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  1. Mine had the condensation too when it was brand new. Lasted for about 3 weeks. Because the headlights are LED's they don't get very hot so the moisture takes a while to be removed by the heat. Just give it a bit more time?
  2. Poor sound quality

    Renault offers a focal kit. bit of instalwork but awesome sound quality
  3. Wouldn't a gearbox suffer from not having enough torque?
  4. I had the whole gear box replaced at around 4000 km... its fine ever since. Think the 1.2 is a bit underpowered for the gearbox
  5. R-Link and Apple Car Play

    No... Not a chance in the world... Sorry
  6. Renault Easy Connect

    Probably not for people with 2.2 instead of 3.3 firware...
  7. https://www.kadjar-forum.de/index.php/Thread/287-R-Link-2-update-Software-firmware/?postID=36300#post36300 Guy on the german forum went into the shop, got firmware updated and map update appeared. Seems firmware fixes Digital Radio Text and some other stuff.
  8. Clutch gone on 15dci at 3k miles

    My Car kept revving by itself above 70km/h when warm, clutch started stuttering. Had a total gearbox replacement with a 1.2 petrol automatic after 3 months (6000km). They started out by replacing the dual clutch , but ended up replacing the whole gearbox . They also told me the gearboxoil (sorry, not a native english speaker so i don't know the correct wording) had a funky color.
  9. Led lighy

    These lights will never become cheap... i personally think 1k is a steal, but then again, i dont think you can get led's in a normal one. (wiring and stuff)
  10. Gearbox overheated ?

    Just fyi. I also had troubles with the autogearbox. Mine started stuttering when pulling up and started making a grinding noise. things got worse after a few kilometers. After 3 days in the shop they concluded it was the clutch. Replaced the clutch, but didn't fix it. Then they had to replace the whole gearbox. Problem is gone now. this was in belgium on a car with 3000km at the time
  11. just did mine, thanks for the guide ! ps: i bought these: https://www.amazon.de/RunQiao-anwenden-Samsung-Nebelscheinwerfer-Tagfahrlicht/dp/B01DP9GZGA
  12. Freshly Waxed

    Poorboy's world EX sealant and afterwards Poorboys World Natty's Paste Wax Black. The sealant sticks on way longer then the wax
  13. Freshly Waxed

    Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.