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  1. Did you come down from 19's and if so any issues with change over car setting, tps sensors etc also what price are we looking at as I also found the 19's give a harsh ride compared to what I was accustomed too, any info appreciated.

    This topic from another discussion about this shows exactly where the screw is for adjusting headlights. Take note I found out this information by using the search function,constantly asking members to use it. http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/topic/2057-headlamp-adjustment-for-driving-on-the-right/
  3. Forgiven, topic now locked, lights off
  4. If you use the search function on this site you will find a topic on this , we all want to help but please if you haven't already, make use of the search function 1st for any topics already covering this, if you cant find the answer repost in your original posting
  5. Think we need to put this one to bed as 1st posting on this was way back in 2015 . So just to clarify and correct me if I am wrong, light in glove box appeared in models from 2017 so if you ain't got one and you really want one, you need to put your own one in and if you have a 2017 model you should have no trouble in finding your gloves. Could the last person to leave turn the lights off please👀
  6. I already know what it does when i push the start button 🤔

    Replaced my front tyres at 19,500 with Kumho Ecsta PS71 225/45 R19 Y (96), Reinforced x 2 £124.21 per tyre, wasn't paying for continental at over £200 each and so far so good, no worse than the contis and they have good reviews , service advisor told me when in, they have had a few owners not happy with the life on the contis and also told me about another model of Renault which has 20" alloys and apparently you can only get replacement tyres for them through Renault, can' recall the model, but thought that was a bit odd you would have to replace tyres through Renault, maybe someone on here knows which model it is.🙁
  8. Steering wheel noise

    I also have noticed this scraping noise from steering from time to time, had no idea what it was, seems to intermittent, will mention to my dealer when it's in for a service in February , will this be covered under the 4yr warranty ?
  9. Active emergency braking

    Click on the following link which explains it https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1047016/Renault-Kadjar.html?page=138 Hope this helps
  10. Active Braking

    It's probably just dirt on the sensor, does mention keeping sensor clean in drivers manual also explains how it works - see below
  11. Happens now and again with me and I also lock with handle or tailgate button, convinced it is because I didn't dead lock it -single press instead of a double. Didn't realise it comes up on dash when batteries on keycard are running low, handy info . Try dead locking from now on to see if it still occurs best advise I can offer based on my experience when it's happened to me.😊
  12. remote locking (Tanker)

    I had a 16 plate Megane a couple of months ago as a courtesy car and that had it , don't think it was introduced to the kadjar range till this year but I could be wrong.
  13. Where can I found this?

    Razvan, please update us all as to the meaning of your post, question , pointing out something or whatever so that we can respond with sensible answers for you.😀
  14. R link 2 Drivers Handbook.pdf
  15. Saying hi...