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  1. Did you come down from 19's and if so any issues with change over car setting, tps sensors etc also what price are we looking at as I also found the 19's give a harsh ride compared to what I was accustomed too, any info appreciated.
  2. Only time my alarm seemed to go off randomly is when I only pressed door handle button once to lock instead of twice which I believe double locks it, never use my key card for locking or unlocking just keep in pocket.

    This topic from another discussion about this shows exactly where the screw is for adjusting headlights. Take note I found out this information by using the search function,constantly asking members to use it. http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/topic/2057-headlamp-adjustment-for-driving-on-the-right/
  4. Forgiven, topic now locked, lights off
  5. If you use the search function on this site you will find a topic on this , we all want to help but please if you haven't already, make use of the search function 1st for any topics already covering this, if you cant find the answer repost in your original posting
  6. Think we need to put this one to bed as 1st posting on this was way back in 2015 . So just to clarify and correct me if I am wrong, light in glove box appeared in models from 2017 so if you ain't got one and you really want one, you need to put your own one in and if you have a 2017 model you should have no trouble in finding your gloves. Could the last person to leave turn the lights off please👀
  7. Hardware R-Link 2?

    Thank you for the explanation.
  8. Hardware R-Link 2?

    Please explain what your post is about in a bit more detail, rather than just posting links to other sites please.
  9. I already know what it does when i push the start button 🤔
  10. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Same here even though there are no restrictions on that members postings ? Motormouth might know if you can find him🤔
  11. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Totally agree with what you have just said, if I don't like something I will change it , trade in, sell on whatever, not start a topic on reasons not to buy a kadjar ever again.
  12. R-Link Download Manager mystery

    We do have a dedicated R link section on the forum , we asked motor mouth when he 1st took over to set up a section for the r link for the very reason the postings in other sections were getting flooded with r link issues and mods had to spend a lot of time moving postings to the correct section, I did ask for 2 sections originally one for R link and another for the R link 2 but binned that cause the new unit is still r link but with apple carplay etc, myself and shedder are still occasionally having to move posts to the correct sections but it's a lot better than it was. Members old and new should really look into the, how to section 1st before they post for info or use the search function if possible. Remember anyone can post helpfull info in that section of the forum so please do . Lots of handy info in there from fellow members.😃👍👍👍👍👍

    Replaced my front tyres at 19,500 with Kumho Ecsta PS71 225/45 R19 Y (96), Reinforced x 2 £124.21 per tyre, wasn't paying for continental at over £200 each and so far so good, no worse than the contis and they have good reviews , service advisor told me when in, they have had a few owners not happy with the life on the contis and also told me about another model of Renault which has 20" alloys and apparently you can only get replacement tyres for them through Renault, can' recall the model, but thought that was a bit odd you would have to replace tyres through Renault, maybe someone on here knows which model it is.🙁
  14. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Don't take it as a dig, it's just my opinion and you know what they say about them, it's obviously not perfect the forum posts speak volumes on that but overall for me it's not been a bad car, I accept the car was rushed out to keep up with the SUV market and a few things were not 100% R link etc, but me driving a 65 plate can see that Renault have introduced new tech for that, CarPlay for instance which wasn't really widespread back when the 1st models came out and most car manufacturers are constantly updating models year in year out, ford for instance, Christ how many times has the feesty been remodeled over the years with different body shapes and new tech, pretty sure the new Kadjar owners are a lot happier than the Guinea pigs who bought 1st ( no offence to Guinea pigs by the way) I have been around long enough to know that buying Renault can be costly regards parts, servicing etc but knew that when I purchased and bought the kadjar mostly on the looks and previous experience from owning a Renault in the past. I haven't had any mechanical issues and have learned to live with the tech issues so is difficult for me to form a negative but I acknowledge its not for everyone . 👍👍👍👍😋
  15. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Got to put my tuppence worth in, had kadjar about a year now and don't actually think it's that bad a car, granted when I bought it was naive about low profile tyres and that soon became a bug bear with me especially with the state of the roads nowadays but over time have managed to live with it but if I could turn back the clock would have went for model with 17" alloys and fat tyres. What some people have mentioned in here as reasons for not buying again are ridiculous , example lack of sensors on this model cost me an excess and no auto locking, Christ I remember when you used to have to use a key and even turn it to open doors and don't agree the build quality is that bad, trust me after been given a Dacia as a courtesy car while it was in for a service last week the build quality ain't that bad. Would I buy another one, no for the simple reason I have already had one and like to try different models. Will be keeping it for another 2yrs so opinion might change.😁