't see that they would be so brazen as to improve emissions by lowering the performance specs on new sales as that would be consumer misrepresentation, right? And why would they do this after a first service when not doing it on new sales?

    Full specs of the TCE 165 are in the July Kadjar brochure - and while the peak power compared to TCE 130 is up from 130 at 5500 rpm to 163 bhp at 5200 rpm, the maximum torque and rpm is not - it's still 205 Nm ISO at 2000 rpm, which is slightly disappointing. So for caravan owners, the maximum braked towing weight now matches the 1.6 manual diesels, the unbraked towing weight only matches the 1.5 diesel manual, though it is up on the TCE 130. Fuel consumption is down on the TCE 130 of course in urban driving though not, they say, when touring.
  15. Keyless Driving

    Did you switch the engine off during your travels?