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  1. Dashboard

    It is a compass. The arrow points north, which is why it keeps moving.
  2. New Key

    I was surprised the key wasn't colour coordinated with the car. Would seem to be a fairly simple and inexpensive thing. I'm one of those who doesn't want to attach my key card to my keys. The last think I want is for it to get bashed and broken (as I've seen with key fobs in the past) when shoved in a pocket or bag with the other keys. Mine lives in a pocket of my handbag in a ziplock bag, except for when I go swimming, when it gets put in a pocket of my swim bag (hence the waterproof ziplock bag!)
  3. R link firmware

    Email received yesterday in response to a query (I'm sure someone else received something similar on a different thread): Thank you for contacting Renault Connected Services Helpline. You have reached **** **** and I will be assisting you with your query regarding your Sat Nav Map Update. I can confirm that there is indeed a new Software Version for the R-Link 2 that will make it compatible with the latest Maps. We are updating our customer's systems in batches, once we get to your batch we will inform how you can update. I can also confirm this is a free update. Meanwhile, kindly send us the name of the Dealership you usually visit and their contact details (since this update needs to be performed at a Dealership). I can confirm that I will contact you by email once it is time to update your batch.
  4. park assist

    I've always found it very good. Feels a bit awkward at first because you have to virtually come to a stop ahead of available spaces so the car can slowly drive forward and find one, which makes you a bit self conscious in a queue of traffic, but if you follow the instructions the car parks quickly and well. If you're parking in a bay (rather than parallel) you have to remember to change the setting otherwise it will wait til it finds two adjacent spaces and parallel park. Wondered wtf was going on the first time I tried it!
  5. Car insurance

    They are both 'proper' insurance companies and as such I expect them to know how to handle issues with experience and efficiency. I've had good service from Aviva for medical insurance, and with Direct Line for car insurance, although many years ago. I have had very bad service from banks and supermarkets trying to offer car insurance, they just don't seem to have efficient internal services. I have Direct Line car insurance at the moment as they were by far my cheapest quote, but haven't done anything with them this time around other than set up the insurance, which was easy and painless.
  6. Walaway Locking

    I could be wrong, but I think walkaway locking was introduced in cars manufactured from November 2016, so if your car was made earlier than that, it won't have it. Sounds like you might have grounds for a complaint against your dealer if you bought the car on the basis it had a feature that it hasn't.
  7. Can't decide on s nav or sig nav

    The reversing camera is useful if you have a stiff neck or shoulders, or any other difficulty in turning to see what's behind you. The sun roof makes the car very hot if you have to leave it parked in the sun with the blind open, but in the miserable weather we've been having lately gives you loads more light in the car which is very pleasant. I haven't noticed any extra distracting reflections with the blind open over it being closed. I'm not sure, but is another difference between dynamique and signature, that you get side sensors in the sig as well as front and back? They're useful for if you have to park near walls or bollards.
  8. Auto High beam

    I had the opposite experience when I first got the car. Headlights on auto, light stalk in the high beam on position. Went from a lit road to a dark one and full beam came on. Trouble was it never went off again when cars approached, or when I got to a lit section of road. I had to manually turn them off. Still use auto headlights for driving around town, but I feel more comfortable operating the full beam manually.
  9. Active braking Assissant

    I said I didn't see the point, in an emergency braking situation, I'd already be braking as hard as the pedal allows. I guess it might help drivers otherwise unable to move their foot fast or hard enough.
  10. Active braking Assissant

    AEBS is a confusing option. It comes in the safety pack premium and the techno pack premium, neither of which is available (or weren't when I bought mine in March) for the Sig S Nav, which as it's the top of the range, suggests these are standard. However a closer look at the brochure shows that everything in those packs is standard on the Sig S Nav, EXCEPT AEBS, which is just an option. To further confuse the issue, again according to the brochure, all models have emergency brake assist, which by the name sounds like the same thing, but isn't, it just increases braking to maximum if it thinks you've braked in an emergency. Not sure how that helps as in an emergency situation you'd have your foot firmly stamped on that brake!
  11. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    Again this comes down to logical places to put charging stations. Next to main shopping centres? Outside supermarkets or libraries or banks? Seems daft to me. Who on earth, apart from staff who should have their own parking, or more likely go by bus, would go to any of those places without enough charge to get back? Who would spend long enough at any of those places to make it worth plugging in? No wonder the spaces are under utilised. They'd be better located around office buildings, railway stations, hotels, long stay car parks, residential parking - blocks of flats, terraced streets, etc. NOT at high cost short term parking where the average stay is less than 90 minutes. The electricity in all buildings got there somehow - the cables are underground all over the place routing from the power stations, doesn't seem too big an ask to think more logically about where charging points could be conveniently located for everyone. The government has allowed over 20 years to get the infrastructure in place, but since we'd have had a minimum 5 different governments by then, is it really going to happen?
  12. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    The difference being if you don't have mobility problems you can park further away and walk. With mobility problems, I have to give up and go home. Maybe they're secretly targeting blue badge users to switch sooner to electric cars? If they can route electricity to street lights, what's the problem with routing it to ev bays further away?
  13. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    You are correct, despite what I was told at my blue badge assessment, I checked with my local council and they confirmed only electric vehicles being charged are allowed in the EV bays. It seems electric vehicle owners can't walk further than 20 metres, as nowhere in my council area are there EV spaces further than that from shops, banks, or council offices - mind you that's probably because instead of using "normal" spaces for EV they took over about 75% of the disabled bays. Shocking! (Pun intended). So, although I'm allowed to park in non disabled bays, if anyone parks next to me I can't get out of the car, or back in it! I have no idea why they decided to severely reduce the number of disabled bays, it's not like they were under used, but there were enough, you could usually find one free. Money I expect, they don't make any money out of disabled parkers. Anyway, grumble over and we're way off topic!
  14. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    I don't understand why EV owners get so defensive about their right to park just outside the shops just because they have a battery powered car. If I had an electric car, I wouldn't drive it anywhere I couldn't get home from or to a guaranteed charging point (eg a hotel or a friend/relative). I certainly wouldn't go to a busy shopping centre where parking is at a premium if I didn't have enough 'fuel' to get home again. If councils have to provide charging points, wouldn't it have made more sense to provide them further away from premium parking, leaving only blue badge holders with electric cars allowed to use the nearer charging points? I haven't read the news, only seen the headline, does the future ban on petrol/diesel cars apply to hybrid too? Petrol/diesel is big business, after about 2043 people with pre 2040 cars will struggle to fuel their cars ... the petrol stations just won't be there
  15. Kadjar Car Park Rule

    My local shopping centre has replaced a lot of disabled parking with electric car charging spaces. There's never any disabled parking free when I go, but the electric car spaces are usually about 3/4 empty. I'm never sure I'm allowed to park in them with a blue badge!