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  1. 2D and 3D Orientation views

    Sorry Rossco, Your explanation doesn't seem to be how ours is working. Also trying to select North doesn't seem to be in any options.
  2. Why is that when you select 3D the view on the map is not oriented to the way you are driving? And can you change it so that it does? As soon as you select the 2D view it automatically points the correct way. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. I purchased the traffic subscription Update last week so as to stop the expire message on the car,once purchased on line it stated that it may take up to 72 hours before it updated, it's know been over a week since I bought the package for £75. Anyone had any experience of this and how to I get this to the car? Help please.
  4. Hack the nav files?

    Any developements to this, did you get any joy with it
  5. Hi Our Kadjar is displaying the above message and Im hoping someone on here could give some guidance as to how i go about renewing it. Possible a link to a page on the renault website so that i know i am getting the correct thing. Also how does the R-link know that the subscription has been renewed ? Thanks
  6. Hi could someone please explain how the active Braking is supposed to function as our Kadjar intermittently displays Active Braking Deactivated? Has been to the dealer and checked DTC's came back with sensor obstructed. All they have done was clear the fault and cleaned the sensor. Any info would be appreciated on how it's suppose to work. Thanks