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  1. I have had all sorts of problems and would like some advice. Went to pick it up my lovely flame red sig s 1.5 edc from the dealer (an hour drive as by far the best price), scratch on the bumper! To be fair the dealer arranged to fix it and fit the mirror wiring loom. 2 days without my car while they sorted it. A week later opened the boot to a puddle of water. Local dealer couldn't fit me in for 18 days. Renault customer services got it in to a dealer in 3 days. Another 13 days without my car! A few days later another heavy downpour, puddle back in the boot! Also finding the creep takes ages to engage and judders when increase speed from about 7-8 mph and the tailgate lights out on drivers side! Contacted Renault customer services and said I would like to reject it! The dealer I bought it from said they had the right to fix the problems before I reject. The latest update all fixed, the slow to react creep is normal? and the judder which is a known problem with the no fix at the moment, but it won't damage it to use it! So just wondering if the rest of you find the creep takes ages (3-4 secs before the car starts to move) and if any of you have the judder? Do you think I should accept it back with the judder or reject it and ask for a replacement? (I really do love it and don't want a different model) Cheers
  2. I had this, 1st dealer Roxby Southampton, said it was a split grommet on a wiring loom and have to replace the whole loom from front of car to boot! Special order from Renault 2 weeks in all to fix, except it didn't fix it. 2nd dealer Westover Poole, 2 days to fix a seal, said they were amazed 1st dealer didn't find it. If the same as mine it only had to rain for water to drip down from the access panel for rear lights. All fixed now and no tow bar fitted. I was told it's a known issue
  3. Love my cagey, but...

    I think your right about it being the buzz word and thanks for the info on the court ruling. I can use that in my contact with the ombudsman
  4. Love my cagey, but...

    That's what I thought. I'm amazed that most of the members on here haven't asked questions about this as (quoting Renault UK) "all Kadjars do this" I just would really like to be able to tell the motor ombudsman that they don't all do it and it is a fault, not a characteristic. The dealer told me they would just accept whatever Renault tell them! I've had to put up with this for about 5 months now. the best way to describe it would be on a manual car slowing down to much without changing gear and trying to accelerate again.
  5. Love my cagey, but...

    My car went into the dealers in may and had the fix for the Judder applied! Didn't work back into the dealers again. Fault raised with Renault Technical again. They are working on a new fix! Decided to reject the car. Agreed to have a replacement car, Renault UK and dealer agreed! Friday 21st June I get a phone call from Renault UK. They now won't accept the rejection, the reason? "The judder is a characteristic of the Kadjar and all 1.5 dci EDC do this!" "Errr if it is a characteristic and not a fault why are they working on a fix?" (the dealer said the same thing to Renault uk) "It isn't a fix it will just make things smoother" So I am hoping all the amazing Forum owners who drive the 1.5dci EDC could please help me out? When you are next out driving, could you please try slowing down from 25-30mph to 8mph and then gently accelerate again and see if you kadjar judders/shakes and let me know? I'm really interested in finding out how many have this characteristic! (seeing as all do this according to Renault) Thanks in advance
  6. Track information from DAB radio

    On the right hand side of the steering wheel the button with the 2 squares
  7. Hi Candy, I've used the auto parallel parking quite a few times. My kids love it! It works incredible well and has even parked me in a spot I wouldn't have attempted myself (albeit lots of forward and reverse) You do control the speed and gears and I have found some large spaces that I have let it park itself at reasonably fast speeds and it works fine. It's never kerbed itself and never hit anything. It does get uncomfortably close in small spaces but as soon as you touch the wheel it cancels and gives you full control back. It's no slower than doing it yourself, maybe even quicker once you start to trust it,
  8. Love my cagey, but...

    Quick update and better explanation The lights out was because of a loose connection from when the 1st dealer changed the wiring loom and rubber grommet to "fix" the leak. This took 13 days as they had to wait for the part and then it took 12 hours to replace (grommet only comes with loom, which starts at the front and ends in tailgate) 2nd dealer says the seals need to be re-stuck which was what was causing the leak! No creep at all with reducing pressure on footbrake, once fully off footbrake about 3 secs before car even starts to creep on flat Hill start/hold only ever worked twice (dealer says you need lots of pressure on footbrake for it to hold) The judder happens when I slow the car to about 7-8mph then re-apply throttle (known issue with no fix) Driving a Grand Scenic 1.5 edc while the dealer has my car. Instant creep when reducing pressure on footbrake/fully releasing footbrake. Hill start/hold works everytime (guess not my driving style ) Dealers explanation/excuse scenic has a wet clutch, kadjar automated manual with a dry clutch so I shouldn't compare
  9. Hi all, Got my flame red sig s 1.5 edc on the 7th of Jan. It was already in the country so mk1
  10. New Member long time lurker

    Thanks daren, I'm a huge fan of all your mod's I just wish you lived down south, so could help me
  11. Speedo options

    Do you mean the speedo styles or the profiles? Speedo dials are in system/display/instrument panel and has only four styles and can be saved in six different profiles. Hopes this helps